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Share to PinterestSpring Projects to Freshen up Your Home

10 Things to Do for a Cleaner Home

Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestSpring Projects to Freshen up Your Home

Spring means frigid temperatures and dreary, overcast days are nearing their end, so it's no wonder many people eagerly await its arrival. Studies show that as our exposure to sunlight increases, so do our dopamine levels.

Not only does this neurotransmitter boost our mood, but it also increases our attention and motivation levels. In other words, spring is the perfect season for tackling that list of home projects you made over the winter.


Organize your clutter

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As many people learned during their Netflix binges over the past couple of years, tidying up and getting organized can really make a difference in the serenity and comfort your living spaces provide. If your home tends to be a tad bit cluttered, the arrival of spring means it’s time to get things in order.

Experts suggest creating four categories as you sort through your belongings: trash, donate, store, or neatly put away.


Rethink cleaning supplies

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If your bathroom and kitchen cabinets are stuffed full of every cleaning product under the sun, commit to changing your purchase habits. Keep things simple, starting with a supply of microfiber cloths, an environmentally safe, all-purpose cleaner, and a magic eraser. Add specialized cleaners as needed for specific jobs, but not until you've used up the last one.

In addition to the impact on your budget and your cupboard space, harsh chemicals can damage many home surfaces, stripping off protective coatings or causing an unsightly buildup.


Deep clean the refrigerator

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It’s time to get rid of that funky odor that’s been lingering in your fridge throughout the winter. Start by tossing out old leftovers and anything that could double as a science experiment. Take out all condiments and other staples, wipe them down, and set them aside or place them in a cooler to keep them cold.

Remove and clean the refrigerator’s racks, shelves, and storage bins. Wipe down all sides of the interior, including the freezer, and remember to hit the little nooks and crannies that could be harboring old food or spilled liquids.


Wash your windows, inside and out

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Spotless windows actually improve your home’s appearance and allow more sunlight to shine through. Ammonia or alcohol-based glass cleaners often leave behind streaks and a thin film that attracts moisture and dust. Try a homemade window cleaning solution instead: put one part white vinegar to 10 parts warm water in a spray bottle.

Before spraying, use a dry microfiber cloth to remove any dust on the window’s surface, then apply the cleaner generously and wipe clean. Dry thoroughly with a second microfiber cloth.


Schedule HVAC tune-ups

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Spring is a great time to schedule your yearly heating and air-conditioning check to ensure your system is operating properly and providing the most energy-efficient usage.

The technician will also check the thermostat and electrical connections. Faulty wiring can lead to electrical fires or burden your system and cause your HVAC to fail. They’ll also look for blocks in the condensate drains that can lead to leaks or interfere with humidity levels in your home. Remember to replace filters regularly.


Clean your carpets

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You may have been vacuuming regularly through the winter, but once the cold weather is over, your carpets could likely use a good cleaning — especially if you have children and pets. A yearly deep-cleaning removes ground-in dust, pet dander, food particles, and any other debris that may have collected there.

Luckily, you have a few options to achieve cleaner, fresher-smelling carpets. Hire a professional, buy your own carpet cleaning machine, or rent one from a hardware or home improvement store.


Clear out those gutters

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When the snow that covers your roof melts, water and debris flow into the gutters that surround the roofline of your home, then drain in a controlled way through the downspouts and out onto the ground. This prevents water damage to the roof, walls, foundation, and the surrounding landscape.

To make sure your gutters are free and clear and ready for spring showers, remove leaves and other debris, then use a water hose with a spray nozzle to flush out and clean any sediment or dirt left behind.


Spruce up walls

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With the additional sunlight that occurs in spring, you’re more likely to notice which rooms are giving off a winter hangover vibe. Try cleaning the walls, but if that doesn’t accomplish much, consider a new coat of paint.

Choose a color that you love, then shop around for springtime sales. If you dread the thought of the extra work of painting and cleaning up, check out the vast selection of easy-to-apply, peel-and-stick wall coverings. From textured wall panels to waterproof art tiles, you’ll find the perfect solution for drab walls.


Scrub out your kitchen range hood

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Your stove’s vent hood not only removes excess heat and moisture from your kitchen but also helps with temperature control. Make a point to clean it each spring. Grease, food splatters, and other cooking grime accumulates in the hood over time, and cleaning away gunk keeps it working properly. Wipe down the exterior, soak grates and filters, and clean the fan blades.

If you’re not sure how to remove parts to clean them properly, refer to your owner’s manual.


Wash linens and drapes

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Fabrics tend to collect odors, dust, and dirt. The more people use them, the worse it gets. When spring rolls around, those issues will likely need to be addressed. Wash pillow and couch covers, chair coverings, lap blankets, and other linens from the living room, bedrooms, or dining room.

Drop off drapes and window coverings at the dry cleaners or, if they’re washable, save some money by tossing them in your own machine.



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