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10 Items for Decluttering Your Kitchen Counters

By Sara Anderson
Share to Pinterest10 Items for Decluttering Your Kitchen Counters

Kitchens are often the heart of a home. You probably spend hours preparing meals there every week or digging into comforting plates of food. If you live with others, the kitchen is likely a place of gathering. All this action can turn this central space into a big ol' jumble. But with some organization hacks and a bit of time and effort, you can convert an eyesore into a minimalist room that's eye-catching in a good way, not to mention easier to work in.


Take inspo from Marie Kondo

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If you'd like to declutter your kitchen countertops, you need to declutter your kitchen, period. Don't rush the job. Dedicate manageable intervals of time to the task and KonMari your way through every cupboard.

Get rid of the things you barely ever use and don't need to replace. You don't require multiple sets of outdated crockery, for example. And those gadgets gathering cobwebs? Dust them off and put them in a donation pile for your nearest charity shop. Soon you'll find yourself with a lot more space to work with and more flexibility with your layout.


Tray away

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Trays, especially ones that carry a particular theme or color scheme, give your kitchen an air of intentionality. Without a tray, having miscellaneous items laying about can look untidy. But with a stylish container, mundane objects contribute to a put-together design and feel. And, cleaning your counters will be a cinch: simply lift the tray and wipe.


Maintain boundaries

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Could you and other members of your household charge your phones, smartwatches, or laptops somewhere other than in the kitchen? Get a power strip for your bedroom if you don't already have one, one that you can tuck behind a pedestal to maintain a wireless aesthetic. Stick to charging your devices there and you'll notice the difference. Without all the gizmos and cords, your kitchen counter will look a lot less chaotic.

Dedicate an organized kitchen drawer to technology, physical mail, and random items that go in other rooms. This drawer might also prevent time-wasting on misplaced belongings — let everyone know to check here, first.


Get rid of trash ASAP

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Break up boxes and bag recyclable packaging as soon as you receive delivered goodies. And don't let those trash and recycling bags linger anywhere they're not meant to. Trash bags should either be in trash cans or out on the curb, ready to be picked up by local waste management.


Try a little magnetism

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Do you currently have a knife block taking up precious counter space? If it's not an heirloom from your beloved great-grandma, you might want to consider replacing it with a floating magnetic rack or strip. When you arrange the blades by size, it can look just as elegant as a block, and your knives are still within arm's reach.


Don't book a space

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So, you spent a lot of money on your Julia Child, Madhur Jaffrey, and Gordon Ramsay collection of cookbooks. But are you using them to a point where they deserve valuable countertop territory?

Just like coffee table books, cookbooks can enhance your decor. However, if you're short on counter space and rarely crack them, opting instead for your phone or tablet, they can probably go into one of the closets or shelves you cleared out you were spring cleaning.


Put up a pegboard

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Consider all those little objects you need to pick up one by one to give your counters a solid wipedown. Imagine if Hermione Granger used a levitation spell to lift them simultaneously, making the job much easier. You can do that for yourself; you simply need a pegboard.

Pegboards work with many kitchen aesthetic styles—they don't have to look busy and unpolished. With some hooks and tasteful wire baskets, a pegboard with a shelf base could be a storage gamechanger for you.


Go high when they go low

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Keeping things at eye level is so conventional. Look up and get creative. Does your space have scope for aerial storage? If so, herbs on your counters can transfer to hanging baskets. You could even store fresh produce up there, or chic cookware you want to show off.

Just make sure you can readily grab what you need and that there's zero possibility of a concussion in the future.


Look within

Not keen on using air space and magnetic racks on backsplashes because the look isn't clean enough? No problemo. Peek inside your cupboards, and there's a good chance you can install hooks or caddies on the interior surfaces of your cupboard doors. These can work for small and medium-sized items such as measuring cups and spoons, spice shakers, tools, and cutting boards, and they help you reconfigure your storage situation.


Declutter every morning and evening

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All it takes is five minutes when you first make your way to the kitchen in the morning and five minutes before you turn down for the day. The discipline can transform your kitchen and the ritual can foster calm satisfaction.

In the evening, load up the dishwasher, wash the outliers, and wipe down the counters. In the morning, put away the clean dishes and put on the coffee — done and done!



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