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Simple Sunroom Ideas to Try Today

By Chris Jones
Share to PinterestSimple Sunroom Ideas to Try Today

If you're a lover of natural light and a cozy warm spot to curl up, a sunroom is a wonderful luxury. Typically constructed using plenty of sturdy glass, sunrooms allow light to flood through. After a tough day, there's nothing more gratifying than unwinding in a balmy nook with a novel and a glass of wine. However, no two sunrooms are the same. When it comes to decorating and DIY, implementing some quirky sunroom ideas will ensure your special space always looks homey and inviting.


Upcycle an old table

Every sunroom needs a table, and upcycling is an excellent way to learn new skills while doing your bit for the planet. Start by salvaging an old table from a free exchange website or a family member's attic. Sand down any weathered areas and slick on a layer of specialty paint or varnish. The end result will be equal parts rustic and chic.

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Bring the outdoors in

Owning a sunroom is the absolute dream for most plant lovers, thanks to the abundance of nourishing sunlight available for their green babies. Make the most of it. Filling your space with luscious flowers and plants is a great way to boost your mood and give your sunroom a contemporary feel. Species that thrive in bright and warm environments include peace lilies, passionflowers, spider plants, orchids, African violets, hibiscus, and citrus plants. You could even try growing vegetables and herbs if you're feeling adventurous. Just remember that more light often means the soil dries out faster, so make sure all your plants stay well-hydrated.

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Invest in atmospheric lighting

Although sunrooms offer generous amounts of natural light, the sun must set at some point. When day turns to night, you will need lighting that maintains an atmosphere of serenity and calm. Rather than placing a big, imposing overhead light in the middle of the room, opt for a selection of small lights dispersed throughout. This could include a series of hanging lanterns or several carefully placed lamps. Get creative with it and choose warm-colored bulbs.

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Create a reading nook

If you're an avid reader, a sunroom offers the perfect excuse for cozy nook in which to lose yourself in a story. There are no fixed rules about what your nook should include, apart from a seating area and a spot for your coffee. Remember that comfort is key here, so feel free to add as many fluffy throws, blankets, cushions, and footrests as you wish. It is also worth noting that books fare best in mild temperatures, so you may need to move your shelves out at the height of winter or summer.

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Invest in a cocktail cabinet

Are you a fan of summertime cocktails or warming winter tipples? It may be time to invest in a stylish drinks station or liquor cabinet. Stocking up a cabinet with fashionable liquors will not only add an attractive focal point in your sunroom but also surely impress your friends next time you host a dinner party. Add an ice bucket and a set of gorgeous glasses to top up the look.

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Add a colorful rug

It can be difficult to inject color into a sunroom as many are built with light and neutral materials. To remedy this, why not invest in a brightly colored rug? As well as giving the room a cozier feel, a rug is a relatively low-risk way of decorating your sunroom because it can easily be changed later. We recommend finding something woven and bohemian to suit the tranquility of the room.

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Find a statement sculpture

Share to Pintereststick a sculpture in your sunroom

It is relatively unusual to find sculptures in contemporary homes, primarily because they can be difficult to display. To do the artwork justice, it needs to be exposed to plenty of natural light and free from surrounding clutter. This is where your sunroom comes in. On top of providing the perfect conditions for displaying sculpture, your sunroom will look ultra-chic and inviting with a piece of original three-dimensional artwork in it. You could even drape it climbing plants for an ultra-artistic atmosphere.


Add a chaise longue

Share to PinterestChaise longue

A chaise longue is essentially an upholstered chair with a long seat that allows you to recline. They are traditionally associated with wealth and luxury, but have become everyday pieces of furniture that anyone can enjoy. The best thing about chaise longues is that they allow you to truly relax and unwind without looking like a tiny bed or damaging the aesthetic of your space.

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Add a fireplace

Adding a fireplace to your sunroom will allow you to make the most of it on long winter nights. Most people avoid traditional wood-burning fireplaces because they create pollutants. Fortunately, however, there are plenty of clean alternatives on the market, such as electric, gas, and bio-fires that are sure to look great and keep you feeling cozy.

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Add sleek blinds

Blinds look far more attractive in sunrooms than curtains. If you have yet to find adequate window covers, look around for blinds in neutral tones for a minimalist edge. There are plenty of types to choose from, and it is possible to purchase really nice ones on a tight budget. Just remember to thoroughly measure all of your windows before making a trip to the store.

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