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Simple Decor Tricks to Make Your Home Look Fancier

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestSimple Decor Tricks to Make Your Home Look Fancier

Have you been dreaming of adorning your home with luxury decor? Do you feel priced out from the finer things in life? Stop fantasizing! Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to achieve an expensive-looking home without having to fork out thousands of dollars. There are plenty of ready decor tricks to make your home look fancier. The key to ensuring you get the high-class look you want is to avoid trying too hard — think chic throws, clean lines, and varnished surfaces. Just one or two changes can have a significant impact!


Match your cushions to your curtains

Co-ordinating your cushion and curtain fabrics is a fool-proof way to make your home feel chic and thoroughly put-together. Velvet fabrics are a smart option if you want to achieve a truly luxurious look, but feel free to follow your gut. Several retailers out there sell matching upholstery, so scour the web for your favorite designs before committing. Alternatively, make your own cushions and curtains — if your sewing skills are up to it.

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Apply some new wallpaper

If you're only going to make one change to your home, hang some wallpaper. Even an inexpensive option can instantly upgrade a room, particularly if it features a bold pattern or unique texture. Reflective wallpaper is very popular at the moment and will add an expensive sheen. Just remember to apply the wallpaper evenly, and use high-quality adhesive. Paper that is haphazardly applied will look messy no matter how pretty it is.

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Add some ceiling molding

Molding is an architectural element that decorates the space between the walls and ceiling. It usually comes in intricate shapes such as flowers, leaves, and swirls. One of the best things about molding is that it is relatively cheap and can look absolutely stunning if professionally applied. It is not recommended for minimalist rooms, however, as it can clash with more contemporary styles.

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Hunt down a vintage chair

A vintage chair can inject a sense of aristocratic luxury into any room, particularly if it features velvet upholstery, carefully crafted legs, or a high back. There are no fixed rules, though — scour second-hand stores and vintage retailers until you find one you love. Once it has pride of place in your home, tasseled cushions or a throw can complete the look.

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Show off your excellent taste with a wine rack

Wine has long been a symbol of wealth and class, especially when it's arranged neatly for all to admire. These days, more and more people are recognizing that you don't have to spend a fortune to get good wine, and there are countless affordable vintages with striking labels. Align them on a stylish wine rack, and you've got a formidable display of class. When building a wine collection, make sure to note the name of every wine you try and enjoy, at restaurants and friends' homes.

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Update your drawer knobs

Replace your basic drawer knobs with a more eye-catching variety — it's a quick and easy way to make your home a little fancier. There are heaps of beautiful options available, in home stores, specialty gift shops, and online. The majority of them screw in with the same hardware, but take note of the depth drawer panels and avoid choosing screws that are much too long or too short.

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Hang a contemporary triptych

Wondering how to decorate your walls in the classiest way possible? Why not invest in a triptych, an artwork that spreads across three separate pieces. Not only is this a great way to fill a big, empty wall with cohesion and style, but it shows your love of whatever image or design you choose, contributing significantly to the style you're aiming for. Minimalist and abstract art are quite in these days, but don't sacrifice your personal taste for something trendy — choose a piece you really love.

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Use deep colors

Deep jewel tones such as emerald, ruby, and purple will transform your home, adding a real sense of opulence and mystique. Try to match the colors in your room and select a few features to alter in line with your new look. If you go for purple walls, for example, you might want to add a couple of throw cushions, a vase, and maybe a lamp that match this color palate, though the shades can vary. Often, the fanciest-looking rooms have an air of thought-out cohesion.

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Hang a chandelier

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Chandeliers have never been more affordable and there are thousands on the market, providing you with the perfect opportunity to upgrade your light fixtures. If you're a fan of traditional looks, try sourcing a big chandelier with lavish jewels or glass features. If contemporary is more your thing, go for something a little edgier and abstract.


Invest in a four-poster bed

If you're overhauling your bedroom, a four-poster bed can take your space from sweetness to splendor. While there are certainly exorbitantly expensive options on the market, there are also affordable ones. They come with or without drapery, so you can choose whether you want something styled by professionals, or you're willing to take this aspect into your own hands. White, gauzy curtains will provide clean, simple luxury, but there's no rule saying you can't opt for a bold color or make different use of the posts, completely!

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