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Revamp Your Space With These Stylish Wall Decor Ideas

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestRevamp Your Space With These Stylish Wall Decor Ideas

Ready to revamp your space? Those bare walls offer unlimited options to transform your home from a blank slate into an intimate masterpiece. Whether you're an art aficionado, a nature lover, or a style enthusiast who wants to stay on top of the trends, well-designed walls showcase your unique taste.

A little inspiration goes a long way, and these intriguing centerpieces offer something for everyone. Wonder what could happen “if walls could talk?" You're about to find out.


Creative contrast

A light/dark contrast ties the room's color scheme together while incorporating creative flair, so if your surrounding walls are white, try an accent wall painted in navy, olive, or burgundy. Accent the wall even further with decor that mimics the lighter shade, and you have an instant refresher that's bound to turn heads.

Hanging art in white frames, for instance, entertains the eye while effortlessly blending opposing hues. If light/dark isn't your thing, try the trend in reverse, or go wild by playing with pastels/brights, blues/pinks, greens/yellows, and so on. A bare wall and a contrasting color wheel go hand in hand.


Patterned paper

Patterned wallpaper transforms your space with minimal effort, so consider skipping the hangings and focusing solely on paper. Select a pattern and color scheme that plays off your distinct style; from flowers to fruit, animals to fine art, there's a pattern that will mesh perfectly.

This adorable design features prancing tigers, leaves, and blossoms on a pastel background with bold pops of color. A verdant tree, shaggy chair, and rustic side table up the ante, giving the space a hefty dose of jungle fever.


Scattershot memories

Highlight life's most important moments with a wall dedicated to everything that makes you, you. From posed family photos to surprise snapshots, postcards, birthday wishes, drawings, and greetings from friends, lay it all out on the line.

You don't have to do so perfectly or precisely either; place everything on the wall in the order you see fit, and let your memories speak for themselves.


Still life it

With a still life, anything's fair game, so imagine what you can do with an entire wall as your canvas! Instead of going wild on the wall itself, select a display board, such as this grid-style design, then DIY your own still life using plants, flowers, faux fruit, or whichever theme is calling your name.

This garden variety uses fauna as its key component, incorporating plant-based art between colorful greenery, pastel blooms, and serene lighting. Van Gogh could never.


Embrace texture

Textured pieces give your home a gallery-inspired aesthetic, so go bold with woven wall baskets, galvanized metal designs, and fringed tapestries. A welcome alternative to traditional prints, these pieces are instant conversation starters that will enliven any room.

From rustic weaving in the entryway to oversized metal spoons in the kitchen, play up any aesthetic with this audacious look.


Art x 10

We're talking enormous here. Whether you're an abstract aficionado or yearn for the Renaissance years, this one's for art lovers. Select the style of your choice and find an oversize piece that encompasses the entire wall. It should take over the full length of your space — floor (or top of the furniture) to ceiling works best.

Playing with color makes the oversized vibe work with any wall. Here, for instance, bold lines in the painting play off the blue hue in the background.


Fill a photo ledge

Photo ledges are an excellent way to maximize vertical space, and they make it easy to switch up decor on a dime. A wooden ledge is even easy to DIY on your own for countless color and style options.

Put those must-see items on display, whether that's art, photography, pottery, homemade crafts, or anything else! Balance is the key to styling your ledge; mix family photos with trinkets, books, and florals, or stick with one theme, such as photos, and incorporate different sizes into the design.


Try the macrame trend

A Bohemian standout that's been around since the 13th century, the macrame Renaissance is still here. Knotted patterns are woven into airy, lightweight hangings that offer a chic twist on traditional looks. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, you'll discover luxe multicolored masterpieces, colossal tassels, and dream catcher-inspired designs, to name just a few.

This artisan-crafted piece features an innovative shape with a pastoral wood base — a stylish standout against the neutral backdrop.


... or the loom-woven one

Another centuries-old tradition that's having a renaissance, thick, loom-woven hangings make an impact. In contrast to the knotting techniques used in macrame, the interlaced threads used in weaving provide countless possibilities, textures, and colors. Angles, triangles, circles, and lifelike designs of places and things — the depth and interest you'll discover with weaving is truly one-of-a-kind.

This hanging is inspired by water and mountains, but select the loom-woven masterpiece that speaks to you.


Big botanicals

Transform your place into a paradise with this fresh take on florals. Diptychs and triptychs present the subject in two or three parts, respectively, spreading a theme out over multiple pieces. If you're set on a single theme, then multiples are a creative way to incorporate it without going overboard.

Other examples show subjects from multiple perspectives or with different techniques, giving the mind something to ponder while showcasing something you love.


Plants look great on walls

Plants have probably been a mainstay of wall decoration since the first caveman figured out how to hang moss on a string. Today we have better options. Plants in small pots aren't too heavy to hang on a wall, especially if you have stout hemp rope anchored into a stud or a sturdy wooden box.

For best results, look for plants that send out long tendrils and look nice against flat backgrounds. Spider plants are ideal for this, as are ferns and succulents. Steer clear of anything that needs a lot of water or sunlight, unless the spot you've picked is right next to a window and you have good bracing and water collection underneath.


Hang some mirrors

Mirrors do more than show our reflections; they can also make a room look far larger than it is and pull off a neat expansion of the available light. Even if you're not going with traditional mirrors, chromed or mirrored art pieces can have the same effect: you're going to bounce the light around and give the impression of much more space than you have.

This is one of the best approaches in small rooms that don't get enough light from the windows. Even a few small mirrors, if you're careful about where you put them, can widen up the interior space and create a well-lit, airy interior you can't really get any other way.


Light it up with neon

Neon lights are cool, and you can do anything with them. Those two factors make neon strip lights, once the wall decor of choice for mid-80s rumpus rooms, such a great option for today's living spaces. You can order custom neon lights from a lot of suppliers these days, and the cost usually isn't prohibitive. Once you find a design and a color scheme that you like, decide whether you want to plug it in or go with batteries.

Neon lights don't actually buzz like in the movies, but they do hum. If you need something really quiet, like in your bedroom, look into faux neon lights, which are just LEDs under a color filter. It looks the same as real neon, but it's quiet and will probably last longer than the gas tubes you remember from your dad's billiard room.


The writing on the wall

Text is overlooked as a wall decoration, but it can be a fantastic way to put your unique flair on display. Leave Live Laugh Love in the past, and go with your favorite slogan, a personal motto, or a few kind words on poster paper that you've had framed. You could also carve or burn it into wood, hang it in cloth, or even just paint it directly onto the wall. The sky's the limit here for creativity.


Faux windows

Mock windows come in several varieties, from obvious works of art in frames to eye-fooling professional paint jobs put directly onto the wall itself. Popular themes for this are beach scenes, forest vistas, or even erupting volcanoes—if you could choose your view, what would you want to see?

Take your time and find a talented pro to paint this for you, or source a high-quality print or decal. Details matter.



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