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Repurposing Your Child's Old Bedroom

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestRepurposing Your Child's Old Bedroom

Once you've waved goodbye to your kids and wished them well on the next phase of their life, your home can feel a bit empty and quiet. But your newly empty nest is a great opportunity to repurpose and redecorate your kid's bedroom into something more useful to this new phase of your life.

Sure, the kids will come home to visit, but that doesn't mean you should keep their room as a shrine. After all, as they become adults, they won't want to sleep in a room with posters of bands they used to like plastered on the walls and stuffed toys lining the shelves.

Instead, think about a new fun purpose for that room and get started — it might even help distract you from those empty nest blues!


Guest Room

Share to Pinterestguest bedroom with day bed

Perhaps the most obvious use for this newly empty room is to repurpose it as a guest bedroom. This is a great idea if you have regular visitors or expect your children to come home quite often.

Making the perfect guest room is all about cleanliness and simplicity. That means clearing any clutter your kids have left behind and giving the room a fresh coat of neutral paint. Depending on how much space you have, you could use a permanent bed or a fold-away like a sofabed. If you use a space-saving bed, you could combine the guest room with one of the other ideas on this list.



Make the empty room into a home gym that you never have to share with people you don't know and is always open. Depending on how much floor space you have, splurge on a treadmill, rowing machine, or stationary bike. Another great option is to select gym equipment you can put away when you're done, like weights, kettlebells, and resistance bands. Choose whichever equipment you most enjoy using so you'll always feel keen to work out.

Any home gym would benefit from floor mats to protect flooring and your body from damage. Also, remember to wipe down whatever you use with an antibacterial cleaner to stop smelly germs from growing. Working towards a fitness or weight loss goal? Decorate with motivational messages to keep you on track, and don't forget a good set of speakers to blast that movement music!


Crafting Space

Once your kids have left home you might find you have extra time to focus on a hobby like crafting. Make your kid's old room into a haven of creativity and get all your supplies organized. Using cupboards, shelves, and boxes to sort your crafting goodies means you'll know exactly where everything you need is.

A large desk can give you plenty of space to work and means you could have more than one project on the go at once. Invest in some quality overhead or task lighting so your eyes don't get tired. Once your masterpieces are finished, display them on this newfound wall space, or dive in headfirst and start selling your wares online.


Mindfulness Haven

Life can be stressful. Making an at-home mindfulness haven can give you a peaceful space where you can look after your mental health. That might mean a quiet area to meditate, write in your journal, or just read a book to relax.

Use soothing colors for the fabrics and the walls. Adding lush houseplants and playing music can turn your former kid's bedroom into a peaceful staycation spot that the best spa would be proud to have.


Walk-In Closet

Are your closets overflowing, and you're finding it difficult to see what you have? Then repurposing your kid's old room into a walk-in closet could be the perfect solution. Imagine the luxurious feeling of having a dedicated room to finding the perfect outfit without digging through awkward drawers and shoving hangers left and right.

To make this space even more functional, you could add a washer and a dryer. To do this, you may need to check your home's water pipes will connect easily, however, and definitely consider hiring a professional.


Home Office

Whether you work at home or need a study space for the adult learning classes you now have time for or that novel you always swore you'd write, a home office is a popular option once the kids fly the coop. It's so much easier to be productive in a dedicated working space. Choose a desk and chair that are adjustable to ensure you're comfortable, and don't forget the dedicated task lighting.

Make sure the room has good wi-fi connections and enough electrical outlets for your needs. Consider adding a comfy armchair and bookshelf for those well-deserved breaks, or a little tea station for when you need to refuel.


Music Room

Share to Pinterestmusic room with rows of records and album cover art

Love music? Imagine having a dedicated room to play your instrument or appreciate your favorite records. Here you can display instruments on stands and on the wall, instead of leaving them stowed away in their cases. If listening is more your thing, then add shelves to store albums and your sound system.

Comfy chairs or a sofabed can make the room dual use for both guests and you to enjoy.



Your kid might be leaving home to start a family of their own. Why not turn their old room into a new nursery for your grandchild to stay in when they visit. New parents often appreciate a dedicated area where their kids can play safely and where they can have a quiet nap.

Depending on the age of your grandkids, you might need a crib or a day bed that can pull out for sleeping. Blackout curtains will let you make the room dark and cozy for naps any time of the day.


Games Space

If you enjoy games like darts, pool, cards, or even board games and jigsaws, having a dedicated room for storage and playing is a great way to celebrate your new spare space.

Shelves will keep your games organized and easy to find, and an expandable table will make it easy to adjust the seating to suit however many guests come by for games night!



The ultimate option of using your kid's old room is to incorporate it into another room with some home remodeling. Knocking down walls to adjacent rooms could let you create a bigger master bedroom. Or maybe you've already dreamed of having an expansive ensuite with a jacuzzi tub?

Either option will need help from a qualified and experienced builder to make sure you aren't taking out supporting walls and that all the electricity and plumbing are up to code.



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