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Rattan and Wicker Decor Inspo for Every Room!

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestRattan and Wicker Decor Inspo for Every Room!

If you want to boost style, storage, and visual interest in your space, selecting rattan or wicker pieces is a smart way to do it. The right furniture or decor adds textural contrast to an otherwise single-tone abode, offsetting whites and neutral tones with a rustic ambiance you'll love.

Whether you're hunting for one key item or planning an entire remodel, these tips will help you find the natural palm reed piece that suits your place best.


Embrace baskets

Fashion meets function with these stylish pieces. A creative way to incorporate storage space nearly anywhere, woven baskets are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. They're easy to tuck away and can be used both indoors and out, plus they keep linens, toiletries, or kitchen accessories within easy reach.


Stylish seating

Contrast a contemporary table with sleek rattan seating. This set stands out against the neutral backdrop, offsetting that white/neutral color scheme while incorporating textural interest into the room.

An easy way to refresh your dining area, rattan amplifies the setting with an all-natural ambiance. Paint the chairs in an opposing shade for a one-of-a-kind look.


Not so basic brightening

If you're selecting just one statement piece, a rattan light fixture is an eye-catching choice. Sizeable, sculptural, and oh so unique, the open weave spreads light throughout the room in ornate patterns.

Paired with matching decor, this quiet corner springs to life, but this lighting type looks just as wonderful illuminating your outdoor areas.


Incorporate art

Blank white walls require visual interest, but that doesn't limit you to basic paintings you've seen a million times before. Switch up your space by decorating with a rattan or wicker one-of-a-kind art piece.

You can find aesthetically pleasing creations from the antique shop online, so stay on the lookout. By adding interest without adding color, your space becomes a welcome retreat.


Go small

Tiny touches make a major impact in your home, from your walls to your cabinetry and everywhere in between. Here, rattan knobs add interest to this standard desk, and they match the convenient storage basket below.

Add a few rattan accents to your side or coffee table, pairing them with neutral accents for timeless appeal. Just a few items make all the difference alongside white, wood, or taupe shades.


Get screened cabinets

These screened cabinets are a chic way to stow your stuff, keeping everyday items out of view while boosting aesthetics. If you want to refresh your living room or bedroom, this is a stylish solution.

Add a few accents in a coordinating shade, and you've completely made over the room. Here, a basket adds additional storage while coordinating picture frames create eye-catching appeal.


Rethink your headboard

Bring the natural feel of the great outdoors into your bedroom with this refreshing design. An antique-inspired headboard with detailed weaving matches most color schemes without being boring. Likewise, a woven chair or bench brightens up the room without going overboard.

A bonus? These lightweight pieces are easy to move, so you can restyle your room as you see fit.


Select a folding screen

It gives off retro vibes, and it's something entirely different. Even if the rest of your room has an opposing decor scheme, a folding screen is a creative way to get started with wicker. Now, you'll have a private place to get dressed without sacrificing style points.

The sunburst design makes this piece impossible to miss, so the compliments won't stop coming.


Try an ottoman

Everyone loves an ottoman, so it's a can't-miss piece when you want to decorate with rattan. A chic place to kick up your feet after a long day, it unites the room's other elements and doubles as a stool, coffee table, storage, or decor space, giving you countless options.


Switch your laundry basket

This laundry basket might serve a practical purpose, but it's anything but basic. Sturdy and long-lasting, this design doesn't just stow dirty linens; it looks excellent, too. Functional items don't have to be unappealing.

Try using a rattan or wicker piece in place of the standard version, whether it's to stow magazines in the living room, toothpaste in the bathroom, or laundry in the bedroom.



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