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Quick and Easy DIY Plant Stand Ideas
Quick and Easy DIY Plant Stand Ideas

It’s no secret that indoor plants boost our mood. Studies show that having plants around us in the home helps us get along better with others in the household. Plus, we feel less stress when there’s greenery nearby. Attractive plant stands add to the aesthetic value of indoor plants, and there are countless designs and trends you can recreate in a few hours or a weekend. Repurpose items you find around your home or start from scratch with simple, easy-to-work-with materials to create a unique DIY plant stand.


Ladders make excellent tiered plant stands

variety plants stand pyramid ladder Malkovstock / Getty Images

If you have a variety of plants, group them on a tiered, ladder-style plant stand to create a green focal point in the room. You can even build your own wooden ladder. Start with a simple pyramid frame and add slatted wood tiers for visual appeal. Or, repurpose an old metal step ladder. Spray paint it with a rust-preventative paint in a complementary decor color. Add decorative embellishments to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Transform inexpensive wooden crates into plant stands

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Wooden crates from your local craft or home improvement store are a DIYer’s dream. Stack them for taller stands or more shelf-like versions. Attach casters to the bottom for a moveable option. Paint the crates or leave them natural. If you love industrial style, add copper-piping legs and spray paint them to fit your decor. While new crates aren't always cheap — given their recent popularity as decor — you can often find used ones at thrift stores.


Use tried-and-true cinder blocks and planks

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Wood planks sitting atop cement or brick blocks have been a low-cost shelving solution for decades. But these days, you’ll find concrete blocks in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes. Most home improvement or lumber stores will cut purchased planks to the size you need. Use a distressed painting technique or stain and seal to finish the look. Alternatively, forego the plants, stack cinderblocks, and plant in the holes!


Add a trellis to a table for climber plants

Instagram photo from renoplantmomrenoplantmom

To add height to the room, climber plants and a trellised plant stand are a great option. Create or repurpose a simple, four-legged table. Attach a trellis to the side, or if you’re seeking decor for a corner, add the trellis on two perpendicular sides. Your philodendron will thank you for providing it a home where it can grow freely.


Construct a versatile garden on wheels

versatile garden wheels cedar planks Brett Taylor / Getty Images

What could be simpler? Use nails or a staple gun and cedar planks to create a rectangular box. Paint the exterior in your favorite color or stain it and screw in casters at each corner on the bottom. Use rectangular pots for the interior or fill the box with potting soil and plant your greenery directly into it. This is a great option for patio plants that you move indoors once the cooler weather arrives.


A hanging DIY plant stand is a unique option

hanging plant wood rope shelf Viktor_Gladkov / Getty Images

If your floor space is a bit crowded, opt for a hanging plant stand instead, using wood boards and decorative or natural rope. Just makes ure you hang the shelf from a spot that you are sure can support the weight of the shelving with the added weight of the plants.


Repurpose bar stools for a taller plant stand

height plant stand bar stools tsvibrav / Getty Images

If you’re seeking some height, use a wood or metal bar stool. Repaint it one or a variety of colors. You can also construct your own using a round, unfinished wood circle and metal or wood legs you’ll find online at arts and crafts suppliers, or hardware or home improvement stores. Mosaics are a fun way to spruce up the top, and tape enables you to create neat designs on the legs.


Make use of those old books you won't read again

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Transform a stack of hardback books into a colorful, intriguing plant stand. Paint each book with acrylic craft paint, or leave them as-is for a library theme. Stack them until you reach the desired height. Experiment with the alignment to create a more interesting aesthetic (perfectly aligned in descending width or haphazard) before gluing together with a strong adhesive.


Repurpose a drawer or bedside table

Instagram photo from dinosilverfoxdinosilverfox

Consignment stores, antique shops, and flea markets are excellent places to score unique and decorative items you can repurpose for plant stands. Attach a single small drawer to a pedestal to create a plant stand. Add character with a distressed painting technique to transform it into a faux antique, or go big and bold with a fresh primary color. Repurpose an unsightly bedside table into a lovely plant stand with oodles of charm. Pull the drawers out a bit to show off additional plants or other decorative items.


Stack and paint clay pots

Instagram photo from hey.its.sheyenhey.its.sheyen

Some of the most intriguing DIY ideas come from everyday objects that we take for granted. Clay pots or planters are widely available, inexpensive, and easy to transform into exceptional-looking plant stands. Use a clay saucer as the tabletop surface. Attach pots together and decorate them any way you wish using textured paint, stencils, or cover each pot in fabric or some other textile.


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