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Put a Cork in It — Your Decor, That Is

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestPut a Cork in It — Your Decor, That Is

Cork is one of the most versatile materials available, and its uses are seemingly endless. With today's trends leaning toward all things eco-friendly, taking advantage of cork's natural qualities is something to consider. Sound-absorbent, insect-repelling, and antimicrobial, the allure of this product is only growing stronger.

Find out what all the fuss is about. These ingenious ideas will get your mind churning when it comes to creative ways to use and recycle cork. Renew your home with this renewable material.


Cushioned cork closet doors

Add a sophisticated style to closet doors with cork. It's a great look for an office, child's room, laundry area, or anywhere else some gentle warmth is welcome. Plus, cork acts as a buffer to prevent damage. If the doors swing into something, their softness will absorb the brunt of the impact.


On a mission in the kitchen

Cork cabinets and drawers are a chic and mature design idea for kitchens. When sealed and properly maintained, using cork is one of the smartest things you can do to introduce durable protection to this high-traffic area.

Just make sure to quickly pat dry any wet surfaces, and wipe down spills immediately to avoid stains. Proper maintenance will keep it going for decades.


Delightful bathroom highlights

A textured cork tile will add random and subtle hues to your bathroom. It acts as a tremendous accent, working well with the small spaces. It's a feature that provides just enough highlight to soften the area while renewing its life.

It's important to remember that cork is porous, though. Water, steam, and overall humidity are its known enemies. Therefore, you have to seal your cork to prevent moisture from warping it. Allowing water to get underneath it will manifest additional damage and bowing. Polyurethane is a popular sealant choice. Certain waxes are okay to try as well, but don't use them if you've ever previously applied polyurethane to the cork.


Savor the flavor of mixed-media paper

Wallpaper has come a long way over the decades. What was once a repetitious, mundane pattern has been transformed into idyllic murals. Turn your walls into works of art with a mixed-media collage of excitement. Blended laminated cork wallpaper is a captivating and refined way to totally revolutionize a room's mood.


Deck your walls

Use cork in a number of ways to make new walls. Incorporate a low-cost change that doesn't require a lot of effort. A unique touch, pressed cork lends a distinguished ambiance to any room. It also makes a great temporary home for notes, important reminders, and shopping lists.

Cover one wall or cover them all. With cork's fail-safe style options, you have the freedom to make any idea a success.


Add flair with furniture

If you have a stool or mundane end table that can use a jolt of life, why not stick some cork on it? It'll revamp the old piece and give it a new look. Just add some adhesive and place a piece of pressed cork on it, and pop! Repurposed furniture! Coffee tables, shelves, and accent tables are all fair game, too. As an added bonus, cork will keep a breakable item safe, thanks to its slip-free surface.

If you don't have the time, motivation, or know-how for a DIY furniture product, there are a number of cork stools, chairs, and tables on the market today. Eco-friendly, sustainable furnishings are becoming a hot trend offering many style options, including full shelving units.


Pay attention to the details

Not ready to outfit a whole wall? Accent your place with cork decor. Pressed cork planters, containers, and trays are always a hit. Photo frames, baskets, dinnerware, floor mats, ornaments, and even wall art are all classic ways to incorporate a natural look and feel within your home.


Cork floors to adore

Compared to other tile, cork is less-costly, softer, more comfortable, and acts as a shock absorber to soften steps and save falling glassware. It's a stellar way to breathe new life into your living area. Just make sure that it's sealed so it won't retain stains or moisture.

For proper upkeep, there are a few things you should know. Give your floor a quick sweep now and then. Cleaning should only involve a damp mop or cloth with no direct chemical application. Furniture pads are a must-have for protection, and always make sure not to drag anything across the floor. With a little care, it will last a lifetime.


Let your creativity light the way

Cork is making its mark in other ways when it comes to home decor, so keep an eye out for a unique and trendsetting option! Cork light fixtures are a chic idea that will set you apart from ordinary designs. Lamps, minimalist wall sconces, and pendant lights are all funky ways to enhance your living space.


Tabletop decor galore

Pressed cork is an easy way to protect and decorate your tables. It can be used for trivets, placemats, coasters, napkin rings, and runners. A larger piece can even go atop the entire surface for a catch-all layer of protection. Buy these great ideas, or even make a few of your own. They're a fantastic way to repurpose extra cork from a project.



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