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Playtime! 10 Genius Playroom Ideas

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestPlaytime! 10 Genius Playroom Ideas

Just like adults, children need time and space for themselves. A dedicated playroom fulfills those needs, providing a place where kids can explore their creativity, indulge their imaginations, or just spend some quiet time. No matter how small your home is or how old your children are, a playroom adds value for all family members. The best part is that there are no hard-and-fast rules about playroom design. In fact, some are so stylish and clever that you might find it hard to let your kids have it.


Feature wall

Playrooms should encourage free play and imagination in children. One excellent way to do that is to design a large feature wall as the playroom's focal point. There are, of course, no rules when it comes to a feature wall. Consider incorporating colors that invoke playfulness, creativity, and balance, like orange, blue, and green. You can also create a theme or motif, such as "the sky's the limit," "under the sea," "day at the zoo," or "to the moon."

Share to PinterestA playroom with a sky scene on the wall
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Scandinavian playroom ideas

You may think of bright colors and bold geometric shapes when you hear the word playroom, but it doesn't have to be that way. If your design style is more minimalist, feel free to incorporate that into your playroom ideas. Think of a muted color palette, wood furniture with clean, modern lines, open shelving, and lots of natural light. It's easy to lose sight of, but children don't need a lot of "stuff" – they just need the freedom and space to be creative.

Share to PinterestA modern Scandinavian-style playroom
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Use child-friendly storage

It's no secret that children tend to accumulate lots of toys. They also make lots of messes. The combination can be frustrating and stressful for parents and caregivers. As you're brainstorming playroom ideas, be sure to include plenty of easily-accessible storage. Consider using clear plastic bins of varying sizes, so your children can see what's inside. Large, easy-to-read labels, color-coded storage bins, and cubby shelving are also excellent solutions that work well for children of all ages.

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Create an indoor picnic area

Parks are synonymous with fond childhood memories. Something about the inviting green grass and big shade trees is just perfect for a traditional picnic lunch. You likely live relatively close to a neighborhood park, but why not recreate that environment inside your own home? Weather will never be an issue, and you'll never have to worry about packing and transporting a picnic basket again — other than from your kitchen to the playroom, that is.

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Think small

You don't need a large house to create a playroom your children (and you) will love. If you have available living space that isn't being used efficiently, like an under-stair closet, an attic, or a loft, consider turning it into a playroom. Children love sneaking into unfamiliar areas or those that are generally off-limits, so they'll really treasure having their very own nook. As a bonus, the inevitable playroom messes won't be out in the open.

Share to PinterestA playroom created in a space under a stairwell
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Embrace the art of fort-making

There are a dizzying number of electronic toys and devices marketed specifically to kids today. The truth is, when asked, most kids will tell you that they prefer to do simpler activities, like build a fort. Embrace that innocence and create a permanent fort in the center of your playroom. Get an open teepee-style tent that lends itself to frequent fort-building, or invest in several throw blankets, floor cushions, and pillows of various sizes so they can make their own whenever the mood strikes. Bonus: You have a space that also works as a reading nook and sleepover crash pad.

Share to PinterestA playroom with a child's tent
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Chalkboard wall

Children seem to have a natural urge to draw on things – sometimes on things that should definitely not be drawn on, such as walls. Since the whole point of a playroom is to encourage kids to be kids, why not let them write on the walls? There are several ways to create a chalkboard wall. You can put up special wallpaper, use chalk paint, or install chalkboard panels. The area can also be as small or large as you want, so if you're not comfortable dedicating an entire wall to a chalkboard, use a smaller section instead. Keep in mind your kids won't be drawing more than about five feet up, anyway.

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Set up a playground inside

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A playroom should not only contain your children's toys, but it should also be a place they genuinely want to hang out. Most children love going to the park, so one way to keep them stimulated in the playroom is to create one there! Set up some indoor-friendly playground equipment, such as a small slide, a ball pit, climbing gym, or even a rock-climbing wall. The next time your kiddo asks to go to "the park," it may have a different meaning!


Work with what you've got

You can create a "playroom" your children will love even if you don't have any spare space in your home. Invest in some furniture pieces that do double-duty, such as a media center with built-in storage or a loft bed. You can also use a room divider or even curtains to designate a specific space. Children will likely love this anyway, as it's the equivalent of a "No boys/girls allowed" sign on their door.

Share to PinterestA child's bedroom doubles as a playroom
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Bring the outdoors in

What child doesn't love a good old fashioned camping trip — even if it's in the living room? There's something freeing about being in a tent in the Great Outdoors, and it's a wonderful way to encourage children to connect with nature. Set up a makeshift campsite as your playroom, complete with wildlife (stuffed animals) and a starry sky (glow-in-the-dark adhesive stars). Your kiddo will love this fun playroom idea and you'll get to indulge your own inner child.

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