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Picture Wall Ideas for a Homey Exhibit

By Graham Hall
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Wall art might be a low priority if you're thinking about overall transformations for a room, but filling a blank space with framed images may be the finishing touch you need for an amazing final presentation. Family-oriented folks can hang a collage — coordinated or mismatched — of treasured family photos new and old. Modern artists can fill the space with a combination of their own and others' creations. One of the best things about a picture wall is that the options are almost endless.


Use a wide selection of frames

When purchasing frames for your picture wall, it may be tempting to select the same plain black model in various sizes. While this will probably suit a minimalist interior, feel free to break out of the mold and embrace a freer, more bohemian look. Why not try a combination of brightly colored frames or slip in a few ornate patterns to spice up the overall look? Just make sure to match the frame to the image it will be accompanying.

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Keep things abstract and muted

If minimalism is your thing, try to keep your picture wall relatively monochromatic and pared back. Abstract images are fantastic for minimalist rooms as they tend not to contain too much detail and will inject the space with style and class. Larger prints or paintings will also work well in a contemporary, pared-back space, as they allow you to fill the wall quickly, without distracting the eye.

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Invest in some city art

Share to Pinterestcityscape framed art

Do you miss the sound of tooting horns and the smell of street food? If you're a country or suburb-dweller who finds yourself pining for the hustle and bustle of the city every so often, give yourself a spot to dream from by investing in a print of an expansive cityscape. Whether it's London, Paris, Chicago, or New York you're after, there are tons of gorgeous city images available to buy from most homeware stores. A triptych is a great way to get a wider, window-like feel.


Paint directly onto the wall

Do you find you don't have enough photos or artwork for a picture wall? Or maybe you're an artist yourself, but feel too hemmed in by a small canvas. If you're feeling daring, it may be time to paint your own gorgeous mural directly on the wall. This will take some planning, of course. Start by sketching up a design with colored pencils, taking into account the dimensions you want to fill. You can then set about buying wall paints and getting to work on your pièce de résistance.

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Spotlight your pictures

Share to Pinterestspotlight track lighting art

Even the most elaborate and meticulously considered picture wall will look drab and uninspiring if it is poorly lit. Spotlights are excellent for showing off the beauty of a painting or photograph and are relatively easy to install. If you are looking for a less permanent solution, however, you could try draping the frame with fairy lights or carefully arranging your lamps to achieve an optimal glow.


Capture your favorite memories

If you feel a warm rush of love and nostalgia when looking through family photos, why not experience this feeling every day with a pretty picture wall depicting fond memories? The trickiest thing about getting this look right is balancing different photo sizes. One failsafe way of arranging your images is to include the bigger ones in the middle, surrounding them with smaller photos. Lay everything out on the floor (with the space you want to fill mapped out with tape) before hanging, to make sure you get the look you want.

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Surround your pictures with plants

Balancing out your picture wall with some carefully selected plants is a fool-proof way to achieve a modern and stylish look. Species with big, luscious leaves look fantastic when allowed to slightly obscure your images. If large and imposing plants aren't your thing, however, placing some tasteful succulents on a few narrow ledges will also do the trick.

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Hang some chic pictures above your bed

If you're feeling uninspired by your bedroom decor and want to liven things up, why not hang a few curated images above your bed? The best thing about selecting art for such a private space is that it can be a little more risqué or eccentric than the images in your living room. If you share your bedroom with a partner, just remember to consult them beforehand!

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Combine photography with abstract art

Hanging both abstract and photographic artworks in your home is a fantastic way to demonstrate that you have interesting and eclectic tastes that blend together. Don't worry too much about balancing out the sizes of your images — it is likely that your abstract art prints will be bigger than your photographs. Simply space them out thoughtfully. Consider taping up paper cut to the size of each frame first, so you can rearrange for the perfect display.

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Ditch framed pictures for something quirkier

Have you tried hanging up pictures and photographs to no avail? Still feeling uninspired and looking for ways to really display your true self on your walls? Try your hand at mounting bulkier objects, such as plates or mirrors, instead. If you're a keen musician, display your favorite guitars, violins, or plectrums. There are plenty of ways to stamp your personality on a room and no reason to limit yourself to "traditional" wall art. Just make sure you find studs in the wall if you're hanging heavy pieces!

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