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Peace Lily Displays To Brighten Your Home

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestPeace Lily Displays To Brighten Your Home

Refresh your home with these delicate, earthy, and calming arrangements that make the prettiest peace lily displays we've seen. Whether they're real or artificial, you can experiment with different pots, add other plants, and place your lilies in different rooms to see how they match the decor.

Get inspired with these peace lily displays that turn a flower arrangement into the centerpiece of your room.


Light and dainty

While you often see peace lilies in gardens, framed by brilliant flowers, they look just as stunning against a white background. The minimalist look makes the bright green leaves pop against the wall. To recreate this modern look, arrange peace lilies with monochrome decor.

Whites, greys, and tans look great with shades of green. If you don't already have an accent color, add a few more green pieces in the room, like a clock, lamp, or bedside table, so the plant doesn't stand out too sharply.


Natural reeds

Traditional wicker is made from natural materials, like willow and bamboo, which add an earthy touch to your room. The peace lily's tall green leaves complement a wicker pot. To give your room a warm, natural look, arrange lilies in a wicker pot along with other rustic pieces, like woven baskets, old books, and beaded jewelry.

Tans and blacks emphasize the wicker's natural beauty. You can display the arrangement against a dark background or opt for brighter shades that make the lilies stand out.


Modern minimalism

Peace lilies don't have to be huge. When you don't have a lot of room, peace lilies look just as attractive in a small pot that practically fits in your hand. This pot can sit on end tables, cluttered dressers, office desks, and kitchen counters without taking up too much space.

You can choose any design, but a monochrome pot with a simple crosshatch pattern brings out the simplicity. Smaller peace lilies are also more convenient for people who don't want to deal with a tall houseplant, such as those with young children or rambunctious pets.


Glass biome

This setup makes peace lilies feel at home with moss, twigs, and pebbles just like a forest scene. A glass vase gives you a clear view of the biome and adds simplicity. In a sense, this terrarium can be a science project where you figure out how to balance the elements. You can also keep your gardening skills sharp during the winter.

To get the full effect, pair this display with other nature-inspired pieces, like paintings, crystals, and wood carvings.


Inviting space

A flowering plant near the entrance makes your guests feel right at home as soon as they walk in. Peace lilies are bright, cheerful, and calming. They make you think about sitting outside and enjoying nature, putting you in a good mood.

To achieve this look, place your peace lilies on a table near the front door, then add other warm, friendly pieces. Candles and rustic signs accentuate the welcoming look with a farmhouse vibe.


Window trim

Brighten up your windowsill with peace lilies. Find a window that gives them the right amount of sunlight, then let this natural decor flourish. Peace lilies give your window a fresh, calming look, making you want to lounge in your room and watch birds flutter outside.

To accentuate the relaxing vibes, frame your lilies with gauzy white curtains that filter the light. Keep the rest of the windowsill empty for a minimalist appearance.



Placing two peace lilies of the same height side-by-side looks a little cluttered. However, if you elevate one of the pots, you'll break up the pattern to make the display more attractive to the eye.

Stacking your lilies also gives you the chance to experiment with different pots and vases. If you have antique pots, you could give your lilies an old-world charm that complements the dark green leaves. Mix and match your favorite pots, or buy a set to keep the display cohesive.


Water feature

Skip the soil altogether by planting your peace lilies in a glass container with water and pebbles. The roots grow directly into the water, creating an exposed, natural look like a cross-section from the lake. A colorless vase also lets the beauty of the flower take center stage, rather than a bold pot.

Do a little research on growing houseplants in water, then find the perfect vase and add bright pebbles for a unique aesthetic.


Apartment chic

Even the smallest apartment has room for a peace lily. Since they don't need as much light as other houseplants, you can display them in your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen without finding a dead plant a week later. They also have a simple look that pairs well with various styles, including modern, rustic, and antique.

If you're living in a tight space, buy a peace lily in a small pot and enjoy the plant as you go about your day. Lots of research shows plants make great companions and encourage positive mental health.


Back to nature

Give your bathroom a clean, natural look with peace lilies. Since many bathrooms have a blue, white, or green color scheme, peace lilies are a natural addition to these nature-inspired shades. With a small pot, you can place your lilies on the sink or windowsill. Arrange them with other potted and hanging plants to turn your bathroom into a soothing retreat, like a cabin in the woods.



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