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Overhaul Your Basement With These Design Ideas

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestOverhaul Your Basement With These Design Ideas

Basements represent some of the most neglected rooms in modern homes. Thanks to a lack of windows, these underground spaces are prone to feeling a little creepy and dingy, discouraging many homeowners from spending time in them or money renovating them. This is a great shame, however, as a properly maintained basement can offer homeowners huge amounts of extra space, as well as a cozy haven to escape to when the world above feels hectic. Whether you're hoping to transform your underground space into a new music studio or a TV room, it's time to start implementing some amazing basement ideas.


Create your very own movie theater

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One of the best things about a room with no windows is that it offers the perfect conditions for a home movie theater. Start by sourcing a widescreen television and a super comfortable couch to relax on. With these in place, you can sign up to a movie subscription site that suits your tastes and make any necessary alterations to the basement decor to make it feel as cinematic as possible. Consider a mini-fridge, a popcorn maker, and C-shaped side tables to keep your snacks right in your lap!


Transform the space into a guest room

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If you often find yourself struggling to accommodate friends or family members when they come to stay, why not transform your basement into a luxury guest room? A basement offers plenty of peace and privacy, perfect for guests who appreciate a little personal space. What's more, an empty basement represents the perfect blank canvas for a gorgeous bedroom. Remember to pay special attention to the lighting to ensure the room feels cozy, not creepy.


Invest in some gym equipment

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Looking for a way to stay fit and healthy while making the most of your home? Why not transform your neglected basement into a home gym? You can get a lot of workout equipment, such as treadmills, weights, and rowing machines, for an excellent price if you shop around — gyms that are closing are a great option. Once you've sourced the equipment, consider the extras, like the right lighting, linoleum floors, and a large mirror for an authentic gym experience.


Upgrade your laundry area

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It is very common to keep laundry equipment in the basement as this ensures that noisy washing machines remain far away from the heart of the home. If you're happy to keep using the space as a laundry area, however, there is no need for it to be drab or dingy. Upgrade your space by painting the walls, adding shelves to store detergents, and improving the quality of the lighting. Install drying racks that fold back into the wall when not in use, and set up a steamer in the corner.


Install a mini library

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If you're an avid reader, you're probably well aware of the storage struggles that come with owning lots of books. With a basement, however, you can keep them all in one easy-to-access place. Perk up your underground space with plenty of new bookshelves, a chic rug, and a few comfortable chairs. It will quickly become your favorite place to spend time! Once again, good ambient light is key, here.


Create a home office

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As working from home becomes increasingly popular, there has never been a better time to create your own secluded office space in the basement. Free from distractions and noise, underground spaces are perfect for completing work quickly and efficiently. Just remember to install plenty of lighting and a WiFi extender to secure reliable internet access. Consider hanging a beautiful painting above your desk, or turning it around so you aren't just staring at a blank wall all day. Don't forget the comfy chair or yoga mat across the room for those regular breaks.


Establish an underground playroom

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If you have children old enough to play unsupervised around the home and are tired of tripping over their toys, it may be time to transform your basement into a playroom. The first thing to do is ensure that the room is safe by addressing hazards such as rickety stairs, moldy walls, or toddler-head-level sharp points. From there, you can add a soft carpet for playing and install several storage shelves for all their odds and ends. Your kids will love it!


Invest in bar equipment

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If you enjoy hosting parties on a regular basis, try converting your basement into an intimate underground bar. Invest in plenty of cabinets to store your favorite liquors and some authentic beer taps if you're willing to go all out. Once the bar is installed, hang intriguing artwork that reflects your personality and, that old refrain, choose some awesome mood lighting to really set the scene.


Create a games room

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If you're a fan of playing games such as pool, ping pong, or darts, your basement could make for a wonderful games room. Pool tables can be found for not-too-much on an array of sites selling second-hand goods if you're working on a tight budget. Finish off the look with recessed lighting and a smoke-free fireplace to keep things warm and cozy.


Install a relaxation room

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If you have a big family, life can feel a little loud and overwhelming at times. Fortunately, escaping to the basement can bring a few moments of quiet and solace. To ensure that you make the most of these spare minutes, convert your basement into a specialized relaxation room that suits your needs. This could mean investing in a comfortable couch and painting the walls a soothing color, such as pale green or blue. You may also want invest in items that release calming scents, such as incense sticks, candles, or an essential oil diffuser.



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