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Modern Pegboards for Any Space

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestModern Pegboards for Any Space

Pegboards aren't just for your grandpa's tool shed anymore. With modern, clean lines and loads of practicality, pegboards are fast becoming the new design must-have. Available in a wide variety of colors, configurations and sizes, this stylish organizational tool has come a long way since they were first introduced in the 1950s.

Whether you want a full wall display or just a narrow filler in your craft room, there is a pegboard style that works for every space.


Paint it to match

Painting your pegboard is the easiest way to make it your own. If you're looking for the utility of a pegboard without the industrial look, pick a color that will mesh with the room's existing palate. Select a hue that contrasts with the wall color for a standout feature. You can even add a frame for a more polished look.


Peg your plants

Are you running out of places to display your indoor plants? Using a pegboard and adjustable hanging shelves makes designing your indoor garden a breeze. Traditional shelves can be great, but this option lets you quickly move your plants around to create new and exciting configurations on a whim.

Keep heavier plants near the bottom to avoid overloading the board, but otherwise, the design is up to you.


Peg, meet bungee cord

Just because the pegboard came with basic wooden dowels doesn't mean that's your only option to secure items to your board. Small bungee cords stretched across your pegboard create a space to tuck cards, photos, or other lightweight mementos. Easily adjust the tension by moving the cords up or down a notch to secure larger or smaller items.


Within reach in the kitchen

Everyone has had that moment of panic when you can't find that one kitchen tool you need at a critical point in the recipe. Place a pegboard shelving system above your stove and put everything you need just an arm's length away, so you're never caught out again.

Move shelves up or down to fit whichever pots or bowls you use the most, and add hooks to hold all those pesky spoons and spatulas that would otherwise get lost in the silverware drawer.


Baby's first pegboard

One week they love dinosaurs, and the next week they want a princess castle. Using a pegboard to replace static shelves in your kid's room gives you the flexibility to change the space right alongside them.

You can even get older children in on the fun by allowing them to change the configuration themselves and choose which toys they want to display.


Floor to ceiling organization

Why limit your pegboard design dreams to a small area? A floor-to-ceiling pegboard wall has the wow factor of a feature wall without sacrificing practicality. Replace your wall-mounted hooks or hallway bench with a standout pegboard and attached bench. Leave it raw for a minimalist feel, or paint it a bold color for a fresh take on this classic look.


Toss out the toy box

Throw out that messy, bulky toy box and replace it with a pegboard wall. Putting toys on a pegboard instead of in a disorganized box frees up precious floor space for your kids to stretch out and play.

With all their toys on display, you won't have to spend extra time digging through piles when they can't find their favorite one.


The wall is not the limit

Utilize all your extra space by sneaking small pegboards into unexpected places. The side of a shelving unit instantly becomes a convenient storage solution with the addition of a pegboard. Install one inside a cabinet door to free up shelf space, so you never need to search for your favorite spices again. Anywhere you have an empty vertical surface, you can add a pegboard.


The pegboard is the new headboard

Traditional headboards are pricey and take up space, often without any practical add. A pegboard headboard does double duty. Not only does this bold choice of material make an exciting aesthetic statement, but it also lets you quickly add meaningful design to your sleeping space.

Use sturdy shelves to display your favorite plants, books, or family photos. If you extend the pegboard far enough on either side, a well-placed flat surface can even replace your bedside table.


Step away from the wood

Is wooden wall decor not your style? A metal grid-pattern pegboard has all the utility of a traditional pegboard with a more pared-down, industrial look. These grids look great in their original metallic color but can easily be spray painted to match any design scheme.

You can display anything on this pegboard alternative with the right hooks, but they work best with photos and other paper items.



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