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Match Your Home to Your Enneagram Type

By Max Day
Share to PinterestMatch Your Home to Your Enneagram Type

Unless you have an incredibly stuffy landlord or homeowner’s association, there are no rules on how you can decorate your home. We all have diverse personalities, and our homes reflect that. Everyone needs a place that feels like it’s truly theirs, and decorating helps achieve that. Of course, we’re not very good at identifying our personality types. That’s where systems like the Enneagram come in. You can discover your exact personality type and how best to make your home feel like you.


What is the Enneagram?

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The Enneagram of Personality is a model of the human psyche. Within the Enneagram are nine personality types, each with distinct fixations, fears, desires, temptations, vices, and virtues. To discover your Enneagram type, simply take the test and answer as honestly as possible. Most people refer to each type as its signature number, though it’s also common to use their descriptive terms.


The reformer

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Type one, also known as the reformer or the perfectionist, describes a person who prefers order and balance. They value serenity and are aiming for perfection. If you’re a reformer, you probably prefer a more modern, sleek-looking home. Aim for neutral colors and use decor that’s primarily clean and tidy. To add some flair to your space, feel free to throw in a few splashes of color. After all, you may prefer order, but that doesn’t mean you’re a bore. Minimalist design styles are ideal for type ones.


The helper

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The second Enneagram type, the helper, simply wishes to feel loved. Ultimately, they desire freedom and their own will. They tend to deny their own needs. Helpers should make their homes comfortable, both for themselves and for guests. Warmth and hospitality are key. Earthy colors, gentle yellows, or calming blues can help create a welcoming atmosphere and ensure that visitors feel at ease. Sectionals provide plenty of seating while also keeping your home looking modern. Include decor that also serves a purpose, such as a bar cart or a vintage table that’s perfect for appetizers. Make sure to include some photos of your family and friends, so you always remember how much they love you.


The achiever

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Threes, also known as the achievers or performers, are pragmatic and goal-oriented. They adapt well and are always conscious of their image. Some people may view them as vain, but they’re often just trying to be the best version of themselves. If you’re an achiever, you’ll probably feel drawn to items that have a certain “wow” factor. Maybe that’s the newest house gadget or a particularly striking piece of art. Items that others may view as “boujee,” such as a new leather couch, can fill out a room and suit you perfectly. Stylized mirrors can also be a great choice to add something extra.


The individualist

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Those who are type fours are individualists and romantics. While they often tend towards introverted actions, they don’t always. They fear not having an identity of their own and aim for being unique above all else. Individualists out there shouldn’t fear what others think of their homes. This is your space, so own it. Try going thrift shopping to find decor that nobody would expect. You can also express your creative side and transform otherwise drab furniture into something special. Distress some planks for a rustic headboard or replace dirty brass cupboard knobs with some beautiful crystal pieces.


The investigator

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Everyone knows a type five, also known as an investigator or observer. These are individuals who value understanding and mastery above all else. Often, they fear incompetence and seem quite cerebral. When decorating their home, type fives enjoy minimalism and functionality above all else. Build a peaceful retreat from the busy world. You may wish to show off the work you’ve put into mastering a skill. If you’re a researcher, try and display some of your favorite books on a classy bookcase. Musicians may wish to display their instruments or pieces of their past, such as some framed sheet music.


The loyalist

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Loyal skeptics, loyalists, or type sixes value faith and always wish to have support and guidance in their actions. While they tend to have issues with anxiety, they also excel in helping solve issues and helping others. Ensuring each room is a calm, clean space can help alleviate some feelings of anxiety or worry. This may be as simple as painting the walls with calming earth tones, blues, and purples. Pull in some elements from nature with wooden pieces or plants. They may also prefer furniture that they’ll be able to rely on for years to come. Large, heavy couches are fantastic at providing both physical and mental support.


The enthusiast

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Enneagram type seven, known as the enthusiast or the epicure, is a person who is busy, spontaneous, and loves to have fun. Some people may describe them as “scatter-brained,” but they are also excellent planners because they anticipate future needs. Enthusiasts gravitate towards decor pieces that are quirky and exciting. Consider keeping a projector and popcorn machine ready for group movie nights. Or, if you’re a more subtle enthusiast, fill your home with objects that have stories. Being able to dive in and entertain others is a key part of being a type seven.


The challenger

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While most people struggle with the many difficulties of the world, type eights take them in stride. Also known as challengers or protectors, these bold individuals aren’t afraid of living life. For some challengers, this means filling their home with extravagant furniture like suede couches or massive art pieces. Others may prefer a space that allows them to blow off some steam. You may prefer a calming space with zen displays like simple water fountains or soft lighting. Alternatively, you may want to add an area for days where you feel particularly intense. Home gyms full of exercise equipment can let you release some pent up energy.


The peacemaker

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If you’re a type nine, you go with the flow. You’re easy-going and a peacemaker. Peace of mind is key, and avoiding conflicts is a necessity. To fill your home with a relaxed feeling, look for calming plants like succulents or simple candles. Color palettes with muted hues like pastels show off that you still love fun, just in a calmer way than others. Consider combining normally relaxing colors like blues and earthy hues with odd patterns and styles. Make sure to have a centerpiece that is exclusively for maximizing your comfort, like a big, cozy lounge chair.



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