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Make Any Home a Beach Home

By Staff Writer
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Everyone loves a day at the beach. The sun on your skin, wind in your hair, wave after wave of pristine waters... it's pure paradise, but what happens when it's time to go home?

Whether your abode overlooks the ocean or lake or you're nestled in the middle of the Mojave, coastal-inspired living is making a comeback. Some beach home inspiration, from fresh decor to bold colors, textures, and design elements, can transform your home sweet home into a seaside paradise.


White on white

White sand beaches, breaking waves, fluffy clouds — white evokes wide open spaces, and that's a great feature to harness in your decor. While many people pile on diverse patterns, shapes, and textures, this porch welcomes you home with stunning shades of floor-to-ceiling alabaster.

The beauty stems from the simplicity, whether it's the rustic aesthetic of those wicker chairs, the paint shade, or the coordinating upholstery and pillows. You can do the same in your own abode by implementing white touches from the top down. Go small with a vase, pillow, or painting, or go all-out with upholstery and decor in this pure hue that's always in season.


Embrace the veranda

Luxury living doesn't have to come with a high price tag; any veranda can be a welcome respite from the daily grind. With a smooth paint job, potted plants, and a rocking chair, this setting reminds us of long days at the beach.

Relive that indoor/outdoor splendor by transforming your veranda (or your apartment balcony) into a veritable destination. Comfy seating, plenty of greenery, and a small table are all it takes to make the space feel like home. Add whichever touches feel most inviting to you.


Incorporate rustic elements

Nautical-inspired textures bring the shoreline home, making rustic elements a go-to staple. Whether you select one key piece, such as this dining room table, or go for a few, such as rustic bookshelves, matching side tables, and cabinets, there's just something about this aesthetic that brings the seaside to life.

Here, the neutral color palette creates a coastal-inspired look that's as sleek as it is simple.


Try natural light in every room

The beach is all about the view, so when you're seeking seaside inspiration, why should your home be any different? Take a break from harsh lighting and roll up the blinds. Let the sun shine in through every window, and don't hesitate to take it all in.

Whether your view is of neighbors hanging laundry or the ocean itself, uncovered windows are an excellent way to connect with nature while embracing that coastal ambiance. With blue cabinetry and lush plants to complete this au natural bathroom, they've nailed it right on the head.


Use au natural materials

The beach brings us one step closer to nature, and you can accomplish that at home through au natural materials. Think reeds, ropes, shells, wicker, and weathered wood.

These reed-based lamps bring this outdoor living space to life, and you can do the same with statement accessories made from earth-conscious elements. From art to dinnerware and seating, there's an option for every home, lifestyle, and budget.


Muted colors are a must-have

Blue and white transform any space into a beachy oasis; no body of water required. This home embraces nautical life with its subtly striped pillows, rug, and calming color palette. Updating simple accessories has a major impact on your room's aesthetics.

Start with simple pieces, then upgrade to bigger ones. Using blue, white, and a blend of soft neutral tones, your home starts feeling like your favorite seaside hotel.


A window seat is a must-have

Try that "room with a view" vibe in your own home with ultra-cozy throw blankets, pillows, and a seat right by the window. This space is frequently out of use in your main room, but with plush touches and a welcoming place to sit, it's no longer off-limits.

The white and blue color palette brings the outdoors in; we can practically smell the sea breezes from here!


Indoor/outdoor rugs are your friend

Is there anything better? Select an indoor/outdoor design with a beach-inspired pattern, whether that's nautical stripes, crisp, clean white, or something more overt, like a scene with swimmers and a palm tree.

A coastal-inspired take on the classic welcome mat, these rugs let your family embrace indoor/outdoor living in style, providing a space to shake the sand (or the day's hard work) off your shoes.


Echo your surroundings in art

Beachy artwork gives you that gallery on the sea vibe, bathing you in coastal-inspired splendor from the moment you enter a room. Here, this stunning ocean painting takes center stage, while neutral tones and plant life take us back to the beach. Seek out sea-inspired art at local vendors or online, and create a gallery wall filled with your findings.

Select one piece to be the main character, as shown here, or select a few key visuals you can't live without. Art has the power to transform, so embrace its more rustic side and see what you can find! Seaside prints and maps are just as appropriate, so don't hesitate to mix it up.


Try an outdoor dining space

Often even the smallest living spaces provide some outdoor options, so why not make use of them for dining?

Using weathered wood to create a picnic-inspired setting and a nautical-themed tablecloth and pillows, this home gets it right. Even if it's just a small balcony, break out a small wicker table, some cushions, and a rustic tablecloth for a meal you won't soon forget. The right soundtrack and candles will bring the sea to you, but with this setup, you're already halfway there.



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