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Share to PinterestMake an Impression With 10 Creative Console Table Ideas
Share to PinterestMake an Impression With 10 Creative Console Table Ideas

The console table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own. Its low-profile nature means it can squeeze easily into narrow spaces, and for the more creative-minded, it can even pull double-duty as a desk, minibar, or reading nook.

Not only that, but from minimalist selections to cutting-edge designs, there’s a style for every home and budget. Some creative thinking is all it takes to transform a basic console into a stylish, attention-grabbing focal point.


Aim for a farmhouse aesthetic

Subtle yet stylish, rustic woods go a long way toward amping up your space. A simple stain can transform your piece's entire aesthetic, taking your console from basic to above and beyond.

Not only that, but wood is a versatile choice for nearly any room in your home. Play up the rural ambiance by stacking your console with chic art and decor in a minimalist color palette, such as white, nude, or brown.


Elevate your storage space

The space beneath your console can play a countless number of roles. Stack coordinating boxes, bins, or containers in the style of your choice and use them to store whatever you see fit. Depending on where your table's located, this could include a chic bar set-up, with bottles and dishware stored down below, or books, board games, and just about anything else.

Not sure where to stow away those excess supplies? Short on closet space? Storage becomes instantly chic with this stylish trick.


Go for gold

Well, not gold, necessarily, but experiment with an ornate design featuring bold jewel tones and metallic touches. Tuck extra seating inside the cabinets and you'll have an instant entertainment space.

A statement console will stand apart from the rest of your furniture and instantly grab guests' attention. Coordinating art and decor on top create a truly eye-catching aesthetic that can stand alone or be echoed throughout the room.


Embrace vintage vibes

A vintage theme lets you get away with an over-the-top look. Go all out and embrace the appearance of times gone by; we're talking an ornate table with carved designs straight out of a Renaissance painting.

Pick your favorite era, and go full force. Whether that's 18th century Rococo or Mid-century minimalism, coordinate the space with period-authentic seating, dishware, and a rug to define the area as something all its own.


Do some distressing

Go the DIY route with distressed wood. Give a basic console table a wear and tear texture by mechanically aging it on your own. You can do this with tools already available at home; add nicks and dents with a hammer, scratch across the surface with screws, scour with sharp tools, and scrub the surface with a wire brush.

Experiment until you achieve the appearance you're looking for, then sand, seal, stain, and you have a project to be truly proud of.


Stock up on seating

Ideal for entertaining! Play the perfect host by designing a catch-all console with seating underneath. Use decorative floor cushions or ottomans and place them neatly beneath the table. Better yet, aim for ottomans with lids so you can triple your storage space.

Chic seating blends the stylish with the functional for a truly innovative aesthetic. Coordinate seat shades with the table for a monochromatic effect, or select contrasting hues for that added pop of brightness.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

A decorative mirror highlights the entire area, and since you could always use additional space for books, florals, and art pieces, it adds another element to this well-styled setting.

An angular mirror draws attention directly to your console, so guests will notice everything you have on display. In contrast, a horizontally-placed mirror that matches your table's proportions gives the illusion of a larger space. Double mirrors broaden the area even further and give you room to experiment with distinct decor on each side.


...and on the table

A reflective, standout console will attract attention regardless of where you put it. Paired with a matching mirror, you'll have a look that marries the modern with the timeless.

Mirrored surfaces are an easy way to create a one-of-a-kind console space, even if that space is just a few feet. Play up the ambiance by selecting mutually mirrored seating and decor, and you'll have a stylish area that guests won't stop talking about.


Short and sweet

Contrary to popular belief, your console table doesn't have to be a specific length. When you're dealing with small spaces, sometimes short and sweet is the way to go. Slick designs are available in compact sizes that will squeeze in just about anywhere, giving you the ability to shake things up regardless of square footage.

A petite piece is ideal for storing the basics without going overboard, and it's a budget-conscious option suitable for any lifestyle.


Narrow hall? Mount it to the wall!

Running low on space but craving a console table? It doesn't have to be a stand-alone model. Even those ultra-narrow areas serve up enough room for a mounted design, and you can still score plenty of storage space by choosing one with drawers.

Arrange a few decor pieces on top, and you have an instantly chic new addition that's just as functional as its larger, more traditional counterpart. An effective way to incorporate a console into nearly any area of your home, a mounted model delivers major chic vibes.



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