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Share to PinterestMagic Eraser Hacks That Make Cleaning Your Home Easier

Magic Eraser Hacks That Make Cleaning Your Home Easier

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestMagic Eraser Hacks That Make Cleaning Your Home Easier

In 2003, a simple white sponge appeared on store shelves, one that required no additional sprays to do its job. Today, the melamine sponge — widely known by its brand name, Magic Eraser — is a staple in many households, tackling all sorts of tough cleaning jobs.

Most people know that it’s a highly effective way to get rid of wall smudges. But, there are additional hacks for this multi-purpose product that make chores a lot easier and bring new life to your dirt-covered or stained possessions.


Remove dirt from your computer keyboard

It’s sometimes hard to see how much dust and grime build up on your keyboard, especially if it’s black. But there comes a time when it needs a bit of sprucing up, and the Magic Eraser handles the job. Wet the sponge, wring out the water, and allow it to dry before you gently run it across your keyboard. Any gunk on or around the keys will disappear. Just make sure you don’t apply too much pressure, or you could scratch the surface.


Wipe away scratches on your phone screen

Share to Pinterestusing magic eraser on cell phone

Daily use usually leads to tiny scratches on your phone screen, which can sometimes hinder views, plus they make your phone look a bit janky. Magic Erasers have become a popular and effective method for removing these scratches or at least making them much less visible. Not all experts agree on this method, but even proponents say it’s important to use a slightly wet Magic Eraser and apply only gentle pressure during the process.


Make permanent marker stains vanish

Share to Pinterestchild drawing on walls with markers

Magic Erasers make the marks from permanent markers not so permanent. The makers of the foam sponge warn users not to scrub enameled or shiny painted surfaces or porous, natural stone surfaces like granite or marble. But a wet melamine sponge is safe and effective to use on other painted surfaces and countertops in your home.


Clean food and gunk off your microwave

Share to Pinterestcleaning microwave with white cloth

It doesn’t take long for food splatter and overflow to coat the inside of your microwave. Magic Erasers easily clean up the debris that’s sticking to the sides and roof of your microwave’s interior. Add warm water to the sponge, then wipe down the surfaces, including the glass door. Use a light touch if the interior is stainless steel because the Magic Eraser can scratch it if you scrub too vigorously.


Shine up those windows

Share to Pinterestgloved hand washing a window

Window washing got a lot easier when the melamine sponge appeared in the household cleaning supplies aisle. Instead of having to gather together a bucket of cleaning solution, a squeegee, towels, and other supplies, all you need is the foam sponge to get the job done. A damp Magic Eraser, gently brushed across the glass, removes stains, dirt, and grime and brings back a shine to the glass.


Oven cleanup is much easier

Share to Pinterestcleaning the oven with a sponge

If you’ve tried a variety of commercial oven cleaners and homemade concoctions to get your oven clean but to no avail, opt for a Magic Eraser instead. Adding water activates the tough cleaning power of all the tiny, triangular air pockets built into the sponge, making them as hard as glass. Scrub the oven’s surfaces and the stove top using a circular motion over stains and baked-on foods. The powerful micro-scrubbers in the sponge clean them right off.


Remove tough food stains from glass cookware

No matter how hard you scrub, getting rid of those brown stains on your glass casseroles, bakeware, and loaf pans seems next to impossible. To make them look shiny and new again, soak the dish and the melamine sponge in water, then rub off any cooked-on debris and stains. You won’t even need to use all of your strength to scrub them clean.


Remedy nail polish stains

Share to Pinterestcleaning table with a melamine sponge magic eraser

Anyone who’s ever used nail polish has likely experienced an accidental spill, splash, or dribble. Before the invention of the Magic Eraser, those spills became a permanent part of the surface on which they fell. Now, you can get rid of the mishap with little effort using light strokes of the foam sponge. Unlike nail polish remover, the Magic Eraser method removes the stain without damaging the surface.


Clean residue off of hair appliances

Share to Pinterestdirty old curling iron

If you’ve stopped using a hair appliance because it’s covered in a gross residue from hair products like gels, hairsprays, and mousse, a Magic Eraser can make it usable again. Moisten the sponge in warm water and run it over the metal surfaces of the appliance to get rid of the gunk.


Remove stains from furniture

Share to Pinteresttwo sides of couch dirty and clean

Stains and blemishes on leather and microfiber are no longer a reason to get rid of furniture. A melamine sponge works well on both types of materials. However, before trying this hack, it’s important to spot test an area first, preferably on the bottom. Magic erasers have an abrasive quality similar to fine-grit sandpaper and can damage some types of upholstery, especially if you use too much force when cleaning.


Spruce up your patio furniture

Share to Pinterestdirty plastic patio chairs outside

Outdoor furniture is a big investment, so performing regular maintenance and thorough cleanings is important. Spray plastic furniture with a hose to remove excess dirt. Then, wipe all surfaces with a Magic Eraser. You can use the same process with metal furniture, but remember to scrub gently to avoid scratching the surface.


Eliminate stains from plastic storage containers

Share to Pinterestplastic container with saucy pasta leftovers

If you stored marinara sauce in a plastic storage container and it left behind a red stain that you can’t get rid of, use a Magic Eraser to make the problem disappear. Add baking soda to the plastic container along with some warm water. Use a Magic Eraser to scrub the sides and bottom of the container until the stain is gone. Make sure you rinse out the foam sponge to remove any traces of the baking soda.


Clean your bathtub

Keeping your bathroom clean may seem like a full-time job, but the melamine sponge makes it much easier. Use a warm, moist eraser sponge to clean the bottom and sides of the tub, along with any tiled, grouted surfaces surrounding it. Then clean the faucet and areas around it. Not only will it require less elbow grease, but you’ll also notice a major difference in the sparkle-and-shine levels.


Erase coffee stains from your cup

Nothing beats drinking a delicious cup of coffee out of your favorite cup. But after a while, the coffee starts to leave brown stains on the cup’s interior. Run the eraser sponge under warm water, then scrub the inside of your coffee cup to get rid of the stain. It works like a charm. And doesn’t coffee taste even better in a nice, clean cup?


Make your vinyl fence new again

Share to Pinterestdirty vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing may be durable, but it still gets dirty and needs a good cleaning. Some chemical cleaning solutions and concentrated cleaners can erode the vinyl exterior, but a melamine sponge is safe to use. Spray off any debris with a hose, then use the wet sponge to clean off any mold, mildew, or stains.


Wash your baseboards

Share to Pinterestwoman cleaning dirty floor with a sponge

If you’re standing across the room and can see scuff marks, stains, or dirt on your baseboards, it’s time to give them a good cleaning. Instead of scrubbing for hours using a bucket of cleaner and a scrub brush, put your knees through a shorter trial and try an easier method: a moistened Magic Eraser.


Clear away mold and mildew from tile grout

The Magic Eraser quickly removes mold and mildew stains between tiles on walls and floors alike. Avoid using it on natural stone surfaces, though. Once the green gunk is gone, you’ll not only notice a fresher smell in the air but you’ll be amazed by the like-new, shiny-clean finish on your tile.


Buff your car headlights clean

Share to Pinterestcleaning headlights with white sponge

Poor visibility at night can lead to a collision and dirty headlights can contribute to the problem. First, remove any bug or dirt residue from the headlight cover. Then, use a moist melamine sponge to brighten up the lens and clean off any remaining gunk. You’ll see an immediate difference.


Brighten up rubber-soled sneakers

Share to Pinterestcleaning white shoes with magic eraser sponge

The white rubber surrounding the sole of your sneakers may seem like a lost cause, but don’t toss them out until you try a Magic Eraser to clean them up. Scrub the rubber gently with a moistened eraser sponge. The stains and dirt seem to magically disappear. Spruce up other shoes as well, from work boots to flip-flops.


Tidy up leather satchels and purses

Share to Pinterestwiping purse with a white sponge

If you carry a leather handbag, briefcase, waist bag, fanny pack, or satchel, you know it can lose its luster after a while due to dirt buildup. Bring back that like-new shine using a lightly moistened Magic Eraser. Remember to do a surface test first on a hidden part of the item before starting the cleaning process.


Get rid of tarnish on silverware

Share to Pinterestbuffing and polishing silverware

Sooner or later, all silverware starts to tarnish. Most people use silver polish and a soft cloth to get rid of the black stains, but it can be a time-consuming job. Make things easier on yourself by substituting a damp melamine sponge for the polish-and-cloth method. It’s much faster and it’s easier on your hands because it requires less scrubbing. It works on other silver heirlooms and jewelry, too.


Clean swimming pools

Share to Pinterestoutdoor pool closeup

Adding a Magic Eraser to a skimmer basket is a safe and efficient way to rid your swimming pool of dirt, mold, mildew, and stains. Just place the foam eraser sponge in the basket and turn it loose. The sponge attracts all the accumulated muck, leaving behind crystal-clear, cloud-free pool water.


Cut the sponge into smaller pieces

The rectangular shape of a melamine sponge straight from the box doesn’t always fit into hard-to-reach spaces. Expand its user-friendliness by cutting it up into smaller pieces. It will allow you to get into all the nooks and crannies around your home. If your eraser sponge starts to come apart during a cleaning session — its porous nature means it does break down quicker than other sponges — don’t hesitate in putting aside the broken-off pieces and saving them for smaller cleaning jobs.



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