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Little-Known Facts About White Walls

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestLittle-Known Facts About White Walls

Pure, classic, and always in vogue, white is the first color we turn to when transforming our walls, even if it's just the primer. But whether you're painting a guest bedroom or your entire property, there's beauty in simplicity, and white walls create the illusion of a more open, spacious abode.

So, what's so special about white, and what exactly makes the painting process so difficult? There's more to this hue than you might think, which is why learning helpful facts about white walls can make all the difference.


White paints are not created equal

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This is a common misconception, and often the biggest mistake people make. While some paints are indeed pure white, the majority are far from it. Go to a paint store to compare, and you'll notice shades with yellowish, reddish, and bluish undertones. Hold a sample up to a blank sheet of paper, and that difference will click rather quickly.

When shopping for paint, you can select from three primary types, according to your needs. Cool-toned paints add dimension, while warm-toned ones offer a light appearance without being too bright. Gallery white paints, named for their frequent use in the art world, are the purest variety and live up to their name, but they're too sterile for many peoples' personal styles. Shop around, and find the white that works best for you.


Different locales, different looks

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Believe it or not, white walls can appear entirely different when you switch your location. The same color will look one way in Southern California, and another in New York. It also depends on your room's lighting, which direction it faces, and what else is in the room.

Wood furniture and decor vs. blues, for instance, will completely change how the same color appears. It might be worth finalizing the decor plans before painting swatches on the walls.


Texture eliminates that sterile look

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Many homeowners limit or reduce their use of white because they believe it gives their home a sterile, hospital-like feel. When you incorporate texture into your design decisions, however, that's far from the case.

With textural elements in place, such as slap brush, sand swirl, comb, or knockdown, you've brought innovation and interest right into focus. Since whitewashing hard surfaces is what creates that sterile, boring aesthetic, a textured undercoat could be all you need.'


Good now, yellow later

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Has a room ever appeared different to you years down the line? Do those pink walls in your childhood bedroom still give you the same impression today? This simple example reveals that our perception of color changes with time. This is why many people feel like decorating or renovating so often; their sense simply changes more quickly.

Things that looked and felt good to us 5, 10, or 20 years ago probably don't today, and the same applies to our walls. The senses themselves physically age, and our eyes' lenses naturally yellow. Consider how the shade you choose will resonate with you in the future.


You can eliminate prints entirely

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Afraid of your toddler putting her sticky hands against the wall? Think Fido won't be able to stop licking that surface? Go with a gloss or semigloss paint, and your problem's resolved. Glossy finishes add instant sleekness to a surface, and they work their magic in high-traffic areas, making any prints or smudges a breeze to remove.


Your closets don't have to match

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Let's say that you're painting the walls of your bedroom. Now, your closet's walls are an entirely different color. The simple solution? Since closets lack windows, paint them with a light-reflective white so they can let in as much light as possible.

White highlights the colors in your wardrobe, making outfits simple to spot while still matching the primary wall. The higher the LRV (light reflective value), the more light will reflect off those surfaces.


Transform your space with finishes

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White walls don't have to be boring. Incorporating the same shade in diverse finishes can completely transform your abode by switching it up with shape and texture rather than color. Try eggshell on the walls, matte on the doors and trim, semi-gloss on the ceiling, and flat on the cabinets, for instance. This builds dimension while giving your place a unique look.


White walls can help sell your home

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Real estate agents and staging specialists agree that painting your walls white is one of the most foolproof methods for selling your home. It makes every space appear more open, it has a clean aesthetic, and it's universally appealing. White also looks better online, so potential buyers browsing through photos are more likely to click on your residence and give it a visit.

While many colors look great, not all of them appeal to everybody. White gives potential new homeowners a blank slate onto which they can envision their own aesthetic.


White bedrooms bring better sleep

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It's like encasing yourself in the clouds, basically. At least it has that effect. Those who sleep in all-white bedrooms generally use peaceful words to describe the space, such as "calming, "Zen," and "blank slate."

Even experts recommend sleeping in a white bedroom to help wind down after a long day.


White's the easiest way to renovate

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A fresh coat of white paint has the power to truly transform a room, bringing it to life with the swipe of a brush. Thankfully, paint is also the quickest and most affordable way to make over rooms.

If you're not ready for an over-the-top remodel, grab some supplies and try a DIY paint job. If done properly, it provides your home with a sleek makeover.



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