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Inspiring Modern Houses with Cool Features

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestInspiring Modern Houses with Cool Features

The coolest homes today look nothing like the houses of decades ago. Contemporary design and unique architecture allow for some truly inspiring and distinctive features. Aspects like oversized windows and open floor plans are new and exciting, and therefore desirable. If you're tired of the same old houses, then dare to find inspiration in the bold and beautiful. Geometric shapes and striking materials are the hottest trends in houses, while environmentally-friendly features are bold and better for the very future these designs bring to mind.


Frameless glass railings

Frameless glass railings on staircases and balconies are more popular than ever. The sleek and simple design presents a modern look that makes any home futuristic. One obvious but no less significant and appealing benefit of frameless glass is its transparency, which allows unobstructed views of the surrounding land, creating an airy and spacious feel. Other benefits include its durable construction and easy installation.


Oversized square windows

Oversized square windows are a significant trend in current architecture. A square window is flattering and can make even an outdated house look fresh and new. Mirror-like glass amplifies this look while simultaneously beautifying your living space. Many architects combine square with rectangular windows to create a puzzle-like appearance that's anything but ordinary.


Bedroom loft

A bedroom loft is a fantastic design trend that makes the most of small spaces. Complete with dresser drawers and closet space below, these raised beds are both compact and contemporary. A light wood finish makes any room feel more open, and wood finishes look incredible with most color palettes.


Open floor plan

People who like large, open spaces may enjoy an open floor plan. Homes of this architecture style — which has been around for longer than other trends on this list — join together two or more rooms. Fewer partition walls mean the home feels more spacious and airy, while often appearing modern and minimalist.


Unconventional roofs

Current architecture turns away from the standard triangular roof common to older homes. Instead, modern houses might have unconventional designs. Flat roofs are in demand right now, along with the contemporary shed styles that make a house look ultra-cool and on-trend. The gable roof is an update over the basic peak and looks more like a barn roof, melding modern and rustic vibes to excellent effect.


Minimalist swimming pools

Everyone loves a swimming pool, and today, it's all about minimal designs. Rectangular pools are all the rage and make a home feel more contemporary, while lighted outdoor waterways are a big hit with current designers. Some of the most amazing pools are built on the second level, literally elevating the traditional backyard style. Despite their often minimalist design, contemporary pools definitely have an air of "extra" about them.


Tiny houses

Tiny houses are a big trend right now and with good reason. Living in a smaller home saves a considerable amount of money and, in places where housing is sky-high, gives you the chance to own your own house rather than an apartment. If you don't mind living in little quarters, there are many cool floor plans and designs that can make these small footprints feel surprisingly spacious. Recent zoning laws in many places make owning a tiny home less of a hassle, thanks to relaxed regulations.


Striking materials

The coolest homes feature eye-catsching materials like glass, concrete, and steel. The more common wood and brick designs are starting to seem dated, while these more lively materials stand out on any block. Minimalist undertones blend beautifully here and add to the contemporary vibe that is always in demand. Wood can still look striking so long as it's kept to a minimum and paired with cooler metals.


Progressive, thoughtful designs

Modern homes aren't cool unless they offer progressive design features. Aspects that reduce energy consumption and global footprint are among the most trending nowadays. Meanwhile, the exterior design should be forward-thinking and push the boundaries of traditional designs. Environmentally friendly houses are definitely the coolest on the block these days.


Connected spaces

Connected outside spaces are a cool new trend that is becoming more popular than ever. A connected exterior means a yard, pool, or patio is viewable from not one but several rooms. Large windows look out onto the same space and even at each other, adding to the openness and continuity of the house. An L-shape design is a go-to with this kind of architecture.



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