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Inspiration for Your Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

By Max Day
Share to PinterestInspiration for Your Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

Despite the traditional vibe of farmhouse kitchen decor, rustic esthetics are having a moment right now. Characterized by well-loved antiques, vintage crockery, and wooden features, the farmhouse style is designed to leave you feeling nostalgic, warm, and safe. Even if you're a hardcore city dweller who balks at the idea of a day in the great outdoors, you should still feel totally entitled to create a beautiful farmhouse kitchen. In fact, a metropolitan condo could benefit from a little rural charm, particularly if you're tired of minimalist esthetics.


Invest in some rustic shutters

Installing decorative shutters on your windows or even as an alternative to traditional cupboard doors is a simple change that will instantly update your kitchen in the farmhouse aesthetic. If you're feeling creative, you could even paint the shutters a rich, kitchen-friendly color such as dark blue, green, or gray.

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Install a big cooker

Nothing makes a kitchen feel cozier than a boiling pot of stew or a delicious joint of meat roasting in the oven. Of course, to fully embrace the family feel of farmhouse cooking, you will need a large appliance with which you can handle several culinary processes at once. A true farmhouse kitchen contains a big range featuring a solid metal front and a vast number of hobs. What's more, these days they come in an array of beautiful colors to help you achieve your desired look.

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Get inventive with storage solutions

If you're a keen chef, why not show off your expertise and store ingredients in transparent jars? On top of making ingredients super easy to find, big Kilner jars of foodstuffs such as dried pasta, berries, peppercorns, rice, or cereal are fantastic decorative pieces that will make your kitchen feel well-loved and lived-in. If jars aren't your thing, you could place mini wooden barrels of potatoes or other types of vegetables on kitchen countertops.

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Repurpose your old shelves

If, like many people, you have old, unloved shelves sitting in your attic, repurpose them by adding a little paint or varnish and use them to store dried goods or utensils. Homeowners looking to add a centerpiece to their kitchen could even paint the shelves in a range of different colors or add their own artsy image.

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Paint your cabinetry a pastel shade

Wooden cabinetry is a staple feature of most farmhouse kitchens. If you want to stay on top of interior design trends, however, it is worth painting these features in soft pastel colors such as baby blue, lilac, or creamy yellow. Warm and welcoming colors are in vogue right now, and this represents a unique way to inject them into your home.

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Put your dried herbs on full display

Dried herbs are great to have on-hand to add to stews, pasta sauces, joints of meat, and virtually any other staple dish you can think of. What's more, they will look absolutely enchanting when hung up in small bunches along the walls of your kitchen. If you're committed to the rural lifestyle, you could even try growing herbs in your garden and drying them out yourself. Dinner party guests will be very impressed!

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Embrace tiled or stone countertops

Most modern kitchens have countertops made of marble, metal, or silicate materials. Farmhouse kitchens, on the other hand, tend to utilize somewhat humbler materials such as stone or clay tile. Although this may sound a little old-fashioned, it can add a real sense of the European countryside to your kitchen. Think hot summer nights in the south of France.

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Add some rural charm to your windows

The strips of metal found on vintage-style windows — also known as muntins — are sure to add a flourish of rural charm to your kitchen. If you want to go even further, you could install some worn wooden windowsills and load them up with potted plants and decorative crockery.

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Hang pots and pans from the wall or ceiling

If you have enough space in your kitchen, why not hang pots and pans from the wall or ceiling? On top of making your cooking utensils easy to reach and find, it will add a wonderfully homey vibe to your space. Simply install hooks in the upper sections of your walls or enlist the help of a professional to add a hanging metal strip for heavy kitchen tools. Of course, this look will only work if your pots and pans are attractive. Avoid displaying utensils with ugly plastic handles or obvious defects — shiny pots made from copper will really drive this aesthetic home, and they only get better-looking with wear.

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Make the most of your wooden beams

If you're lucky enough to have a kitchen with wooden beams, consider leaving them in their original, rustic condition. Emphasize their beauty with a light coat of varnish and decorate them with fairy lights or any other decorative items that suit your tastes. Beams have become a sign of luxury and taste in the twenty-first century, so make the most of them. Of course, you may come up against lighting issues if your beams are too big, as they can leave the room feeling a little dark. If this is the case, invest in strip lights and spotlights to illuminate any dark areas.

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