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Inspiration for Your Family Room Revamp

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestInspiration for Your Family Room Revamp

If you're in the process of renovating or building from scratch, the aim is to make your family room the comfortable and visually appealing heart of your home. This blank canvas is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming.

Just like doing a jigsaw puzzle, take it one step at a time and focus on the borders first: consider what kind of floors, walls, and perhaps even ceilings you'd like that work with your budget. When you've settled on these cornerstones, you can turn your attention to furniture and accessories.


Stylish walls

Share to Pinterestliving or family room with stylish wall decor

Walls do a lot of legwork. They set the tone of a family room and, with different colors or patterns, can signpost spaces dedicated to various functions, such as a home office, library, or bar. Think tasteful wallpaper, wood cladding, exposed stone, and white face linear bricks for feature walls.

Limed plaster is a favorite if you stick to one luxe wall style throughout the space. When in doubt, neutrals are a fail-safe color scheme beloved by minimalists and maximalists alike.


Recessed nooks

Share to Pinterestliving room with reading nook

Recessed walls can create a compelling aesthetic. Paint the hollow section a contrasting color and fill it with one or more art pieces, plants, or mounted instruments. Incorporate lighting to highlight the niche when it gets dark, and include chic built-in shelving for books and knick-knacks.

Recessed areas can also form cozy window seats for reading and listening to music with snacks at the ready.


Plant gallery or corner

Share to Pinterestplants in one area of a living room

Bring the outside in and make your interior a little wild with natural pops of green from gorgeous plants. Social media abounds with millennial plant influencers and inspiration.

ZZ plants are as low maintenance as you could hope for, and delicious monsteras impart lush tropical vibes. Fiddle leaf figs are trending, but these large, sculptural space-fillers require a little more tending. Arrange these plants on the floor, on shelves, or raised on side tables. Plant propagation walls and hanging planters with cascading ferns, pearl drops, and ivy are also very in these days.


Coffee table with hidden depths

Share to Pinterestfamily room with a storage coffee table

Your coffee table can serve as a welcome textural element in a Scandi-style or farmhouse family room and can double up as storage space for throws and scatter cushions. Mango wood or mystic oak coffee tables are drool-worthy with or without feet.

You can opt for lids or lift tops with slow-close hinges or pull-out drawers. You could even have a flip top for a makeshift workspace. Wicker tables are another fabulous option, as are mixed-material drums. Get fancy with a swivel base.


Mirror, mirror

Share to Pinterestbig mirror on blue family room wall

Mirrors are kind of magical. They make family rooms look expansive and maximize the natural light that filters into the space. There are so many routes you can take with these reflective beauties. Super-size your mirror with a floor-to-ceiling setup, or have an overscale rectangular standing mirror lean against one of your walls—even better if it lies between two large windows.

Mount or suspend a circular mirror above your mantel and strategically place some artwork on the opposite wall. Three's a party, so incorporate a trio of window-like steel-framed arched mirrors or commission trelliswork in front of a group of mirror panels. Mercury glass panels add a vintage touch.


Rustic vogue

Share to Pinterestliving room with rustic wooden elements

Cottagecore is not for everybody. But if you're attracted to its cozy countryside and antique persuasion, you might want to explore a rustic in-vogue design with its more refined and contemporary style.

Wooden floors, handmade clay pots, vintage carpets, tailored textiles, and botanicals introduce texture and natural accents, and accessories add bursts of vibrant color amidst otherwise muted or dark palettes. Your family room will look homey but finessed.


California modernism

Share to Pinterestcalifornia modernism family room with big windows and low couch

California modernism is another design outlook that's gaining steam. We're in a midcentury moment, but the post-war period gets an update with lighter woods, less angular furniture, and staying power.

Nature is the star in these homes, and large family room windows sans inorganic accessories look out onto tree-filled gardens. Low furnishings enable uninterrupted views and dowel-legged tables and chairs soften the feel of the room.


Floating consoles

Share to Pinterestliving room with floating shelf along wall

These consoles defy gravity. They're anchored to the wall, so they add floor space, and even this slight added airiness the room feel less weighed down. Floating consoles make mopping and dusting a cinch, and media consoles are neat storage solutions for gadgets too.


Accessories and rugs like hugs

Share to Pinterestfather and child playing on a shag rug in family room

Your family room won't feel complete until you source and curate accessories that add warmth and character. Handmade chunky knit throws with large stitches are adorable. Scatter cushions that complement colors from your statement artworks can elevate the mood in a room, and ottomans that moonlight as coffee tables and storage solutions are a nice touch.

You might consider layering your rugs, but huge carpets that sit underneath furniture are very in these days, and they lend more structure to your interior. Select modern fixtures, pendants, or chandeliers to brighten the space.


Sensory appeal

Share to Pinterestfamily sitting together in cozy living room with candles

Don't underestimate the subtle impact of small details. Finishing flourishes can include trinkets, trays, candles of various sizes and shapes, and sweet-smelling diffusers and burners. Pop some flowers in sculptural vases, light a three-wick, and artfully arrange some coffee table books. When all is said and done, your family room could cut the mustard for a feature in Architectural Digest.



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