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Inspiration for Unique DIY Room Dividers

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestInspiration for Unique DIY Room Dividers

Whether you need a bit of privacy or are just looking to break up the layout of a room, pause before you pull out the drywall tools. Rather than getting down and dirty with some hardcore home renovation, try harnessing your DIY skills to build the perfect room divider. These projects are easier to undertake, faster to finish, and allow you to flex your creative skills. Plus, you can always take the divider down if you want to reclaim the space.


Get retro with a beaded curtain

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Sure, they’re a bit of a throwback, but beaded curtains make great room dividers. They’re easy to set up and can match a variety of aesthetics. Best of all, they can range from full DIY to fully premade — buy strings of beads or string your own. Try mounting the beaded curtain from the ceiling or placing it in a simple frame.


Repurpose some shutters

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vivanity / Getty Images

So many repurposed objects make incredible pieces of decor and old shutters are no exception. While they’ve fallen out of favor for exteriors, they still have endless uses. Set them up as individual panels or add some hinges to create an old-school folding screen. Don’t forget to customize them with whatever paint best suits your room.


A window without a wall

Share to Pinterestwindow room divider
vicnt / Getty Images

Shutters aren’t the only construction material that you can repurpose. If you happen to have a window from some remodeling, why not put it to use as a room divider? For an easier project, you can mount the window in a frame. Alternatively, hang it from the ceiling with a delicate chain or create a half wall for it.


Throw up some rope

Share to Pinterestrope room divider
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

A room divider doesn't necessarily need to be a massive piece of decor. With a few lengths of rope, you can build one that’s both unique and functional. While you may need to learn a few useful knots, rope wall dividers are pretty simple. They’re a perfect first DIY project.


Keep it simple with wooden slats

Share to Pinterestwooden slat divider bathroom
Noble Nature / Getty Images

Even if you’re a bit new to DIY projects, there are plenty of things you can build with some basic knowledge. Simple wooden slats across a frame make for a dynamic room divider that fits almost any style. Alternatively, you can repurpose some wooden pallets for your room divider, though you may need to add some braces or hang them from the ceiling.


Add some rustic chicken wire

There’s no doubt that rustic styles have been popular for many years now. However, it’s normal to tire of the classic wooden slats and shiplap that define the style. Feel free to branch out a bit and try adding some other materials to your decor. Chicken wire makes a great room divider that keeps the rustic theme and makes a room feel open. You can customize it by weaving other materials through the holes, or leave it as is.


A book lover’s dream

If you have plenty of space for your room divider, try experimenting with something that’s both functional and decorative. Book lovers can exhibit their interests with a double-sided bookcase while others may just want to show off their favorite curios. People who are particularly good with their hands may want to add some abstract geometrics to their shelving design.


A forest feeling

Our rooms are our unique spaces. Entering a room where you feel comfortable can seem like transporting into a different world. To embrace that feeling, take some decorative branches and lay them inside a frame. Decorate with some LED light strips or similar objects for a magical room divider straight out of a fantasy novel. Really want to go all out and turn your space into a forest? Swap branches for large pieces of driftwood or actual tree trunks.


Try out some upholstery

Share to Pinterestupholstered room divider

Sometimes your room divider isn’t just there for aesthetics. It needs to provide a bit of privacy, so materials like glass or rope simply aren’t going to work. How can you dress up something like a room divider? The answer is simple: upholster it. With a bit of fabric, batting, and ribbon trim, a dazzling room divider is just a few hours away. Don't feel like investing in a staple gun? Hanging fabric has a similar but less solid vibe. Don't worry — bold colors and patterns will keep this option from feeling like a cubicle wall.


Tie the knot

Macramé chairs and hammocks are some of the most comfortable furniture options around, but the intricate knotting also makes them uniquely charming. If you happen to have the set of skills that macramé requires, you can create some of the best room dividers around. Plus, thanks to the massive variety of cords available, you can recreate any style you choose.



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