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Inspiration for the Perfect Accent Wall

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestInspiration for the Perfect Accent Wall

Whether you keep it simple or level up on the complexity, the visual interest that an accent wall creates in a living room or bedroom is unparalleled. If you feel your space is missing that extra something special, there’s a good chance that an accent wall can solve your problem. Plus, accent walls allow you to flex your creativity and harness materials that you might not use elsewhere.


Feature some memories

Share to Pinterestphoto frame wall
Ondrooo / Getty Images

Creating a striking accent wall doesn’t have to be an immense undertaking. Even something as simple as decorating with an array of framed photos can completely transform a room. Mix and match frames with different colors and textures to give the wall some contrasting appeal. Lay your frames on the floor first, or affix paper cut to the same sizes to the wall, so you can create the perfect layout without any commitments.


Keep it simple with color

Share to Pinterestpaint accent wall
ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images

Sometimes all you need to create a charming and dynamic accent wall is a bit of paint. Think about the purpose of the room and choose colors and designs that suit it. Whether you go the Jackson Pollock route or keep it simple, there’s no doubt that a unique accent wall is just a few buckets of paint away.


Wallpaper it up

Share to Pinterestleaf floral wallpaper
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

Some people think that wallpaper is an outdated type of decor, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Wallpaper has come a long way and it can completely change the aesthetic of a room. Plus, it’s easier to apply than ever before. Pick your favorite design, whether it’s huge florals, an explosion of abstract shapes, or a dramatic ombre.


Embrace your creativity with chalk

Share to Pinterestchalkboard wall drawing
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

Chalkboard paint has taken off in recent years, and there's little question why. This unique material goes on just like normal paint, but it has a bit of a twist. If you ever got in trouble for coloring on your walls as a kid, this is the perfect paint for you. Chalkboard paint transforms any wall you choose into a massive chalkboard that you can decorate — and redecorate — however you like. It's available in more than just black, too.


Fake some exposed brick

Share to Pinterestexposed brick accent wall
Bulgac / Getty Images

Few things create a dramatic and dynamic accent wall like exposed brick. The only issue is that not everyone has the means to create such a wall. Or do they? Thanks to the marvels of modern decor, the perfect exposed brick wall is at your fingertips. All you have to do is apply some decorative panels. They’re available in a variety of textures, shapes, and layouts, so you can have the brick wall of your dreams.


Harness some unusual materials

Share to Pinteresttextured wall

Don’t limit yourself to the materials and tools that most people use on their walls. If you want to create something truly innovative, why not embrace your inner rebel? Carpet may usually be flooring, but nothing is stopping you from putting some on your wall. Plus, it’ll add some sound-proofing and provide a texture you wouldn’t normally see.


Give it a purpose

Share to Pinterestshelving modern wall
Bim / Getty Images

Sometimes a coat of paint or some wallpaper isn’t enough to create the accent wall you envision. Try adding on some shelves or other useful features. If you choose to limit them to a specific part of the wall, they almost become a piece of art. Alternatively, if you have the renovation chops, embed some shelves into the wall itself for some layering and visual interest.


Build a patchwork wall

Share to Pinteresttapestry accent wall

Believe it or not, sewing skills can help you build an unforgettable accent wall. Choose a variety of fabrics that fit your room’s aesthetic and wrap them around wood, cardboard, or plastic. Once you’ve planned your layout, mount them on the wall. Remember to play with shapes and depth. Think of it as creating a massive quilt, but it’s also a wall.


Paint a mural fit for royalty

Share to Pinterestwall mural art
FluxFactory / Getty Images

If you're blessed with painting or drawing talent, why not that skill to work and transform a drab wall into an unforgettable mural? The detail in a mural makes a wall stand out even in comparison to other accent walls. This is one of the most dramatic and impressive routes you can go. Murals can also be great for children’s rooms if you choose bright colors and imagery that kids will love.


Create shapes with geometric wood trim

Share to Pinterestwood geometric accent wall

People who keep their eye on home decor trends have probably noticed the rise of this accent wall option. Geometric wood trim walls steadily increased in popularity in 2019 and have become a full-blown trend in 2020. While constructing a geometric wall can be a bit difficult because of the precision the process requires, it’s definitely worth it.



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