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Inspiration for the Best DIY Bed Frames

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestInspiration for the Best DIY Bed Frames

Almost everyone needs a bed frame, but they can be quite expensive when you buy them from a furniture store. The good news is, you can create a bed frame that rivals those at a high-end store for a fraction of the cost. Plus, it’ll match your aesthetic and you won’t have to settle for what’s available.


Build on what’s there

Share to Pinterestbed frame wooden planks
fizkes / Getty Images

Chances are that you own a bed frame already, even if it’s the one that came with your mattress. Pause a moment before you toss that one out: you can doll up that frame with a little bit of DIY magic! Even something as simple as attaching some distressed boards to each side can transform a dingy bed frame into a charming and structurally sound piece.


Rely on the classic pallet

Share to Pinterestpallet diy bed frame
LightFieldStudios / Getty Images

Is there anything a pallet can’t do? DIY experts have used pallets for everything from chairs to art pieces. Now it’s your turn to get in on the craze! Depending on what aesthetic you’re going for, you can modify the pallets with paint or fabric, or leave them as-is. Taking off the bottom planks can hide your new bed frame's origins if rustic industrial is less your style. Don't forget to set one aside for the headboard, too!


Get a bit fancier with solid wood

Share to Pinterestsolid wood supports frame
snorkulencija / Getty Images

If you happen to be a skillful woodworker, you can create a multitude of incredible bed frames. They’re pretty simple to design, which allows you to flex your creativity. Most bed frames have separate legs on each corner, so why not try some long solid pieces instead? Not only does this dramatically change the look of the frame, but it is also significantly easier to attach than independent legs.


Give it some shelving

Share to Pinterestshelving units bed frame
onurdongel / Getty Images

Beds are often the biggest objects in our bedrooms, which can be a struggle if you already lack floor space. Add in other bedroom furniture and you create a cramped nightmare. Luckily, you can have a beautiful bed frame and increase your floor space by adding storage shelves into the frame itself. If you lack confidence in your ability to construct shelves, buy basic shelving units and lay them on their sides, with a board across the open space in the middle for stability.


Elevate your bed

Share to Pinteresthanging bed frame
nurulanga / Getty Images

One of the best things about a DIY project is that you face practically no limitations. Have you ever dreamed of having a floating bed? All it takes is some wood, chains, and hard work. If you worry that your home doesn’t have the proper support or if you happen to live somewhere that doesn’t allow you to modify your building, don’t worry. Building a supporting structure that you can hang your bed from is pretty straightforward, if time-consuming.


Add a canopy

Share to Pinterestcanopy bed diy
Cheryl Ramalho / Getty Images

Canopy beds are one of those things that nearly everyone dreams of having, but will rarely go out of their way to buy. First off, they can get pretty pricey. Second, many of them have a very specific aesthetic that doesn't match with other decor tastes. When you make your own bed frame, though, you can easily incorporate a canopy as you build by extending the legs to four or more feet above the mattress. Drape a thin piece of fabric over the top (and the sides if you want that dreamy seclusion), and you’re ready to lounge in style.


Cover up the wood

Share to Pinterestfabric bed frame cushions
snorkulencija / Getty Images

If you want to elevate the style of your bed — think, a feature in Home and Style magazine — upholster your frame. There are no sewing skills required for this project. Simply wrap batting and then your chosen textile around the wood frame and staple in place at the back. The final project will be a beautiful, smooth display that practically begs you to come to bed.


The power of levitation

Share to Pinterestillusion floating bed
ShutterWorx / Getty Images

When it comes to cool, memorable bed frames, few things can beat your bed floating several inches off the ground without being suspended from the ceiling. This illusion relies on the support beams sitting close to the center of the frame, hiding them from view. If you want some additional charm, add LED strips along the bottom. They’ll help hide the supports and add to the magic.


Get some height with a loft

Share to Pinterestloft bed couch
ismagilov / Getty Images

Just as adding some shelves to your bed frame can alleviate space issues, so can building a loft bed. Lifting your bed adds so much space, it’s almost like it isn’t in the room at all. Fill the area underneath with a couch or some cozy cushions for a tucked away hangout, or transform it into a workspace with a built-in desk and shelves, and a stylish rug.


Cinder blocks and more

Many people these days opt for a modern, industrial look, and it can be tricky to find a bed frame that matches this aesthetic. If you're at a loss, why not try cinder blocks? Other than some heavy lifting, you can easily set them up or remove them as necessary. Plus, they add an awesome grunge-industrial look to a room. Black pipes are another great option, though they can be tricky to assemble at home without welding tools.



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