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Inspiration for a Cute Bedroom Makeover

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestInspiration for a Cute Bedroom Makeover

Designing the perfect bedroom can be challenging, especially if you enjoy cute decor but don't want to wind up with an immature aesthetic. The good news: there are plenty of adorable ways to style a bedroom that still look grown-up. The first step is to pack away your favorite stuffies and unicorn pillows. Then it's as simple as finding your inspiration and picking out the decor to match. If you have a style in mind, it won't take long to totally transform your bedroom.


Elevate your decor

Oversized furniture can make a small room feel even more miniature. These days, many people are opting for a low-to-the-ground bed frame paired with a floating nightstand that is bolted "invisibly" into the wall so it appears to hover. Not only will your room look adorable, but this design inspired a clean, de-cluttered vibe as well.


Classic black and white

A black-and-white palette can be classic and cute if you choose the right accents. Consider a black canopy bed with white bedding and a statement light fixture overhead. Adding a touch of wood can pull this look together — something like a small bench or woven planter will relieve the monochrome just enough.

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Purple world

Combining a bold, royal purplewith a shade like lavender can transform your bedroom space. Dark accent furniture paired with bedding and an area rug in a lighter tone will give the room a crisp yet exotic vibe and promote relaxation. Add a wood piece or some colored candles to enhance this design.

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Accessorize with polka dots

Polka dots are always fun and can make your bedroom feel like the happiest room in the house. You won't want to go crazy with this pattern, but adding a polka pillow or two can give the space some sweetness without becoming overbearing and making you feel like you're always seeing spots. Dark dots on neutral backgrounds are always safe, though bolder colors can be fun as well.

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Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is the perfect way to display your photographs, mementos, and favorite prints when you can enjoy them every morning and night. Gallery walls deliver instant style to any room and let you truly personalize your bedroom space. Sometimes the most inspiring layouts include a mixture of artwork, photos, and drawings representing your tastes.

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Cottage theme

Share to Pinterestcottage bedroom decor theme

A cottage-themed bedroom is both cozy and relaxed. If you like a simpler, more minimalist look, this style is an excellent choice because it incorporates natural light and breezy elements. Consider a board-and-batten wall to add subtle dimension, and pair it with woven blinds. For bedding, ruffled blankets top off the cottage theme and make your room feel like a home-away-from-home retreat.



Boho bedrooms are all about carefree spirit and give you the freedom of an "anything goes" palette. Layered rugs paired with patterned linens and vintage furniture can all find a home together under a bohemian template. A textile wall hanging or woven plant pot can top this look off perfectly.

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Art deco

Art deco designs draw inspiration from the glamorous roaring '20s. If you enjoy an air of sophistication, then an art deco theme could be exactly what you need to elevate your sleeping space. To achieve this look, consider luxe lighting and mirrored or metallic finishes. A bold headboard contrasted by a mirrored nightstand — a returning style that's cropping up in many stores — looks effortless against bold fabrics with dramatic patterns.

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Updated farmhouse

Share to Pinterestfarmhouse decor style bedroom

Farmhouse bedroom themes offer a laid-back approach to furnishing that appeals to practically everyone, but laid-back doesn't mean basic. To pull this look off without it seeming dated, consider a modern color palette like blush pink or coral, matched with wooden furniture and a bed frame of iron or another weathered metal. You want to keep the bedding simple with a neutrals like off-white; this will ensure the look is fresh and not heavy.


Hollywood glam

Hollywood glam is a bedroom design for anyone who enjoys lavish decor. This style calls for a more pattern-free vibe as it draws its originality from a combination of lush fabrics — think velvet,  and faux fur. For accessories, you want metallics and mirrors — crystals, even. To modernize this timeless theme, opt for bold center-piece wall art; again, metallics are an excellent choice here, especially up against a deep burgundy or teal wall.

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