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Indoor Swing Inspo For Your Home

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestIndoor Swing Inspo For Your Home

Who amongst us hasn't wished for a tree house and a porch swing at one time or another? The latter is altogether more achievable, but if your outdoor area isn't as peaceful as you'd like, you can swap a patio swing for a stylish indoor swing. The concept is not new and has been popular in places like Latin America and the Indian subcontinent for a long time.

Floating sofas can add playfulness to your domestic space. They're great for a morning cup of tea or coffee or a snooze just before dusk and can lift the mood in any room.


Hang a swing in your child's room

Indoor swings allow children to have some anti-gravity fun any time of day, not just when the outdoor park is open. They can also be a valuable sensory tool for self-soothing. When your kid is in a huff, encourage them to go to their room and calm down on the swing. W

hen you think of a kiddie swing, you likely envision something lightweight, colorful, plasticky, or made from a soft mesh material. But wooden seats are a tasteful option too, and they look gorgeous in bedrooms like this one, styled in neutral hues with a Scandi bent.


Floating sofa, so good

This couch isn't touching the floor. We repeat: this couch isn't touching the floor. Look closely, and you'll see the ropes hanging from a wooden beam near the ceiling, holding up this dangling white three-seater.

Floating chairs are delightfully unexpected in western living rooms and add warmth to shared spaces, especially when dressed up with cute scatter cushions and throws. Imagine coming home at the end of the day and plopping down on a gently swaying indoor swing, beverage of choice in hand. Bliss!


Hammocks are for slowing down

Now, this indoor swing is giving us a serious case of FOMO. You can't gaze upon this cozy-looking indoor hammock and not covet it. It's super inviting with a mustard blankie casually draped to one side and a pile of books just within reach.

Come rain or shine, a breezy and boho hammock is the perfect spot for decompressing during a reading sesh or while binge-watching your latest show.


Colorful swings to perk you up

Just look at that fluffy cushion. Such a soft, plush place to park your behind may prove irresistible. With bubblegum shades and organic materials, it's not hard to picture a whimsical indoor swing like this in a quiet beach house or cottage.

This seating option might even inspire you to start a knitting hobby to complete the happy picture.


Egg chairs for laidback moments

You'll have a ball on this rattan-style woven indoor swing suspended on a steel frame. It's solid and cocoon-like, and you can easily curl up in its embrace when you're done preparing dinner or are preparing to phone a friend or family member.

You don't have to go with this color combo, of course. We like the idea of a black frame with cream cushions or a white frame with green cushions in an atrium.


Get to cloud nine on a bubble chair

Escape into your own little bubble with this minimalist glass indoor swing that could very well be a time-traveling pod somewhere in the multiverse. It's ideal for an ultra-modern apartment in rarified air at the heart of a city or as a cute accent filled with pastel cushioning in a suburban pad.

Pour a glass of bubbly, put your feet up, and take in your urban or garden views at your leisure.


Cause some hoopla with this hanging chair

Cue the heart-eye emojis, because we're in love with this hygge-inducing hooped indoor swing. It's minimalist and chic and will add a dash of elegance to any room.

Style it with basket pendant lights, a felted wool rug, and some green beauties in wicker planters. Or consider putting it in a sophisticated communal office space so employees can swing their worries away during their lunch break. It's sure to impress any visiting clients or partners.


A simple yet stylish airborne addition

Dark chocolatey wood also makes an excellent base for an indoor swing, especially if your lounge revolves around darker colors like the deep teal walls in this photo.

Here, the indoor swing doesn't just infuse character into the homey living room—it also serves as a perch for studying and revising. Just hold on and let the to and fro motion help those factoids sink into your brain.


Family-sized levitation

How divine is this modern circular indoor swing? It's big enough to fit one Ancient Greek goddess or one small family, and the many ocean-colored cushions enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal.

There's even a stand for you to rest a novel or a mug on. You couldn't ask for a better space filler in a large sitting room.


Go into macrame mode

Indoor swings are versatile and can often be customized to suit your chill-out nook. This trendy macrame Sultan swing would fit right into an Ottoman saray or a home decked out with cottagecore and antique accents.

Macrame would also work with Nordic or nautical themes, so you can sail your way to an afternoon nap and wake up nice and refreshed.



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