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Maximize Your Space: Creative Murphy Bed Ideas

Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestIdeas For the Perfect Space-Saving Murphy Bed

For the uninitiated, a Murphy bed is a wall-mounted bed that you fold up and out of the way when it's not in use. Murphy beds are one of the best space-saving tools in your home decor tool kit. If you've thought about getting a Murphy bed but decided against it, you might be shocked to learn that a DIY Murphy bed is surprisingly easy and affordable to make. On top of that, there are all sorts of unique, creative twists on the concept that can elevate your space-efficiency to a new level.


Economize on vertical space with a landscape murphy bed

The traditional image of a Murphy bed is a tall structure that unfolds so that the head faces the wall. This might not work for apartments that don't have a ton of vertical space or a converted loft. However, even an apartment that's not too tall can still accommodate a Murphy bed. These beds rest with one side against the floor, and when they unfold, one side will face the wall. This landscape style of Murphy bed can fit into almost any apartment.


Two-in-one sofa-murphy bed

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During the day, it's a classic sofa with cabinet space in the back for drinks, snacks, and other little things. By night, you unfold it, and you have a lovely sectional. The sofa role of this Murphy bed style might make it the perfect choice if you have guests over often.


Pick up a lightweight, eco-friendly murphy bed

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Would you expect to be able to pick up your Murphy frame and carry it? You can buy an ultra-lightweight, reliable bed frame made out of recycled wood and cardboard. Light-weight and portability are big perks by themselves and make your interior design efforts so much easier. But if you're a conservationist, you'll likely find the environmentally friendly nature of these bed frames as the real selling point.


Transform your studio with a dining table murphy bed

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Dining tables and beds are some of the necessities that tend to eat up most of your limited floor space. What if you combine the two? This brilliant idea helps to make your studio apartment perfectly pull triple duty as a kitchen, living area, and bedroom. You can fold up this sort of Murphy bed to unveil a pull-out dining table. With just a little bit of floor space, you can keep a bed and dining table right on hand.


Murphy beds that fold up into a cabinet

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Murphy beds are many things, but most aren't exactly inconspicuous. However, one design idea that turns your Murphy bed into an attractive piece of decor is an oak-bed and cabinet-style handles. During the day, it will look like a stylish cabinet. Were you worried about a Murphy bed clashing with your aesthetic? With this simple trick, you can make your Murphy bed into an enviable piece of home decor that enhances your unique style.


Try a rotating murphy bed

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Another interesting way to get the most out of your floor space is a rotating Murphy bed. In this case, the Murphy bed can play three different roles in your apartment. When the bed is facing the wall, it functions as a modern, open shelf or cabinet. Rotating it and unfolding it will turn it into an attractive desk. Rotate the desk, and it's a bed! Double functionality is out; triple functionality is in.


Murphy bunk beds for two

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Since Murphy beds usually stand tall, they're great candidates to turn into bunk beds. They'll have to take up a bit more floor space than a typical Murphy bed to fit the top bunk. Nonetheless, this extra space investment will pay dividends. Just a few more square feet, and you'll double your sleeping space! If you often have visitors or if you share your apartment with a roommate, a Murphy bunk bed is an outstanding way to invest your space.


Work by day and sleep by night at your office desk-murphy bed

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If you work from home, you can get a Murphy bed that functions as an office desk. Typically, the frame will have little cupboards and storage space that attaches to the wall. When you unfold this sort of Murphy bed, you'll have a bed with useful nooks to keep things like glasses and keys within reach. Once you fold it up, the legs that support the bed will make the perfect working space for a laptop and a cup of coffee.


Adorable mini-murphy beds for your furry friends

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Your pet needs a comfy place to sleep, too! A Murphy bed for your cat or dog is a surprisingly functional piece of furniture. A Murphy bed designed for a small animal doesn't need to be too large, so there's a lot of potential for multipurpose functionality here. A nice console table or sofa table will be just the right size for a cabinet that hides a comfy bed for your pet.


Build your own murphy bed

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You can buy all sorts of custom-made Murphy beds that are suited to your unique needs. However, you might decide that the way to your perfect Murphy bed is a DIY project. It's surprisingly easy and affordable to build most bed frame styles. If you're handy when it comes to tools or want to get some practice, building a Murphy bed might be the right project for you.



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