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Share to PinterestStreamline Your Selling: Top Tips for Online Furniture Sales

Streamline Your Selling: Top Tips for Online Furniture Sales

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestStreamline Your Selling: Top Tips for Online Furniture Sales

Out with the old and in with the new!

Maybe you bought the new stuff first and now have to make space by getting rid of the old, or perhaps you want to sell what you have so you have room for the new stuff. Either way, it’s time to sell your furniture online. That's not always easy, so you’ll need a few handy tips and tricks to make it easier to shift your stock and net your asking price.


Know what your furniture is worth

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When you know exactly what you’re selling, you have a better idea of how much you can reasonably ask for it. Do you have a high-end, vintage piece or is this just another mass-produced accent table? If you bought it new for $600 and it is still in good shape, it is reasonable to ask for $400.

If you have a one-of-a-kind item that is good quality, you can price it accordingly.


Include exact measurements

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When putting together your description for the sale, it is important to include the specific measurements of your item. Potential buyers want to know if the furniture will fit in their space, around the corners, or down their stairway.

Putting the height, width, and depth of your item in the descriptions will save you from answering extra questions from potential buyers, and give them a clear impression of the size of the item.


Pose for a close-up

Obviously, including a photo with your listing is the best way to get interest in your listing, but the photos should also be good and, depending on the item, plentiful.

Take your photos in as much natural light as possible (but not with a window behind them or you'll just get a silhouette), and make sure you highlight the features. Show drawers open and closed as well as any shelves or cabinet doors. Take good pictures of the hardware and any design features that could be considered a selling point.

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Don’t hide damage

Be honest with your potential buyers about any damage to your furniture. Take a clear photo of the damage so the buyer knows what to expect when they come. It is better to be upfront about any imperfections than to try to hide them.

You can base your price on the extent of any damage and the ease of hiding or repairing it.

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Consider your timing

When is the best time to sell your furniture? That depends, but it is often in the summer or early fall. Summer is a popular time to move, when the weather is nicer and kids are between school years.

September is a busy time in communities with a large student population moving in for the new semester. People are more interested in buying furniture when they are moving into a new place, so time your listing to capitalize on this.

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Get maximum exposure

List your furniture on multiple sales platforms for the most exposure. Choose a platform predominantly dedicated to furniture or reselling household goods alongside more general sales platforms. The more people who see your ad, the more likely you are to find someone interested in buying.

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Check out the competition

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Before listing your item, take a look at similar items for sale in your area. If a lot of other local people have listed a futon for $50, you are unlikely to sell yours for $80 unless it's significantly and obviously better quality or in better condition.


A good story makes the sale

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An accurate description can only do so much on its own. Tell your buyers the story of your furniture. Where did it come from, and how did it get to you? Is it an antique? Was it hand-made? Did it come from a local artisan?

All these elements will make your piece more appealing to potential buyers, generate interest, and help you sell your item quickly.


Keep it clean

Before photographing and listing your item for sale, give it a good scrub. Wipe down all surfaces and brush any upholstery. A better-looking piece will sell faster than something that still needs to be dusted. Buyers may still purchase something that needs work, but it will sell faster and fetch a better price if it is clean.

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Safety first

Some items have safety standards attached. Safety standards for cribs, high chairs, bassinets, and other baby items are frequently updated. Familiarize yourself with current standards and be certain when it comes to whether or not your item conforms.

If it is out of date, all is not lost! You can still sell your item as being for decorative use only.

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