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How To Get More Out Of Your Attic

By Adam Morris
Share to PinterestHow To Get More Out Of Your Attic

Dive into the hidden potential of your attic, a treasure trove that's been waiting just above your head!

Often relegated to the land of forgotten boxes, dusty heirlooms, and holiday decorations, attics are the unsung heroes of spacious living waiting for a moment in the spotlight. If the thought of braving this no-man's-land of memories makes you hesitate, think again.

Imagine transforming this overlooked space into your very own sanctuary or creative nook. Ready to embark on an attic adventure that not only declutters your life but also adds a fresh chapter to your home's story?

Keep reading to discover how a sprinkle of creativity can breathe new life into your attic, turning the ordinary into extraordinary.


Turn it into a library

Attics are spaces far removed from the general traffic of the home, which makes them ideal for a private space like a personal library. Store your favorite books, and read them in peace with no interruptions or disturbances. Strategically place a rug, comfy armchair, and lamp to complete your secluded sanctuary. Just make sure your attic doesn't leak before you choose this option!


Set up a workspace

With so many people shifting towards working from home, attics can serve as the perfect home office or workspace. The very separate nature of the space makes it highly unlikely anyone is going to burst in accidentally in the middle of your important meeting or conference call. You'll be tucked away, above all the hustle of the kitchen and playrooms.


Make it your hobby room

Lack of personal space for your favorite pastime is a real problem for many homeowners, especially if you share a house with a family. Attics can make good hobby rooms. If you like stargazing, set up a studio for astronomy. Purpose-built shelving can hold whatever you fancy, from yarn to model car sets.


Consider adding extra storage

If you'd rather keep your attic as a general storage area, shoot for something thoughtfully organized. Adding a few shelves and hooks can help declutter the space.

Instead of letting books and magazines rot away inside old cardboard boxes, stack them on a shelf where they can get some air circulation. Trophies and old photos look better clean and polished than stuffed away gathering dust. Clothes are better hanging from a rack instead of in piles growing mold.

Using your attic for storage doesn't mean it has to turn into a dark and cramped burial ground for disused items. Just make sure you're keeping an eye on moisture levels and moths.


Convert it into a bedroom

With its mix of privacy and accessibility and the lovely views above, attics can easily become extra bedrooms. As kids get older, they want more privacy from their siblings, and making over the attic is a great way to give your oldest a unique space to call their own. Or, turn the secluded space into a guest bedroom and stop worrying about disturbing your visitors who like to sleep in!


Go green

Attics can work as indoor gardens, too. With the advent of specialized indoor growing equipment such as LED lights, collapsible pots and planters, catchment trays, and extraction kits, it's possible to turn this space into a grow room for veggies and fruits that can't take the seasonal temperatures. Sunlight can flow in less inhibited in many attics, and skylights can add tons of extra fodder for photosynthesis.

The only issue with attic gardening is temperature regulation: most attics aren't well insulated. They're very hot in the summer and very cold during winter. If you plan on turning your attic into an indoor garden, ensure you put some time into insulating.


Build a home gym

The garage is the most obvious space to turn into a gym, but this isn't always possible, especially if you don't have a garage! In such cases, an attic can serve the same purpose.

Attic gyms have their appeal. Aside from privacy and freedom, there's the ambiance. Running on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike while enjoying the view from an attic window is more enjoyable than doing the same thing while staring at the inside of the sliding door.


Make it a closet

Maybe you have more clothes than can fit in your bedroom, or you like to collect shoes, timepieces, or jewelry. Declutter your room by turning your attic into a walk-in closet and moving these items there. Set up built-in shelving, a small wardrobe, or even a vanity so you can get ready in your new space, too. Don't forget the elegant floor-length mirror for that essential final peek.


Game room

The gamers in your family won't have to share the living room anymore — no more arguments about hogging the TV or couch. Whether you're a console or PC gamer, the attic provides you with the free space and privacy you need to enjoy your games for hours on end, alone or with friends. Attics also serve as excellent studios for those who practice painting, drawing, or photography.


Turn it into a studio apartment

This option won't work for every attic, but if you happen to have the space and the set-up, lucky you! Whether it's a more private spot for your almost-adult child, your aunt needs a place to stay for a few months, or you rent out the space to a tenant, transforming your attic into a stand-alone apartment gives someone a stylish place to live while offering you another income stream!



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