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Add Life, Color, and Practicality to a Tiny Entrance

By Adam Morris
Share to PinterestAdd Life, Color, and Practicality to a Tiny Entrance

The entryway is one of the most important parts of the home; designing an entryway that's bursting with color, life, and personality makes for an entirely different experience when you come home or when visitors come over. However, it can be a challenge to design a beautiful, functional entryway whenever you have limited space.

Whether you live in a small apartment, a house with a narrow entryway, or an elaborate tent in the countryside, none of that should stop you from design the perfect entryway. There are all sorts of tools and methods to economize on space and craft an amazing tiny entrance.


Mix Up the Colors

Share to Pinterest"Home in Arizona or Mexico showing turquoise blue stucco wall, red door and orange pumpkin. Door flanked by terracotta pots with local cacti."
kokophoto / Getty Images

A diverse selection of colors can make your entryway feel brighter and bigger than it might be. Painting in any combination of the colors of the rainbow is a great way to design an entryway that really suits you. That said, there are also great options for more reserved entryway styling.


Embrace Contrast

Share to PinterestIndustrial style mudroom with white brick wall and rustic hardwood flooring
in4mal / Getty Images

Are reds, greens, and yellows not quite for you? Then a stark, black-and-white aesthetic might be perfect. In particular, a black or dark brown door flanked by bright, spotlessly white walls can be a great look. The contrast provides a great balance of light and dark and immediately makes a strong impression on visitors.


Pin Up Stylish Fabrics

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If painting is a little too permanent, you can bring your entryway to life with decorative tapestries, fabrics, wallpaper, and other decorations that are more temporary. They're just as easy to remove as they are to add. On top of that, these vertical decorations are simple, affordable, and available in countless styles, not to mention how well they economize on space! Do you prefer an intricate pattern or solid colors, light or dark, flat or textured? Whatever style you're aiming for, there are wall decorations that will suit you perfectly.


Frame Some Art

Share to PinterestFemale artist of paintings
Sergeeva / Getty Images

Portraits, landscapes, and all other sorts of wall art are perfectly space-efficient decorations. Want to get the famous 'Dogs Playing Poker' for humor and novelty, or a recreation of a classic like 'Starry Night'? For that matter, you could commission something from your art-loving nephew or a local artist. Whatever sort of art speaks to you is perfect for your tiny entrance.


Add a Vertical Shoe Rack

Share to Pinterestshoe rack for man many sneakers shelves
LucaLorenzelli / Geety Images

Beauty is one component of the perfect entryway; functionality is the other. A vertical shoe rack is narrow and contains several slots for shoes. It has all the functionality and organizational perks of a traditional shoe rack and makes great use of your limited horizontal space. Just make sure that taking off your shoes isn't a hassle, too!


Squeeze a Small Chair In

Share to PinterestScene in a decorated living room.
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A simple chair, stool, or bench will make your entryway much more hospitable. Standing on one foot while trying to peel off your shoes is annoying while you're alone, and can be a bit awkward for your company. Ensuring that you and your visitors have a small place to sit right at the door is a deceptively small convenience that ends up being a big improvement to your entryway.


Install Some Coat Hooks

Share to PinterestSimple entryway with gray walls, wooden door and shoe bench
in4mal / Getty Images

A traditional coat rack that stands on the ground will eat up your limited floor space. You can get the same or better functionality without using an inch of floor space by installing coat hooks on the wall. Installation is as simple as getting a hammer and some nails or an electric screwdriver, and you'll have the perfect solution for hanging coats in the future. However, this might not be an option if you're renting; renters may need to opt for a more temporary solution.


Buy an All-in-One Entryway Storage Unit

Share to PinterestModern hallway interior with frame, hanging umbrella and shoe cabinet
onurdongel / Getty Images

All-in-One Entryway Storage Units are just what it says on the tin; efficient, all-purpose storage solutions. They lean against the wall and function as a shoe rack and stand. Additionally, prongs that are perfect for coat-hanging extend off of the back. While it uses more space than a vertical shoe rack, it uses a lot less than a vertical shoe rack and a coat rack. They're also quite portable and easy to move or remove.


Tie Your Doorway Together with a Rug

Share to PinterestInterior design of modern hallway with doors and staircase 3d rendering
Scovad / Getty Images

Rugs are great for keeping your house tidy and adding a bit of flair to any entryway. If your guests have a nice place to dust off their shoes before walking in, or to stand before removing them, it'll help minimize dirt and dust in your home. While all doorway rugs are practical, some are gorgeous; delicate, patterned rugs or rough, textured designs are both wonderful additions stylistic additions to your doorway. Outdoor welcome mats are excellent, too. Not only do they help minimize any dirt in your home, but they make guests feel welcome before they even open the door.


Mount Some Plants on a Console Table

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svetikd / Getty Images

Console tables are suitable additions to your entryway, in general. They're small, neat, and use the available space quite well. Why not place a potted plant or two on a console table? Plants and vegetation of all sorts are a great way to add some life and color to a tiny entrance. Not to mention the scientifically proven benefits of greenery in the home, from cleaner air to greater relaxation and focus.



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