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Growing the Perfect Herbs and Veggies Indoors
Growing the Perfect Herbs and Veggies Indoors

Sure, when our parents were young, you needed miles of farmland to grow healthy herbs, vegetables. These days? Not so much. Indoor gardens are a perfect way to exercise your green thumb and add some healhty fresh foods to your diet. Additionally, for many urban dwellers, indoor gardens are the only option available for growing. While starting an indoor garden may feel overwhelming, there's plenty of products that allow you to kickstart your journey and start growing those bountiful veggies you deserve.


Grow fresh herbs in your garden


Normally, growing your favorite herbs takes knowledge and dedication. Balancing how much light they receive and making sure their soil has enough nutrients can be difficult, especially for novice gardeners. The AeroGarden Harvest streamlines and simplifies the process, allowing anyone to grow fresh, delicious herbs in a completely aeroponic environment. This means you don’t need soil, reducing messiness and water usage. Instead, the plants get all the nutrients they need from a liquid food that you simply add to their water supply. Plus, the Harvest’s built-in grow lights allow you to place the system anywhere in your home. They even rely on a timer to ensure your herbs get the perfect amount of light.


Easily cultivate an indoor veggie garden


Why stop at growing herbs? With AeroGarden’s Farm, you can grow almost every vegetable you can imagine with extreme ease. The Farm’s grow lights give plants the full spectrum of light they need to thrive, and the touchscreen control panel will remind you when you need to add plant food and water. You can grow up to 24 healthy veggies without ever stepping outside, and each grow light has separate controls, so you can fully customize your aeroponic garden. It even has a trellis system for climbing plants.


Fabric grow bags improve root health


Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to lose out on having a beautiful garden. Traditional pots are heavy, costly, and take up significant space even when not in use. Some of the best alternatives, especially for indoor gardens, are grow bags or fabric pots available on Amazon. These unique objects promote root health thanks to their aeration and superior drainage. Grow bags also have much better temperature control than other types of pots, which prevents your plants from overheating. Just remember, you may need to water your plants a bit more often because the bags drain so well.


Garden safe insecticidal soap


Anyone who has done some gardening can tell you how annoying pests like aphids and mealybugs are. Indoor gardens are particularly prone to spider mite infestations. These insects can absolutely ruin a garden, but you don’t want to use powerful pesticides on your herbs and veggies. After all, you probably plan on eating them. Insecticidal soap is a completely safe pesticide-alternative that kills pests through contact. Garden Safe insecticidal soap is safe up to the day of harvest, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick after treating your plants.


Automatic irrigration for perfect watering


As your indoor garden grows in variety and scale, watering becomes more of a chore. Automatic irrigation systems make the process much easier and more exact, allowing you to give your growing treats the perfect amount of water. KINGSO’s drip irrigation kit on Amazon has three flow settings and operates on a timer, making overwatering a thing of the past. It also features a dual-headed design that allows you to better control your watering needs.


Try a micro drip irrigation kit


Not everyone has space or a need for a large irrigation system. If you just want to streamline your watering for a few plants, moistenland’s DIY system (Amazon) is a perfect choice. It's small enough to fit into any space but also allows you to expand the system for larger gardens. You can run it using a few batteries or its USB power cable. Plus, the system saves any programming you do to its memory and keeps it even when it loses power, so you never have to worry about losing your settings.


Soil pH meters help keep your garden alive longer


Your plants are ultimately at the mercy of their environment. If your soil or water doesn’t have the right acidity level, it could permanently damage your garden. Testing and maintaining pH levels is integral to ensuring your plants stay healthy, and the easiest way to do this is to regularly use a reliable pH meter available on Amazon.


Grow lights offer the perfect conditions


Not everyone lives in an area where their plants can get all the light they need, and without proper lighting, your herbs and vegetables will grow extremely slowly, if at all. Thankfully, grow lights make it possible, so anyone in the world can produce beautiful veggies at any time of the year. The EZORKAS grow light on Amazon has multiple lights with adjustable goosenecks, so you can easily move them to fit your needs. You can also cycle through a variety of dimmable modes and various light spectrums to provide the perfect lighting for your growing greens.


Even better grow lights for better results


If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, you can equip your indoor garden with some impressive kit. Phlizon’s grow lights hang from any support structure and can link together to give full coverage to a larger area. They provide multiple spectrums of light to ensure plant growth. The lights also feature two switches for vegetables or blooms, allowing you to use them for almost any type of plant.


Easily start your project from seeds and save money

Seeding a garden is often the hardest part of having one. The Burpee seed starter tray is an affordable way to get your plants going with ease. Using the self-watering tray keeps the soil moist enough for your seeds for up to 10 days, so you don’t have to stress about watering. It also comes with a greenhouse dome to create the perfect environment for your seeds to thrive.

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