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Go Bold With This White Bedroom Inspo

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestGo Bold With This White Bedroom Inspo

There's something about a white bedroom that's soothing and oh-so-inviting, and with the right decor, it can feel like you've come home to a luxury hotel. If you're struggling to get some shut-eye, a relaxing alabaster retreat could make all the difference, and your brain can finally wind down, free from distractions.

Whatever your personal style or design goals, we've gathered some creative inspiration from some of the best (and least bland) white bedrooms out there. Peruse these pearly interiors at your leisure.


Create space with dark accents

Black has the power to transform any space, and your bedroom is no exception. If a blank slate scares you off, add some drama by incorporating black as an accent color. While white's still the main shade, when you combine clean lines with soft texture, the two blend together effortlessly to create a totally tranquil retreat.

There's a tremendous level of detail here, from the curtain rods to the bed frame, cabinet hardware, and storage baskets.


Go cozy with puffy linens

Oversized and soft to the touch, these linens are ultra-cozy, and this homeowner obviously agrees. They add polish to any space, not to mention luxury, while keeping you comfortable.

Go bold by incorporating puffed-up blankets, throws, and pillows throughout your space, and come home to the ambiance of a spa-like oasis. A big bonus? Playing with texture in your bedding adds charm and definition to the entire room.


Incorporate rustic textures

Want to perk up those white walls? Embrace rustic textures in every shape and form. This is your time to get creative, so consider layering a woven throw over your white bedding, or breaking up the white-on-white theme with handmade wooden cabinets, as shown here.

Layering a rug over already-white carpeting boosts texture, shape, and dimension all at once, and it's a top trick among the interior design set. Here, extra square footage allows for a breathtaking chandelier that's sure to emit a lifetime's supply of white light.


Aim for an airy aesthetic

If you value the simple things in life, a minimalist approach might be right up your alley. Gallery white walls paired with a simple setup are all you need to stretch out and savor your slumber, so turn your back on the more-is-more approach and lean into airy.

This space is about as minimalist as it gets, with gauzy curtains, oak floors, and a single plant as decor, yet it still manages to feel homey.


Go all-out contemporary

Want to bring visual interest to your white space? Embrace a contemporary vibe and go gaga over one-of-a-kind textures and shapes. The curved lamp and its brick-by-brick stand shown here are truly unique pieces, but when painted alabaster, they elevate an otherwise traditional bedroom.

Curved lines and rounded edges beautify your space regardless of color, so have fun decorating with creative contemporary pieces.


Seek beach house inspiration

In a white room, even the tiniest pop of color makes an impact, and that's why we're loving this beach house-inspired retreat. With neutrals and woods, this bedroom looks perfectly put together, yet gives off a relaxing day-on-the-ocean aesthetic.

The colors blend together as beautifully as the many tones of the surging waves while remaining within a soft white palette.


Control light with curtains

Curtains have a dramatic effect, and they create an ultra-cozy ambiance in this at-home oasis. Have a full wall of windows? Embrace curtains as decor, using thick, textured drapes (or thin and wispy, whatever your vibe) to invite visual interest and innovative lighting into your space.

This space takes a maximalist approach to all-white decorating, and you can do the same in your own abode. Paired with stylish seating, a contemporary chandelier, and layer after layer of blankets, you'll find yourself always eager to turn in for the night.


Go sky-high

The "wow factor" comes to roaring life in this stunning space. If you've got the square footage to spare, painting your ceiling—including every last beam and board—makes an impact like no other.

Every last detail is covered in an identical shade of alabaster, yet this exposed ceiling is simply jaw-dropping. Don't leave any detail untouched: if you're going white, really go for it. With wooden flooring, gray pillows, and a matching throw as the only off-hue accessories, this look is elevated to ultra-luxe.


Select an unexpected accent

Maybe you've just started decorating and the white's starting to feel a bit bland. While this is common for newbies, there's a simple solution: break the color in the most unexpected way possible. If you have a favorite pattern, design, or go-to hue, now's the time to bring it into the bedroom.

The beautiful black-and-white pillows shown here add a glamorous touch to the room, yet they blend in effortlessly with the background. "White" doesn't have to mean exclusively white, so stretch your creative muscles and work in your favorites where they fit best.


Try off-white on the walls

White doesn't have to be bland when you experiment with the same color family. There are countless hues to watch for, and trying a few could make your space look and feel a lot less stale.

Experiment with different shades of white, especially on the walls—your bedroom's primary focal point. By incorporating a creative mix of gallery white, vanilla, and ivory, as well as nudes, neutrals, and soft, light woods, like the one shown here, you'll discover stunning combinations you love while adding oomph to any interior.



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