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Glamorous Glassware to Elevate Your Table Display

By Alicia Smith
Share to PinterestGlamorous Glassware to Elevate Your Table Display

Glassware can be an easy-to-overlook ornament in your home. Most people consider glasses little more than a means to enjoy their beverage of choice or simply to exist on the shelf, collecting dust. But glassware can be much more than a forgotten relic in the back of the cupboard. Repurposed glassware can give new life to sentimental pieces from your grandmother. Short on cash? You can give your home a style upgrade with inexpensive yet stylish pieces. With so many options to choose from, it's time to put your best glass forward.


Put on your rose-colored glasses

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Want an easy and affordable way to show off your personality? Opt for colorful glassware. Scour thrift stores to mix and match pieces, or tailor them to your living space. Think seasonal colors such as orange or yellow vases for Thanksgiving, or bright blue tumblers for picnics in the spring. Consider going bold with metallic pieces for an edgy look. Remember, you don't have to commit to a full set in a single color, so embrace the freedom and have fun!


Sustainable styling

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Keep our environment healthy by using recycled glassware, or repurposing existing pieces. While glassware itself is reusable, when it's time for a change, consider purchasing pieces that contain recycled glass to reduce the energy it takes to make new glass. And change doesn't even have to mean spending money! Look around your home for repurposing opportunities. Are your candles burned away? Wash out the glass votives and call them whiskey tumblers, or flip them upside down to serve as new candle bases. Are you hanging onto an old goldfish bowl? It's now home to a bouquet of fresh flowers. Get creative and feel good knowing you have saved natural resources without sacrificing style.


Get funky with it

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Just like people, glassware comes in all shapes and sizes. From tall, slim lines, to short and square, there is no one-size-fits-all. Thankfully, we don't have to choose! For a clean look that adds interest, try grouping together similarly shaped vases of varying sizes. For a modern look, try out abstract angles like prism-faceted tumblers, or reminisce over decorative blown glass from the 1800s.


Blast from the past

Vintage never goes out of style. From art glass to opaque glass, there's a wide range of pieces to choose from if you're looking to dot your collection with antiques. Opaque glass, in particular, originated in Venice during the 16th century. A popular choice in the Victorian era, "milk glass" as it was otherwise called, became vases, pitchers, cake stands, and even banana stands!


Perfect for the bar

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Do you love entertaining at home? Your home bar is a great place to show off your glassware. Elevate your party by tailoring your glassware to your typical beverage offerings. Many cocktails and beers have specific glassware recommended for use with each drink. If you're not ready to go all out, try having some basics on hand. Start with classic cocktail glasses (or martini glasses), and highball glasses. For beer offerings, have pint glasses and beer mugs. As you build your collection, you can add champagne flutes (for that New Year's Party) and specialty highball options like a brandy snifter.


Glass that lasts

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Glass decorative objects are a tasteful addition to any room, but you may not want to commit to a specific piece. Try investing in a glass dome cloche or bell jar and change your display on a whim! Get the look you want easily with this versatile piece. Not just for showcasing your desserts, you can fill them with fairy lights for a soft look, or cheery fresh flowers. You can stack a bell jar on books and tuck your favorite photograph underneath, or change it up with the season.


Fabulous figurines

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Beautiful decorations don't always need to be fully functional. Pieces that bring you joy should be prominently displayed in your home. Collectible figurines are a wonderful way to showcase your passions. Do you love the sea? You can find many decorative glass fish, or look for unique pieces such as glass sculptures set into driftwood or decorative glass balls wrapped in fishermen net. From decorative pineapples to mini swan sculptures, you'll be sure to find something you love!


The perfect gift

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Looking for a remarkable gift? Look no further than unmatched abstract glass art. The handmade nature of these pieces means each one is a unique size, weight, shape, and color. Not limited to sculptures, glass artwork can also serve as wall decor. Hanging fused glass sculptures or abstract glass paintings make beautiful contemporary gifts.


Irregular patterns

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Glass mosaics can add charm to any room! With its irregular patterns and unparalleled design, this ancient decorating style is used today in a variety of adornments. Try a hanging mirror with mosaic trim for a contemporary look, or go bold by setting down a large glass mosaic floor vase in your entryway. Add some interest to your bathroom with glass mosaic storage containers, or brighten up your patio by hanging a suncatcher! Whether you tone it down with neutral colors or add a striking, bold piece, there's a mosaic for every taste.


You're a natural

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Bring the outdoors in! Glassware is perfect for bringing natural elements into your space. Fill plain clear glasses with pebbles, water, and fresh herbs (like lavender) for a beautiful and scented table centerpiece. Different sizes of clear glass jugs or wine bottles can be a vessel for ferns, or take it up a level by popping in candlesticks for instant candle holders! A thick tree branch can turn into a beautiful light when you hang it from the ceiling and string glass mason jars along it. You can also fill mason jars with candles and greenery for a simple, cost-effective and peaceful nature-inspired nest you'll love for years to come.



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