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Give Your Home a Makeover for 2022

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestGive Your Home a Makeover for 2022

As 2021 winds down and 2022 eases around the corner, interior designers are on high alert for the most inspired decor trends for home makeovers. Over the past couple of years, people have spent extended stretches of time at home and have had the opportunity to transform their surroundings, making them more comfortable and user-friendly.

Designers say this year, people will be tweaking those changes and upgrading their interiors in very specific, yet compelling, ways.



While it may seem like a dated concept, the wallpaper available today isn’t the same stuff your grandmother hung. Not only does it come in an extensive array of magnificent color palettes and designs, but its peel-and-stick option makes it easy to hang and just as easy to remove if you tire of it.

Some up-and-coming wallpaper design trends include neutral-colored forest prints, birds, terrazzo, concrete imitations, surreal prints, and trompe l’oeil or realistic murals. You can even find some companies that print murals in custom sizes.


Rounded and curved shapes

Although the trend started last year, designers say the demand for soft curves in furniture is still going strong. From sofas to kitchen islands, the rounded edges popular in the 60s and 70s have made a huge comeback.

It seems we’re seeking softer, more comfortable, organic furniture and fixtures for our interiors. The rounded edges not only establish a cozy look but also incorporate soothing energy into the space.



Integrating sustainable products into your home decor is better for the planet. Consumers today are much more adept at seeking out ethically sourced materials, whether it’s furniture, home reno supplies, or organically sourced fabrics like cotton.

In 2022, it will be easier to find sustainably-minded brands that create home furnishings and decor items that won’t hurt the planet and still look amazing. The trend toward metal roofing, a more expensive — yet sustainable option than asphalt shingles — is expected to continue throughout 2022 and beyond.


Natural materials

Cotton, silk, burlap, linen, wool, flax, and rattan are among the non-synthetic materials most humans are seeking for their home spaces. Look for warmer, richer textile colors to add depth to interiors. Try layering earth tones or tapestries to add pops of color to a neutral room.

But natural doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious, too. Velvets are also making a huge comeback for 2022.


Eclectic style

Last year, many of us were immersed in Instagram, seeking new ways to jazz up our interiors. But after a while, they all started looking like cookie-cutter images of each other, devoid of any personality. That all changes in 2022.

The themes for this year are loud, upholstered fabrics, vivid wall colors, and unique accessories to express our unique personalities. Instead of filling rooms with muted tones or themes and worrying whether or not every piece matches the others, your home should tell a story about you. An eclectic style, with its layers, mixtures of eras, juxtaposing textures, and contrasting colors, is a perfect way to reflect your personality.


Green and natural palettes

Throughout 2021, it was dark colors and beige hues that ruled interior color palettes. For the upcoming year, green and other natural colors will be the top choices for decor. Various shades of green, including sage, olive, and mineral-based hues, work together beautifully, but it is possible to get too much of a good thing.

Add a focal point, such as a sofa or easy chair in a lovely green velvet instead. As an alternative, consider accent pillows or green accessories to bring in touches of nature here and there without surrounding yourself with what feels like an entire forest (unless that's your thing, of course).


Flexible spaces

Something else we’ve learned over the past couple of years is that our spaces need to be flexible to accommodate sudden changes in our lives. Practicality has come to the forefront, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be boring.

Choosing more fabrics and furniture that will last is one aspect, but you can also choose vibrant color palettes to make the room look more inviting. Transform single-use rooms into multi-functional spaces that work for entertaining, studying, dining, and recreation, as needed.


Colorful kitchens

One of the busiest rooms in most households is the kitchen. While all-white kitchens have been a monumental trend in recent years, many of us are ready to say goodbye to monotone themes and welcome a more vibrant atmosphere.

Natural stone countertops, mixing metals, and painted cabinets over wood-toned versions — these are some of the changes designers expect to take off in 2022.



Upcycling is taking something no longer in use and finding new ways to use it. Instead of breaking items down into base materials, you’re giving them a fresh purpose.

Incorporate interesting objects you find around the house, scope out yard or garage sales, or check out retail outlets. Reclaimed wood becomes rustic beams or headboards. Glass bottles or recycled metals can be transformed into one-of-a-kind chandeliers or decorative screens. Old t-shirts become colorful rag rugs.

Transforming items you find into new ones is not only fun, it’s rewarding.


Fantastical elements

Whether you’re into Art Deco, neoclassical, boho, or elemental vibes, room or home makeovers in 2022 could incorporate a bit of them all. Designers like Ken Fulk have reimagined what interiors can be. They implement bold, vivid wall colors, mirrors, colorful murals, reclaimed wood tables, fantastical light fixtures, animal print rugs, antiques, and upholstered chairs and sofas in jeweled shades into their interiors to create fantasy-inspired spaces.



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