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Get Inspired With These Vintage Nursery Ideas

By Adam Morris
Share to PinterestGet Inspired With These Vintage Nursery Ideas

Many parents dream of building the perfect nursery for their children, but coming up with a unique and practical design is often a challenge. It's easy to go with the traditional blue for boys and pink for girls, but why settle for generic when your bundle of joy is going to be anything but!

Need inspiration? The vintage look never goes out of style.


Source authentic vintage furniture

You may not believe it, but finding a vintage furniture piece isn't that hard. There are plenty of online furniture stores to choose from that specialize in selling antique household items. You can compare prices and settle for an item that fits your budget as well as your nursery aesthetic. Genuine vintage furniture isn't cheap, but its sentimental value and quality of craftsmanship make it well worth the price (plus you'll probably be able to resell it for the same amount).

Consider shopping around at garage sales, pawnshops, and auctions if you want a more pocket-friendly option. You might find that iconic vintage furniture piece that sets the tone for your child's nursery.


Decorate with old art

Nothing says vintage like old-fashioned photographs and art lining the walls. For maximum authenticity, consider putting up old photos from your family albums. That way, your child's own history lines the nursery walls. It's a fitting way to pay tribute to generations past and present and a great way to invoke that atmosphere of yesteryear.

You can also go for art pieces drawn in an old-fashioned style to achieve the same effect.


Go for the Bohemian look

The Bohemian look of the 70s was all about floral designs and yellow tints — earthy tones mixed with colorful prints create that retro vintage look of the flower power era. Natural light amplifies this effect, giving the nursery a homey, warm atmosphere that's welcoming and cozy. Floral designs and yellow tints work well with wood and bamboo furniture.

Throw in a rocking chair, hand-woven rugs, and some straw baskets to round off the aesthetic.


Decorate with vintage-look wallpaper

Wallpaper is synonymous with the 60s and 70s. From psychedelic designs to floral prints and bright, vivid shapes, there's so much to choose from that you're sure to find the vintage look you're aiming for.

The best part is that modern wallpaper isn't as cumbersome as 50 or so years ago. Many styles are self-adhesive, easy to apply and remove. You can change the look of the nursery as your child grows.


Accessorize with old-fashioned toys

Toy soldiers, rocking horses, drum kits, spinning tops, and teddy bears are just a few iconic and timeless vintage toys. A vintage nursery isn't complete without a scattering of these as decor, accenting other aspects of the design. It's form over function, here: the toys don't have to work; they have to look good and add to the antique atmosphere in the room.


Vintage Doesn't Always Mean Luxury

Mention the word "vintage," and most people think of ornately carved furniture and extravagant decor. But the vintage design style includes different genres, including steampunk and mid-century modern. Your baby doesn't have to sleep and play in a room that looks like an 18th-century royal nursery.

You can achieve the vintage look while still maintaining a minimalist interior design. The vintage aesthetic is all about mixing the contemporary with the classic to create your ideal blend of both. You shouldn't feel you have to conform to a certain standard of the term.


Get a safe and sturdy vintage crib

The crib is arguably the centerpiece of the nursery. It's where the baby will spend a lot of their time for the first few years of their life. When it comes to picking out a crib for your child, safety is the priority. That's even more critical for antique cribs, because older items previously owned or passed down as gifts over many years may not always come in the best shape.

Vintage cribs are beautiful, but they rarely adhere to modern-day safety standards. They may have lead-based paint, which could harm the child. Often the spaces between the slats are so far apart that the child may trap their head or fall out of the crib. Keep all this in mind when hunting, and consider a vintage-look contemporary crib if you can't find the authentic piece that keeps your baby safe.


Check out thrift stores

Thrift stores are a great place to hunt for antiques and collectibles at a bargain. Many vintage items, especially toys, furniture, art, and figurines, wind up there after people declutter their homes or clean out their garages and attics. Keep an eye out for antique knick-knacks amidst the piles of old clothes and charity donations.

With a bit of luck and patience, you're sure to find some vintage items that can add to the nursery, whether it's toys, hangers, wall hooks, quilts, or something else utterly unexpected but perfect.


Get toys the child can play with

Choosing durable and appropriate toys for your child's age is important. Many vintage options fit the bill, but again — keep safety top of mind.

A six-month-old baby has little use for a battery-powered train set, and a jack-in-the-box may scare more than please them. Most toys today come with age recommendations from the manufacturer to guide parents when shopping for their children. Avoid small toys and tiny parts, such as marbles and building block sets.


You can't go wrong with old books.

Old books have a particular personality and substance to them. You can almost feel the weight of the years in between the pages. They don't have to be first editions to suit your vintage nursery. A couple of old children's fairy tales and popular novels will help give the room that vintage feel, especially if you stack them on antique shelves or tables.

And when the baby gets older, you'll have some quality literature to read to them every night before bed.



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