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Get Inspired With These TikTok Design Trends

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestGet Inspired With These TikTok Design Trends

Where do you find design inspiration? Many people are turning to TikTok to find their newest home decor and discover the latest trends. Discover your new must-have look, and stay up to date on the latest styles.


Organic modern uses natural materials

With the effects of climate change more and more visible in daily life, people on TikTok are embracing natural materials in their homes. Watch the reels to see more stoneware and ceramics than plastics and plenty of repurposed barn wood.

Feel connected to the natural world by including earth tones and natural materials in your interior design.


Embrace the Japandi aesthetic

Share to PinterestAesthetic composition of japandi living room interior with mock up poster frame, modern black coffee table, vase with rowan, rounded shapes armchair and personal accessories. Home decor. Template.

A blend of Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese minimalism, Japandi takes the best of both worlds. The focus here is on functionality, comfort, and using natural materials to create a cozy living space. Multifunction pieces made from wood or bamboo embody this emerging trend.

There's something so satisfying about a simply-designed piece that is functional and beautiful.


Embrace dark edges for dramatic style

Black or similarly dark window frames are blowing up TikTok. A black window frame lets in just as much light as a window with a white frame but with more drama. The bold, unusual appearance of a black window frame contrasted with light-colored walls looks so modern! It’s an unexpected twist in an unconventional place.


Gender-neutral baby décor is the way of the future

Boy- or girl-themed nurseries are moving away from the binary and going neutral. It is more on-trend to decorate a baby’s room in ungendered shades like green or yellow. A nursery done up in earth tones emphasizes the growth of children and connects us all to the world we live in.

Their childhood bedroom style can encourage kids to follow their own interests and not be hemmed in by old-fashioned gender norms. After all, dinosaurs are for everybody!


Everything old is new again

Reusing all Grandma’s old stuff is a cute and thrifty way to decorate. Embrace your inner octogenarian and revel in the tidy florals, delicate lace doilies, classic teacups, and soft color palettes of old-fashioned style.

Grandmillenial decorating can add cozy nostalgic touches to your living space, and it doesn’t even have to cost a lot! You can find many of these treasures at thrift shops. Want to take it a step further? Stimulate all your senses with some fresh cookies — or a candle that smells like cookies if you don’t bake.


Dried flowers hold their beauty

Flowers don’t have to be fresh to be beautiful! Fresh flowers only keep their lovely appearance for so long before they wilt. Dried flowers have a different aesthetic, but they hold that beauty for years on end.

Create a dried flower wall of any size to use as a backdrop for selfies or reels, or to bring new textures into your room. Even just a vase on a central table will add a long-lasting stylistic touch if a whole wall isn't really your style.


Bold wallpaper livens up a room

Wallpaper is making a comeback, with large patterns and bold colors at the forefront. Rental-friendly modern wallpapers are easy to apply and make it possible to change the look of a room in a flash. Bold designs with geometric patterns or a marbled look are both timeless and trendy. A colorful abstract wall can create a focal point for your room and take it from ordinary to exceptional.


Bring retro vibes only

All the best fashions are recycled, which is especially true for the styles of the 70s and 80s. Retro colors are charging back into style in the furnishings, textures, and fabrics on TikTok. An etched mirror wall screams retro and doubles your decorating punch.

Macrame wall hangings were all the rage in the 70s and these budget-friendly DIY projects are also making a modern comeback.


Show off your DIY skills with a cloud mirror

A mirror can make a room look larger or bring more light into the space, and it can also make a style statement. DIY cloud mirrors are a major TikTok trend that can highlight your personal style. Create your own dreamy cloud mirror by using polyurethane foam to transform a basic thrift store find.


Home libraries are cozy and cool

Is anything more satisfying than a wall full of books? Built-in bookcases can help create that cozy book nook look, and shelves full of nostalgic and new titles create a comforting atmosphere. Show off the size of your literary collection, or if you’re feeling whimsical, sort everything by color and size for a rainbow display.

Include an overstuffed chair with a throw blanket and a reading light to complete your new chapter in home decorating.



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