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Share to PinterestGenius Glue Gun Projects That Will Enchant Your Life

Genius Glue Gun Projects That Will Enchant Your Life

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestGenius Glue Gun Projects That Will Enchant Your Life

If you're into crafts, then a glue gun is as important as a frying pan and a good knife for an aspiring cook. There are so many things you can do with this remarkably convenient tool. It melts solid glue and allows you to place it in a pinpointed way depending on what your project requires. Large amounts of glue can be used to affix different things together, as can very small drops to attach very small, minute details. Below are some genius glue gun projects that will make you want to rush out and buy a glue gun as soon as possible.


Write Signs in Glue

Share to PinterestWrite Signs in Glue

The amazing thing about hot glue guns is that the glue itself can come in different colors. And with a number of different features like sparkles and glitter. This allows the glue to be more than just a bonding agent. It is also a medium to be used for artistic crafts as well. So with the right color of glue and surface, the glue itself can be a piece of art. Signs can be created on the right materials, like table numbers on pieces of wood at a wedding, or just homey signs with cursive sayings that can be hung in a home or put on a desk.


Make Coasters

Share to PinterestMake Coasters

Here's a simple fun thing to do that will take less than an hour and make something that not only looks cool but is useful and will last. With a large amount of twine or rope, you can circle them up and wrap them very tightly, connecting each side with glue so that the cord becomes a bonded coaster that holds together and absorbs liquids. This is also a great homemade gift!


Leather Headband and Other Leather Crafts

Hot glue guns and bonding pieces of leather together are ideal for each other, so if you want to make any crafts out of leather, this is an ideal way to do it. One of the easiest things to make is a leather headband with long strips of leather and the hot glue gun. Simple braid the strips of leather together and hot glue them as you go. It's an ideal way to make a long-lasting hair accessory.

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Create a Wooden Orb

By collecting a lot of small pieces of wood that are cut to about the same size, you can make a cool and artistic wooden orb with the help of a glue gun. The best technique for this is finding a beach ball to glue these pieces of wood around. Once you have finished the wooden orb around the ball, simply deflate it and remove it through the spaces in the wood you have left.

Share to PinterestLantern
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Make Coral Out of Wire

Share to PinterestMake Coral Out of Wire

By twisting pieces of wire together, a beautiful coral array can be made that makes a wonderful piece of art to hang on the wall or put on a shelf or desk. Simply find a large amount of wire and wrap it up from the base to the top, shaping it any way you choose. Then use the hot glue gun to fill in the spaces of the wire, giving the piece the thickness long stands of coral has in the ocean. Finally, use paint on the wire to give the coral a particular color, or mix and match color like you would see on a reef.


Texture Your Clay

Here's a fun way to give any future clay projects an immediate pattern. Take a rolling pin that you would use to roll out a piece of clay very flat and add some glue gun designs to the outside of the roller. Once the glue dries, it will allow you to roll that pattern over these flat pieces of clay. You can do this with anything that helps roll wet clay flat!

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Add Some Style to A Boring Glass Vase

You can easily add some style to an otherwise dull glass vase with the help of a glue gun. Simply make lines and designs with the glue gun and then wait for it to cool. It will look like the glass has layers and patterns put into it naturally, especially when there is water and flowers in the vase and light are going through it.

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Make Some Awesome Earrings

You can even make earrings with a hot glue gun and some acrylic paint. Simply make a number of drops of hot glue that are in close to the same pattern in two separate places. Once the glue dries, paint the masses of glue with the same colors of acrylic paint and then hook an earring end through each one, making inexpensive and stylish dangling earrings.

Share to PinterestHandmade Jewelry, DIY flat lay in red and brown. Jewelry designer workplace. Woman hands making handmade earrings with amber. Freelance fashion femininity workspace in flat lay style.


Make a Colorful Candle Holder

Share to PinterestMake a Colorful Candle Holder

Nothing like a candle that creates a unique light when it's lit and throws great shadows. This can be done in your own custom way with a glue gun and a glass candle holder. Make sure a votive or larger candle can sit in. Simply get glue that is a different color and make a cool pattern on the outside of the candle holder with the colored glue. Make sure it covers all sides. Then find a candle that fits within the glass and light it and see how it works!


Make Fall Leaf Decorations Out of Hot Glue

Share to PinterestMake Fall Leaf Decorations Out of Hot Glue

Draw leaves with your hot glue gun. After you finish this autumn design, sprinkle glitter over the hot glue so that it dries together. You can make the leaves brown, orange or yellow. They'll really look like the ones you would find in fall. Or you can make them any color you want so that they stand out!



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