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Gemstones to Fine-Tune Your Feng Shui

By Staff Writer
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For thousands of years, cultures all over the world have been harnessing the professed power of gemstones to balance energies, aid in healing, and promote emotional well-being. In traditional Chinese feng shui, each stone holds unique significance and, with proper placement, can achieve different outcomes.

Whether you’re seeking spiritual protection, good fortune, or a simple way to bring more natural beauty into your life, gemstones are a valuable and timeless addition to your home decor.



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Jade is one of the most prized gemstones in Southeast Asia, long associated with wisdom, luck, and longevity. According to ancient wisdom, it facilitates access to the spiritual realm and offers protection against negative entities. This semi-precious green gem is considered a “living stone” in traditional Chinese culture and should always be worn as jewelry or displayed out in the open. If it’s stored in darkness, it loses its life force.

If you want to use jade in feng shui, place it in the Zhen (Family) Bagua area on the east-facing side of your home. This will promote a sense of harmony and good health for all members of your household.



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Amethyst has been associated with prosperity and peace of mind since ancient times. In feng shui, this prized purple quartz is connected with the Xun (Fortune) Bagua area and should be placed in the far left corner of your bedroom to bring tranquility and good fortune into your life.

Tucking a polished piece of amethyst under your pillow at night can also ease bedtime anxiety and inspire beautiful, vivid dreams.



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In Chinese astrology, peridot is the birthstone of those born in the Year of the Monkey. It promotes kindness and positivity and can help nurture relationships. When used in feng shui, this stone lends a breath of fresh air to any space and stabilizes energy, lifting spirits and improving motivation. It works best in the Tai Qi (Wellbeing) Bagua area, which is toward the center — the heart — of your home.


Black onyx

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Onyx is often used to help regain a sense of balance in life and alleviate anxiety. If you’re feeling like you’re being pulled in all different directions at once, this stone can have a grounding effect that helps lower stress levels. You can also use it to shield against bad energy, which will in turn improve concentration and sharpen discipline.

Its qualities make this stone a great candidate for the Kan (Career Path) bagua area, which is toward the front and center of the home. However, if you’re finding it hard to finish important tasks lately, consider shifting it towards the Dui (Completion) Bagua area, which is to the right of center.


Rose quartz

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Rose quartz is a gemstone associated with peace, passion, and unconditional love. It has long been used to heal broken hearts and attract romance. In feng shui, this blushing beauty is connected with Yin Qi, or feminine energy, and the Qun (Partnership) Bagua area. It should be placed in the southwest corner of your home if you're hoping to invite a little more love into your life.

For an even stronger effect, place a pair of rose quartz crystals side by side on your nightstand to strengthen a romantic connection. The two pieces represent you and your love interest.


Tiger's eye

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True to its namesake, Tiger’s Eye represents fierce courage, resolute strength, and protection. In Feng Shui, you’ll typically find this exquisite golden-brown gemstone placed near entryways throughout the home, particularly front doors and at the entrances of workspaces and children’s rooms.

Hanging tiger’s eye wind chimes on the front porch will clear away negative energy and welcome stability into the home.


Yellow jasper

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Cheerful yellow jasper helps promote a happy, healthy, harmonious home life. In feng shui, this sunny stone helps strengthen and protect family bonds. It also guards against negative outside forces that may disrupt household unity.

For the strongest effect, place yellow jasper in the Zhen (Family) Bagua area which is to the left of center in your home.



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Garnet is often nicknamed the “Stone of Health” because of its revitalizing powers. It centers energy and promotes confidence from within that can help you turn your life around. If you want to gain more visibility in your personal life, place this fiery red stone in the Fame (Li) Bagua area of your bedroom, at the center of the wall furthest from the entrance.

For more career recognition, place it the Li area of your office or workspace.



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Prasiolite promotes steadfast productivity and mental clarity. In feng shui, this pale green gemstone is connected with the Gen (Knowledge) Bagua area and works best in quiet, contemplative spaces like studios or home offices. Its memory-boosting properties make it especially well-suited for students’ bedrooms or study areas to help them excel in school and other intellectual pursuits.

Place the stone directly on top of a desk or work area to enhance concentration.



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Also known as fool’s gold, sparkly pyrite is associated with abundance and the fire element. It provides a protective force against negative energy, improving willpower and releasing pent-up fears that may be getting in the way of personal success. In feng shui, the metallic properties of pyrite link it with the Quian (Helpful People and Travel) Bagua area to the northwest of your home. You can also place a piece of pyrite near the front door to invite positive energy and opportunity into your home.



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