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Four-Poster Bed Designs That Will Inspire You

By Jo Marshall
Share to PinterestFour-Poster Bed Designs That Will Inspire You

The one room in a home that deserves some extra attention when decorating is the bedroom. It’s the place we recharge, relax, and exhale after a long day. The centerpiece of most boudoirs is the bed, and one of the most elegant and versatile styles is the four-poster bedframe. Not only do they take your bedroom’s aesthetics up a notch, but they also offer a huge array of styling options so you can create a space that’s all your own.


Keep it sleek and simple with empty posts

Four-poster beds vary widely, from elaborately carved posts to chic, simple ones. If you prefer more of an open style, but still want to boost your bedroom’s appeal, empty posts are a fresh and trendy decor choice. This style doesn’t need a lot of frills to make a statement. Plus, it allows you to leave your options open, just in case you want to change things up later on. If you have a smaller bedroom, this style lets you indulge with the elegant four-post option while keeping things open and airy.


Peaked roofs for a fun sleeping space

If you’re seeking a unique twist on this canopy-style bed, a peaked roof opens tons of possibilities. These house-shaped bed frames — or Montessori beds — create a special space that’s not only perfect for sleeping, but also for chilling out with a good book. A fun canopy topper provides a bit of privacy and creates more of a home-inside-a-home feel. This is an excellent sleeping solution for children’s rooms and smaller beds.


Ornate posts for time-honored elegance

There are lots of reasons why ornate four-poster beds are still a go-to choice for those seeking a timeless, elegant bed frame. After all, this bed style dates back to Egyptian queens and royal households. From carved florals and scrolls to Chippendale, ball and claw, or curved swirls, ornate bedposts constructed in rich, natural wood complement a variety of decor styles from traditional to Bohemian.


Traditional drapery, classic romance

Four-poster beds don’t necessarily need drapery, but this addition will take your bedroom decor to a whole new level. The texture and type of material you choose is important to the atmosphere you’re seeking. Pleated drapery in a beautiful floral print brings in a romantic tone. Add a valance around the top of the canopy to take things a step further. For a more classic vibe, go for monochromatic, muted shades to add softness and glamour.


Make an old idea new with modern drapery

Classic drapery styles can be made new again by adding a modern twist. Flowing, sheer fabrics draped over the horizontal posts not only add new life to your bed but can lighten up the room. Casually drape the fabric around the top of the frame or across the ends to give your bedroom a personalized, relaxed, homespun feel.


Creative curtains add stylish privacy

If privacy is an issue in your household, adding creative curtains to your bed makes “me time” a bit easier to achieve. Smart material and pattern choices can ensure this style fits any decor. Attach tab-top curtains to the top of the canopy frame and close them around the bed when you need some time alone. Or, use tiebacks to pull the curtains back to the vertical posts for a draped, open look.


Off-the-wall style

There are no rules that say you need to place your four-poster bed against a wall. If you have the space, whynot center it in the middle of the room? This works especially well in bedrooms with sloped ceilings, clerestory windows, open views on multiple sides, or those that are long and narrow. Designers often call this a “floating bed.” You can even place it under a decorative ceiling light for added panache.


The Bohemian life

This decor style is all about self-expression and freedom from the “usual” way of life. And what better bed to center it all around than a unique canopy bed. Bohemian decor mixes a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns for a fun, whimsical aesthetic. A vintage-style four-poster bed accentuates this decor style even more by establishing a retro-vibe focal point for the room.


The light of day … and night

One of the biggest trends of the last five years is to add lights to all types of home decor in just about every room in the house. The possibilities are endless, especially when it comes to lighting up a bedroom. With a four-poster bed, you can double the options. Create a canopy using net lights across the top. Wrap fairy lights around the posts or place them under sheer canopy curtains for a dreamy effect. Let your creativity flow!


Show your true colors

For many of us, a world without color would be a very boring world, indeed. Why not show your love of kaleidoscope hues by choosing a four-poster bed in your favorite color? Wild, bright hues may not fall under some people’s idea of a relaxing bedroom. But, you can achieve balance and create a soothing space by incorporating some subtle tones alongside vivid pops of color. When it comes to personal space, surrounding yourself with what you love always works best.



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