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Floor Lamps to Fit Any Space

By Staff Writer
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If the built-in lighting in your home isn't cutting it, adding a floor lamp to your space can give you the light you need. You may be picturing those flimsy metal dust traps that everyone seemed to have in college, but modern floor lamps are available in a wide range of styles and sizes that can fit any space or aesthetic. If you need to brighten up your home, consider adding a stylish new floor lamp.


A big arc

Sometimes you need the functionality of an overhead light, but don't want the expense of installing one. Try a floor lamp with a long, arcing arm to give you that overhead glow without getting out the power tools. With a long slender reach and a base that's low to the ground, this style of lamp fits perfectly in tight spaces where there's not much room to maneuver.


A boxy base

Want a lamp that's as much a design piece as it is a lighting source? A big boxy base makes a strong statement and commands attention when placed in a room with more muted design elements. Pick a piece with a solid base in dark colors for a bold look. Something more minimalistic made from natural wood will give your room that ever-popular Scandinavian touch.


Double duty

Tiny living is exploding in popularity, and if you're designing in a tight space, it's important to pick pieces that are multi-functional to make the most of your limited square footage. A side table with an integrated lamp is a great way to get a two-for-one deal that adds both lighting and usable surfaces to your living room or bedside.


Two heads are better than one

Why settle for just one lamp when you can have two, three, or even more all in one piece? Lamps with more than one head work great in dark spaces where you need that extra boost of light. Many come with adjustable arms so you can aim the bulbs right where you need to brighten things up.


Naked, but not afraid

Edison bulbs are everywhere and the only way to show them off is with an exposed bulb lamp. A shadeless lamp with nothing between you and the bulb works well in modern, industrial interiors. If you want something a little more traditional, try a lamp with a delicate, clear glass bulb for the same effect with a classic design sensibility.


Not-so-basic bar

When you think of bar lighting, you probably picture the commercial fluorescent lights in the office bathroom. Modern bar-style floor lamps are nothing like their industrial counterparts and make a great addition to a sleekly styled room. These lamps easily blend into corners for a stealth lighting solution or can be integrated into a modern design as the showpiece.


Let the shade take center stage

Need to inject a little fun and color into your room? Pick a shade with an exciting pattern and let it be the star of the show. The best part about this style update is that it doesn't require purchasing a new lamp. Changing the shade on an existing lamp can refresh your space without breaking the bank.


The mod squad

It's a lamp that would make Andy Warhol stop in his tracks. Abstract floor lamps with bold modern design elements add a wow factor to your space. If you're looking for something that will draw guests' eyes the moment they walk into the room, choose a modern floor lamp that's so intriguing it could be mistaken for an art piece.


Cottagecore inspired

Grandma may have been on to something with those fringe lampshades. Vintage-inspired floor lamps add a cozy glow to your space and a classic sense of style. Modern interpretations are easy to find, but if you're a bit more adventurous, a trip to the local thrift store could land you a true antique treasure. Add a yellow-hued bulb to complete the look and send your room on a trip back in time.


Lights, camera, style

There's a reason cameras are always mounted on tripods; the triangular shape is stable and hard to tip over. A floor lamp with a tripod base makes a good choice if you have kids or animals who see it as their personal mission to knock things over. Add a fun lampshade to match the feel of your space and sit back while your lamp withstands whatever your family can throw at it.


Add shelving

Style meets function with a contemporary, triple-tier floor lamp that's perfect for a small living space. The narrow rectangular design enables you to squeeze this piece into tight offices or bedrooms, and the shelves help you add a personal touch to your interiors—you can fill them with accents such as chic coffee table books, plants, and framed photographs.

Go with a dark frame and adjust to a warm color temperature for a rather zen, Asian-inspired feel, or choose white for a hygge-filled Scandi space.


Embrace antiquity

There's cottage core in muted palettes, and then there's loud late 19th-century bordello vibes with jewel tones and tassels. A Victorian-style vintage floor lamp is a statement piece that would fit right into Lily Allen and David Harbour's Brooklyn townhouse—it looks like it's been dipped in Merlot and says, "Tell me all your secrets. I have all night and probably won't remember in the morning".

Enhance your modern take on stately Downton Abbey decor with rich fabrics like silk and velvet for glamorous texture.


Oh so minimal

Minimalism doesn't get better than a barely-there floor lamp, and you'd be forgiven for wanting to step through it like it's a portal to another dimension. The slim design is versatile and would work with an industrial aesthetic or elevate a simple room like the one pictured here. A bronze-gold finish or another metallic touch adds refinement to a neutral canvas.


Take up space

Big rooms can feel hollow. Bulky floor lamps that break up the emptiness and command attention help warm up interiors. An oversized lamp is a strategic accessory that does more than illuminate a dark corner in a reading nook—it conveys a sense of drama and heightens everyday moments. An off-white color choice is elegant, calming, and ideal for a bedroom.


Super unique

What's not to love about an unconventional, highly memorable work of art? Find something that's part sculpture, part light; something like an androgynous figure that's either burdened or relieved is sure to be a talking point among guests. An ultra-mod lounge area with smart wood paneling is a fitting backdrop for a sophisticated floor lamp.



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