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Farmhouse Wall Decor You Can’t Live Without

By Jo Marshall
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Home decor goes well beyond furnishings. The right designs can elevate an interior and tie an overall style or aesthetic together. Farmhouse style focuses on practicality and organization but also adds elements that convey a relaxing, comforting vibe. It’s a combination of new and old items full of charm and character. Display weathered treasures and unique items that make you smile, whether they’re local flea market finds, DIY projects, or treasured family heirlooms.


Avoid the kitschy, embrace the vintage

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It’s simple, rustic, and can be a bit shabby-chic, but farmhouse decor shouldn’t be tacky or of poor quality. Vintage-inspired items such as embossed metal advertisement signs are a great start. They take us back to simpler times wood-floored country stores with colorful signs announcing their merchandise for passersby. You may run across these metal signs at estate sales, yard sales, antique stores, or flea markets. If they’re tinged with rust here and there, that’s even better.


When in doubt, always go shiplap

Shiplap is the perfect choice for comfy, farmhouse decor. Cover a smaller feature wall with these long, slim, whitewashed boards. Add height to a small, crowded room by applying shiplap to a single wall. Or, use this style to make an accent piece on a larger one. Construct a DIY framed wall piece or shadow box using shiplap to display a favorite treasure or heirloom photos.

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Hide technology behind mini barn doors

Technology is amazing, and wonderful, and doesn't have to throw off your whole rustic vintage vibe. If you’re going for more of a nostalgic aesthetic for your home, create a smaller version of sliding barn doors to conceal the wall-mounted TV screen when you’re not using it. This is a great weekend DIY project. Stain the wood in a farmhouse finish or use reclaimed barn wood to create this easy-but-attractive wall decor.

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Wall hook arrangements are functional and decorative

Whether you opt for a  single hook or a whole row, wall hooks are in-theme with the practicality and useful nature of the farmhouse aesthetic. They work well in any room of the house as part of a larger vintage wall design or an individual accent piece. Look for those made from cast iron or steel, perhaps mounted on reclaimed barnwood to complement the antiqued style.

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Canvas prints add color and wall focal points

Canvas print art companies are a colorful, imaginative source for farmhouse wall decor. From sweeping landscapes of farmland and country homestead scenes to creative pieces featuring farm animals, barns, and rural still-life renditions, canvas art can take your interior to a new level. Not only is it affordable and easy to care for, but it will also last for decades.

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Put mirrors to work on farmhouse walls

With farmhouse decor, functionality is a central theme. When perusing your favorite antique store or swap meet, be on the lookout for vintage mirrors. These finds are the farmhouse decor prize. Assemble a group of framed mirrors in various sizes and shapes on a chosen wall. Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of a larger, brighter room. Alternatively, you can make your own mirrors using antique metal trays,  or transform a simple glass panel into a mirror with mirror spray paint from a local hobby or hardware store.

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Farm animal wall decor is fun

Instead of quirky farm animal wallpaper, try a few accent pieces featuring cows, chickens, or other farm animals. Tin signs and wood plaques are simple, affordable ways to add splashes of color to your walls. Plus, they’ll provide the quintessential homey feel inherent in the farmhouse esthetic. If you’re not into farm animals, find an array of signs featuring fruits and veggies, instead.

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Add charm with reclaimed wood shelves

Open shelving is a recognized feature of the farmhouse style. If you’re handy with carpentry tools, add a large cabinet made from reclaimed wood to display vintage country glass, plants, or antique plate collections. Decorators with smaller budgets can create floating shelves and add unique one-of-a-kind items that complement their farmhouse color scheme.

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Nothing says farmhouse like quilts

Quilting is a time-honored tradition, as is displaying the finished product in the home. Quilts were once items of both necessity and comfort, and today, we treasure them for their history and sentimental and artistic value. Instead of packing them away in a cedar chest, why not display them? Use wall-hanging dowels or a reclaimed wood quilt rack. Create smaller quilts for accent wall art pieces. Sew in a quilt sleeve on the back, then simply insert a dowel for hanging your creation.

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Texture enhances farmhouse wall decor

A wall of art in simple squares and rectangles can be a bit uninspiring. Tobacco baskets, distressed wood shutters, old window frames, and vine wreaths are just a few of the ways to add texture and enhance your farmhouse wall decor. Wooden drawers from a discarded desk or side table take on new life when painted or distressed. Add small grapevine wreaths inside the drawer before hanging, or display an antique family photo or another extraordinary find inside.

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