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Farmhouse Decor Inspiration for Your Bathroom

By Paula Ramirez
Share to PinterestFarmhouse Decor Inspiration for Your Bathroom

Farmhouse decor is one of the biggest design trends of the moment, but it can also add timeless appeal. The farmhouse style works really well in bathrooms, the perfect compact spot to get creative with your design. You certainly do not have to live in a farmhouse to get the most out of this trend.


Farmhouse style basics

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Farmhouse bathroom decor emphasizes comfort and relaxation. Take inspiration from simpler times and include rustic elements and neutral colors, plenty of wood, and metal fixtures. Auctions and vintage markets can provide many of these additions, making your reno an eco-friendly one.


Modern vs. traditional

Share to PinterestFarmhouse Decor Inspiration for Your Bathroom

A key feature of the traditional farmhouse bathroom look is the classic claw-footed bath, which was often a centerpiece of  the room. Raw or antiqued wood adds a rustic, vintage flair, too. Modern farmhouse bathroom designs often aim to add just a few select elements of this style, such as a rustic sink, wooden doors, or a wooden vanity stand. Adjust your additions based on the size and layout of your space.


Small spaces

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Small spaces can be easily overwhelmed by the large features common to the farmhouse decor style. Luckily, a few elements is more than enough to give an air of simpler, rural times. Sliding dark wood doors are perfect for saving space in a tiny apartment bathroom. White tiles can make a small space feel bigger and wood framed mirrors are a common visual trick to increase spaciousness. Neutral-colored fixtures and dark fittings add the farmhouse style to any bathroom.



Share to PinterestFarmhouse Decor Inspiration for Your Bathroom

Neutral colors are essential to that farmhouse feel. Paint your walls a solid color so fixtures and other elements really stand out. Keep large appliances like tubs and showers within this color scheme as well. Distressed wood or brightly painted wooden furniture can set a striking contrast. Add more pops with copper or black taps, framed pictures, and a bold vanity.



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Of course, wood is a key element in farmhouse decor. Choose plain, distressed, or painted, based on your personal preferences or existing elements. If you prefer to incorporate this essential with decor rather than structural aspects, opt for picture frames, sliding doors, shelves or stools, or mirror frames.


Painting old furniture

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If you're into DIYs, you can always repurpose items from your bathroom or beyond, turning them into perfect farmhouse-style accessories. Painting wood can add a pop of color to those neutral base tones. If you don't have anything lying around, thift stores and second-hand sites offer plenty of affordable pieces that just need some paint for a new lease on life. Just don't go overboard: a combination of painted and natural wood suits most farmhouse bathrooms.


Light fixtures

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Light fixtures can make or break a design, and you'll want to find the perfect lights for your farmhouse bathroom. Look for something striking but simple, so as not to distract from the rest of the room. Metal hanging pendants are a good choice. Downlights are commonly used in small spaces, and these can work well in a modern farmhouse bathroom, too.


Wire baskets

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Wire baskets add a cozy, traditional touch to a farmhouse-style bathroom, and they're functional, too! Perfect for holding extra towels, beauty products, or toilet paper, this accessory can adorn your shelves, be hung beside the bath, or be placed on the toilet tank. Black or copper wire baskets work best, as wood can make the design a bit too rustic.


Distressed furniture

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An old distressed door or window frame can be the final touch that completes a farmhouse decor look. If you really want authenticity, head to an auction or vintage store for a true barn or farmhouse piece. Bonus points for a brass doorknob or metal latch on a window.


Browse out-of-the-way spots

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One of the best tips for creating a farmhouse look in your bathroom is to avoid the malls or department stores when searching out the elements for your design. Head to an antique store or flea market, and you are likely to discover a few gems that will finish off the space perfectly. This way, you might even learn about the heritage of your finds, which gives you a great story to tell guests.



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