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Elevate Your Space: Decorating With Candles

By Sara Anderson
Share to PinterestElevate Your Space: Decorating With Candles

Nothing sets a cozy or romantic mood like the warm glow of candlelight. Candles bring families to the dinner table, hospitality to the front porch, romance to the bedroom, and warmth to outdoor spaces. Upgrade your home's comfort factor with firelight in each living space. Whether it's an intricate beeswax carving or a mantle packed with white pillars, decorating with candles adds a charming ambiance to any event or room in your home.


Make the right style match

Share to Pinterestcandles in a bright, rustic living room setting

Purchasing candles for your home is a relatively straightforward process, but specific design choices can help elevate your style. Minimalist decor calls for white or monochromatic color schemes while rustic spaces are well-suited to pillars inside metal lanterns. In your kitchen or dining room, a hanging fixture can add drama while saving precious counter and table space. Shop outside the box for custom pieces, like a metal pipe candelabra to match an industrial-themed decor.


Design an unconventional terrarium

Create a stunning centerpiece or an end table focal point with an easy-to-assemble candle terrarium. This highly customizable arrangement is a safe and sleek choice when your design goal is maximum drama. Line the bottom of a glass cylinder vase with black rocks, which contrast stylishly against white pillars, or use colored pebbles for a punch of character. Add various colors, textures, and heights for visual interest, and rest assured knowing your flames are safely contained.


Double the flames, double the drama

Whether you're arranging glass votives on a mantelpiece or setting an oversized candelabra on your hardwood floor, boost the dramatic impact with a flickering reflection. Set candles in front of an antique mirror to ramp up the elegance and brighten the room. For a more whimsical effect, mount an array of smaller mirrors on the wall to create a chic, fractured reflection.


Brighten your tablescapes

Share to Pinterestcolorful, mismatched table setting with candles

Give your tablescape a glamorous upgrade with the addition of tealights and votives. These short-lived candles are more cost-effective than pillars and a modern alternative to the traditional taper candle. Drop a tealight into an elegant goblet, or use the random collection of wine glasses in your cabinet for a larger, eclectic display. For a nature-inspired tablescape, use floating votives in glasses of water. Place twigs, herbs, or dried flowers at the bottom before filling.


Warm up a dormant fireplace

Share to Pinterestlots of pillar candles in an empty fireplace

Few things are cozier than a bright hearth, but the weather doesn't always make building a fire practical. Recreate that comfy atmosphere by filling your firebox with a display of candles. A grouping of tall and medium-sized pillars helps to duplicate the cozy glow without turning up the heat, perfect for entertaining during the warmer seasons. Many candle-makers sell options with wooden wicks that crackle like firewood, too.


Ring around the candle

Whether you're assembling an epic centerpiece or a pleasant powder room display, add a touch of elegance to your furnishings with a candle ring. This budget-friendly project is a foolproof way to infuse your personality into the decor without overdoing it. Keep the embellishments simple by wrapping a band of fabric or a string of colored beads around the base of a pillar candle. Place tapers in a pine cone or floral wreath, or get quirky and use fresh vegetables for an unexpected pop of color.


Take the safe route: go flameless

Filling your home with candles is a romantic gesture, but it's not always a practical design choice. Some displays are inconvenient to reach, while accident-prone children and pets are a constant threat to tabletop flames. Invest in electronic, flameless candles to solve your decorating dilemmas. Line your hardest-to-reach shelves or decorate family spaces without the risk of real candles. Some torches are programmable to suit your needs, whether you need them to shut off at bedtime or serve as night lights.


Set the mood with aromatherapy

Share to Pinterestwoman having a bath surrounded by candles

Decorate your personal spaces with candles that do double the duty. Aromatherapy candles contain an infusion of essential oils that release into the air as the wax melts. Relax in bed with a book and the essence of eucalyptus wafting from a bedside sconce. Transform your master bath into a spa oasis complete with cucumber and linen-scented votives on a recessed shelf. Experiment with aroma combinations or choose candles with therapeutic properties and let the wax work its magic.


Take it outside

Candles on the patio table are the most popular choice for outdoor decor. Aside from the conventional citronella torches, numerous options create a warm and inviting open-air space. Invest in a handmade chiminea, or place tall pillars inside metal and glass lanterns to create a welcoming doorstep arrangement. Use colored wax for festive displays, and make candle rings from seasonal foliage, fruits, and vegetables. If your porch features a wide-enough stairwell, create a path of flameless candles leading to the door.


Show off your creative side

Decorating with candles isn't just for ambiance. Handmade and novelty candles add a punch of personality to any room, and depending on their origin, can tell a story. Make custom tealights by filling seashells with wax and a wick. For an intermediate-level project, carve the sides of a pillar candle. Even if your torch isn't handmade by you, a unique, carved candle reflects your artistic sensitivities and taste.



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