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Elevate Your Bathroom Design With These Tile Ideas

By Max Day
Share to PinterestElevate Your Bathroom Design With These Tile Ideas

Though they can deliver a striking visual effect, bathroom tile isn't just for looks. Tile has long been popular for its resistance to wet conditions, mold, and bacteria, and its considerable durability. With many materials and designs to choose from, you can protect your walls and floors while creating a bathroom space both loveable and lasting. Prepare in the morning with abstract geometrics or unwind at night with classic wainscoting. No matter your style, tiling is a mainstay of bathrooms everywhere, so look to tile to boost your bathroom equity.


Materials matter

Turn your bathroom into a space where your problems melt away. Use high-quality materials such as porcelain for durable, low-maintenance flooring. Opt for wood-look porcelain tiles for a stylish and natural effect. Ceramic adds elegance and defines the room, while sculpted marble gives the illusion of a soothing spa retreat. Choose the popular and economical vinyl tile for its safety, comfort, and ease of installation. Plus, vinyl has come a long way, remarkably mimicking wood, stone, ceramics, and even metal.

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Make a big impact

Oversized tiles make a serious statement. Fewer grouting lines give the space a sleeker, more luxurious feel. Try large panels in dark grey to contrast a smooth white floor, or use them on both the walls and floor to add drama. Pro tip: continue the tile on a wall just outside the bathroom to create rooms that flow together.

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Small but mighty styles

Your bathroom can be colorful or quiet but either way, it should contain well-thought-out details. Small tiles can look busy, so try to keep your palette to no more than three colors. Consider using small glass tiles for an accent wall by creating a colorful stripe to break up an all-white space. Take this idea to the floor and emulate a rug, or lay perimeter tile to point towards a main feature, such as the tub. Pocket-sized penny tiles are great for creating patterns. Try complementing your wall paint with a colored stripe of penny tiles slashed through an otherwise white penny tile floor.

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Eye-catching patterns

Keep things interesting with varying patterns and layouts. A diamond pattern is more exciting than straight lines. On the floor, try scattering tiles in a coordinated but non-repeating design. Take it outside the box by adding an occasional tile in a contrasting color. For the indecisive, there's no need to stick to one tile shape, either. Combine different geometrics on walls and floors, but keep to a cohesive color palette for a modern yet timeless feel.

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Playful and chic

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Got kids? Play with fun designs on the wall using strips of thin pencil tiles in contrasting colors. Add a special touch with small round tiles to spell out their names right in the grout. Create a whimsical bathroom with blue floor tiles inspired by the night sky or look for tiles printed with fun pictures. Use a rich color such as vibrant yellow for a lively and fun-filled space. Consider dedicating one wall to tiles of various colors for a bathroom that's as cheerful and carefree as they are.


Seamless textures

Limit pattern and lean toward modern and monochromatic. Seamless tile is available in crisp, clean white, subtle neutrals, and black. If you delight in a more luxurious bathroom, polished marble is a truly timeless and elegant pick. Tan-veined marble has a warmer feel, and finding matching grout will minimize visible lines for a truly seamless space.

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Create the illusion of space

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In a small bathroom, tile is one of the first things you'll notice when you enter the room. Consider a chevron stripe tile design that visually elongates the space. Stick with light palettes for a fresh and open feel, or contrast darker floors with whiter walls to create depth. Try positioning classic white subway tiles in a diagonal line to draw eyes to the longest part of the room. A glossy finish will reflect light and make the room appear larger.


Unconventional designs

Add movement to your bathroom and create a knock-out space with textured tiles. This detail creates an incredible effect — textured tiles are a unique way to give your space dimension and keep it from feeling flat and lifeless. Want to show off? Reflective wall tiles produce a modern accent while throwing back all of the gorgeous colors in the room.

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Rise to the occasion

You can have a backsplash, or you can have a full wall of tile. Mimic the look of wallpaper with cement tile, or turn the classic white subway variety into a striking feature by stacking them vertically to accentuate high ceilings. Consider using the same tile floor to ceiling for a contemporary, clean look. For the forward-thinkers, use tile on your bathroom ceiling to visually separate areas between the bath and the sink.

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Don't forget about grout

When it comes to bathroom tile, we can't forget about the grout. Aim to match, complement, or contrast the tile. A gray grout will add dimension to an all-white bathroom, or use white grout to make dark tiles pop. If your bathroom has natural elements, play up the earth tones in your space with a neutral tone. Show off your sparkling personality with metallic gold, which looks fabulous against marble tile. Distinguish your style and let grout be the star by purposely widening the lines to further contrast with the tile.

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