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DIY Room Decor Ideas That Keep Things Classy

By Sean Martin
Share to PinterestDIY Room Decor Ideas That Keep Things Classy

Are you a creative type? Keen to add a personalized twist to your home interior? If you've answered "yes" to both of these questions, there's never been a better time to try your hand at some DIY room decor. Many homeowners worry that handmade homewares can end up looking a little cheap or tacky. However, with the right approach, it is easy to avoid this trap. The key is to keep things simple, sticking to straightforward crafting techniques and refraining from the excessive application of decorative materials (unless that's your style!).


Spruce up your dresser

If your dresser is looking a little drab, spruce it up with paint or wallpaper. A simple wooden dresser is very easy to make over as it effectively doubles as a blank canvas. You could try painting each drawer a different color or encasing the drawers in your favorite, most elaborate wallpaper. If you're feeling extra creative, coat the handles in metallic paint or replace them completely for a total transformation.

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Make your own cushion covers

Thanks to their simple shape, cushion covers are very easy to make. If you're a skilled knitter, try this method for a rustic, super-snuggly effect. If you would rather enlist the help of a sewing machine, you simply need to select a fabric that catches your eye, sew together two square pieces, and attach a zipper to the opening. Envelope-style covers are even easier, since they don't need a zipper. Add extras such as pom poms, stitched patterns, beads, or tassels to really draw the eye.

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Install a DIY coffee table

Share to PinterestDIY pallet coffee table

Tired of boring glass coffee tables? Make your own by repurposing a few wooden pallets. You will probably need to saw and sand the pallets down before use, and varnish them with protective paint. You can then bond them together using any technique that suits you, then just add the legs!

ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images


Add a repurposed vase

If you're looking for a vessel in which to house a new plant, you don't have to purchase an expensive new vase. Plenty of everyday objects double up as effective flower holders while adding a crafty twist to your home decor. If you're a fan of vintage style, look out for old branded tins or floral teacups and fill them with small bunches of flowers. Those with a penchant for minimalism, on the other hand, could try plain glass bottles or steel containers.

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Take a pottery class

If you're hoping to spruce up your home and learn a new skill at the same time, pottery classes represent the perfect solution. By investing in regular classes, you will quickly learn how to create beautiful, professional-looking pots that look amazing on your mantelpiece or bookshelves. Depending on the length and aim of your classes, you might even get to the point where your friends are clamoring for handmade pottery as gifts.

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Paint a mural

You have to be brave to go through with this idea, but the results could be amazing. Start by selecting the wall that you want to paint, making sure that the room is already painted a light neutral color that acts as a good canvas. You can then let your imagination run wild, painting anything that comes to mind and expresses your personality. Just make sure to use special wall paint that will not rub off (and to check with your landlord if you rent).

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Make your own wall clock

Wall clocks are surprisingly simple to make if you purchase a ready-made mechanism — all you need to do is create a clock face. If you're keen to keep things fairly traditional, you may wish to paint your clock face on a simple round piece of wood. Alternatively, repurpose old objects such as vinyl records, bicycle wheels, or even old books. The possibilities are almost endless.

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Install some DIY plant hangers

Share to Pinteresthanging planter DIY

Hanging planters are very easy to make, requiring only a few pieces of sturdy rope and a vessel in which to plant your pots. One of the easiest ways to make a crafty hanger is to source an old clay plant pot, paint it with your own stylish design, and string it up using the rope. To make the hanger extra special, you could string on some large beads or plait the rope to make pretty patterns.


Attach a string of photos to your wall

Are you looking for a way to easily display some of your best family photos? A photo string represents one of the most stylish and cost-effective methods. All you need is a long piece of string and a stock of mini pegs, which are available in most craft shops. Tie both ends of the string to nails in the wall and start pegging up your best photos. Replace the string with fairy lights if you want to make the display extra atmospheric. Multiple strands of lights, more photos, or other hanging attachments will land you an excellent feature wall in no time.

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Repurpose an old ladder

If you are wondering what to do with an old wooden ladder, why not repurpose it into a handy storage solution for your favorite throws and blankets? You may need to saw part of the ladder off it is too long, as well as sand and paint over any worn areas. However, if you don't have lots of handy friends and family close by, ladders can be a lot harder to source than some DIYers imply. Don't discount the option of buying some framing wood and dowels and making your own!

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