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Discover the Best Houseplants for Summer

By Staff Writer
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If you want to embrace your green thumb, summer is the time to do it. You're not the only one soaking up sunlight; now's the time when most plants flourish and provide you with unparalleled beauty.

Whether you want to ornament your open windows or fill your home's interior with color, which plants excel in this hot weather? Some species are more equipped to handle these sun-heavy conditions than others, so if you're ready to start potting, here are the ones to watch for.


Agave lurida

These desert beauties give your home a laid-back vibe, and they're equally easy to care for. Versatile, durable, and adaptable to a wide range of conditions, they truly shine in the summer.

This sturdy species can withstand heat and drought, so they'll do just fine indoors. If you're on the go often or planning a summer vacation, they'll remain equally lush when you return home.

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Bilal photos / Getty Images


Spider plant

These evergreen perennials fill your home with verdant greenery, and they grow incredibly quickly in bright, indirect light. Lusted after for their unique look, these plants multiply in their natural habitat, so there's not much work required.

Offsets fall off throughout the growing season and start re-rooting themselves, so you'll have fresh, naturally occurring leaves year after year.

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Bird of paradise

Beautiful, vibrant, and easy to care for, these tropical plants are a wonderful way to enliven your home. Fronds reach up to 4 feet in length and 2 feet wide, so they require significant space.

With the right watering routine and the ideal amount of sunshine, you'll also catch bright blooms in shades of bold blue, purple, orange, yellow, and red.

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Waltkopp / Getty Images


Columnar cactus

These popular houseplants have the classic cylinder shape you've come to know and love. Your columnar cactus will be with you for the long haul, as it's sturdy enough to live from 150 to 200 years!

Easy to care for with weekly watering and bright light, they're as low-key as it gets, and you can enjoy up to 8" of growth during the summer alone.

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Techa Tungateja / Getty Images



There are many unique species of philodendron, so seek the variety that looks best in your home. All of them share one thing in common: an ability to grow strong and healthy in cool, low-light conditions.

They grow even more in summer, pushing out lush leaves throughout the season. As long as temps remain cool indoors, they're good to go while you're away on that summer vacation.

Share to PinterestHouseplant Philodendron Birkin
Marina Meshcherskaia / Getty Images


Rubber tree

Burgundy's entirely unexpected in the summer, which is part of what makes the rubber tree so intriguing. Those large leaves grow to become glossy and leathery with a rich deep-red hue, a true tropical standout.

During the warmer months, they grow up to 8" with proper sunlight, feeding, and weekly watering. They're another good one to have on hand if you travel often, since they thrive without too much moisture.

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Tatyana Otryaskina / Getty Images


Fockea crispa

These succulents grow slowly, so they're not for the impatient. With that being said, they also store water and can survive through the summer with ease. Some researchers even believe these South African natives are the ancestors of a prehistoric plant!

Generally, all fockea crispa requires is full sunlight and a soak-and-dry watering routine to grow its unmistakable vining foliage.



They add incredible color to any setting, and they spring to life in the warmer months. While they do require significant sunshine, marigolds are low on maintenance and excel indoors.

Once established, all these blossoming beauties need is weekly watering to create lush blooms in stunning shades of warm yellow and orange — a perfect fit for the summer season.

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schnuddel / Getty Images


Elephant ear

Share to PinterestElephant ear plant

Also known by its scientific name, Alocasia portora, these stunners grow massive leaves that can extend up to 6 feet wide and 8 ft in height. If you have the space, they're a conversation starter that adds verdant beauty to your abode.

Elephant ear is fast-growing and easy to care for, adding a tropical touch to any home.



This summer favorite stands out with its rich purple, lavender, or pink blooms that add instant vibrance. They thrive in indoor containers and grow surprisingly quickly during the warmer months.

While they're simple to care for and only require weekly watering once they're established, asters also withstand the heat well and will bloom beautifully from spring through fall.

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© Debi Dalio / Getty Images


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