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Dining Room Decor to Impress Your Friends

By Graham Hall
Share to PinterestDining Room Decor to Impress Your Friends

The dining room is one of the most neglected spaces in the home. Despite its reputation as the go-to space to host guests and enjoy memorable family meals, it is all too easy to divert your money and attention towards those rooms you use more regularly, such as the bedroom or bathroom. Fortunately, dining room decor ideas do not have to be complex or expensive to have an impact. All you need is a little creativity to turn your official eating area into a haven of style and comfort.


Elaborate wallpaper

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If you're going to make one simple change to your dining room, cover the walls with a layer of gorgeous new wallpaper. It will only take you a few hours and could completely transform the look and feel of the space. Select elaborate designs to give your room a luxurious feel or find something textured and intriguing if you want to embrace contemporary minimalism.


Paint the floors

Share to PinterestWhite wooden floors
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If you're not a fan of wallpaper or brightly colored walls, why not turn your attention to the floors? Many dining rooms have wooden floors that will look absolutely fabulous when painted a classic or quirky color. White is a particularly popular choice in modern minimalist dining rooms, but feel free to break the mold and opt for bright blues, greens, or purples. Finish off the look with a chic tasseled rug.


Hang up a mirror

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If your dining room feels a little cramped, hanging up a large mirror (or several) will make the area feel more spacious and inviting. Shop around for one that fits your required aesthetic. Fans of antiques and vintage style will find plenty of gorgeous varieties at thrift stores and second-hand markets.


Invest in a glass cabinet

Share to PinterestGlass cabinet
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Nothing looks chicer than a transparent cabinet full of your fanciest wine glasses and tumblers. Even better, glass cabinets do not have to be expensive. Antique stores and second-hand websites are well-known for stocking an array of these timeless pieces that are sure to look great in rooms of any style. Of course, this idea only works if you own attractive glassware or are willing to spend a few extra dollars on some new champagne flutes and wine glasses — or repurpose the shelves fore something else entirely!


Find a beautiful tablecloth

Share to PinterestTablecloth
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Purchasing an intricately decorated tablecloth is an inexpensive way to instantly upgrade your dining room. From classic paisley patterns to contemporary abstract varieties, consider collecting a few so you can switch up the look depending on the occasion. Remember to top it off with a simple centerpiece such as a candle or vase.


Display your best family photos

Share to PinterestFamily photos
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Family photos are starting to fade from people's dining room walls thanks to digital technologies: most of us can easily access our fondest memories at the click of a button. However, surrounding yourself with some of your best shots is a foolproof way of boosting your mood — and maybe your appetite, too. Old family photos also offer guests an excellent talking point during dinner parties!


Purchase a set of interesting chairs

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Don’t settle for drab wooden dining room chairs. It may be tempting to focus on other aspects of the room, but you’d be amazed by what a sleek set of chairs could do for your dining area. Look around for chairs with a padded seat and back, and don’t be afraid of bright colors or unusual materials. People are always selling their old sets if you need to stay on budget or fancy an involved DIY.


Embrace your inner florist

Share to PinterestPreparing flower arrangement
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Carefully arranging a few vases throughout your dining room will give the space a classy and lived-in atmosphere. Try matching the flowers to the color scheme, and avoid plant species that will get in the way of your guests. You don’t want plants climbing or shedding all over your beautifully prepared meals, after all.


Arrange some mood lighting

Share to PinterestMood lighting
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Lighting can be tricky to get right in a dining room. The first rule of thumb is to avoid harsh overhead lights, as this can make your dining table feel cramped and claustrophobia-inducing. Instead, opt for recessed lights on the sideboard or in sconces, or a set of carefully placed lamps. Lighting candles during a dinner party is also guaranteed to make the evening feel cool and sophisticated.


Buy a bench

Share to PinterestDining table bench
PBFloyd / Getty Images

Looking to make your dining room stand out from the crowd? Buy a bench or two! Benches are really useful if you’ve got lots of friends with kids, as you can easily squeeze several little ones on these versatile pieces of furniture. They're also perfect for homeowners hoping to create a rustic look in their dining room. These days, a lot of people are opting for a bench on one long end of the dining table, and mismatched but coordinating chairs on the other sides.



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