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Decorative Styles and Ideas to Refresh Your Living Room

By Sean Martin
Share to PinterestDecorative Styles and Ideas to Refresh Your Living Room

You see decorating trends changing each year, and sometimes as quickly as one season to the next. And as your tastes and styles evolve, your home decor should reflect these shifting preferences. Sticking with the same styles, colors, and furniture arrangement is boring and stifling.

Take a look around your living room. Does it still reflect your taste and personality — or did it ever? Do you want a whole new look? Are there just a few things you'd like to change? The good news is that you can easily transform a room with a few decorative ideas and tips.


Try some texture

Give your living area warmth and interest with new textures. Do this with textiles, interesting accent pieces, and natural elements. Hang a mirror for a shiny, reflective surface and lay a woven area rug for contrast. Using throw pillows is a simple way to introduce texture. They're available in many different fabrics and textures from satiny smooth to knobby to fluffy. Double the coziness factor and toss a throw on your sofa for more texture and snuggling under when it's chilly

Share to PinterestA brick wall, shag rug, velvety pillow, plants, and abstract art give more dimension to the minimalist furniture in this living room.
cunfek / Getty Images


Celebrate color

If you're tired of a uniform color theme or understated neutral tones, go a bit wild with color. Acquire a new chair or sofa in a jewel tone. Paint one or more of your walls an interesting hue or give the room a jolt of color with a bright area rug. You can also add more color and contrast with pillows, wall art, and bric-a-brack.

Share to PinterestDeep tones and contrasting hues add character and brighten up this vintage room.
nicolamargaret / Getty Images


Opt for sustainable pieces

Sustainability in home decor is a blossoming trend. It involves using and re-purposing materials that have low environmental impact. Metals, vintage items, and reclaimed and salvaged wood are examples of eco-friendly design materials. This responsible option yields attractive and interesting pieces with distinct looks. You can add a few small items to change up your look or introduce a signature piece and design around it.

Share to PinterestA matching distressed wood long, low console and coffee table contrast beautifully with the sleek sofa and arm chair.
ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images


Try floor seating

If you're working with a small living room and you don't have a big budget, try alternative and secondary seating. Oversized floor cushions, pillows, poufs, and lounge chairs are fun and pretty. You can also add color and texture with these pieces. You may have seen straw sitting pillows on Instagram. They're a Japanese-inspired cushion available in many sizes, with the added bonus of being eco-friendly.

Share to PinterestLow, thick floor seating cushions are both decorative and functional.
Bim / Getty Images


Play with patterns

Choose patterns mixed with solids to make your space more compelling. Patterned living room decor is plentiful, so you have lots of choices:

  • Florals
  • Animal prints
  • Ikat
  • Herringbone/Chevrons
  • Abstracts
  • Polka Dots
  • Geometric Designs
  • Paisley
  • Toile
  • Plaid

Decide whether you want contrasting pieces or a theme. Then, select furniture, drapes, rugs, pillows, or artwork with designs that captivate you. Be sure they're pieces you want to live with for a while since patterns can be overwhelming.

Share to PinterestThe geometric patterns spread throughout this living room give the monochrome color palette fascinating layers.
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Make natural elements part of your decor

Bring the outdoors inside for visual interest, texture, contrast, warmth, and color. With so many different types of plants and flowers to choose from, you can design nearly any look you desire. Add to that the wide range of planters, pots, and containers — and the allure of using living accessories in your home decor is evident. For another bonus, choose vegetation that improves your indoor air quality.

Share to PinterestIf you have a green thumb, give your living room a tropical vibe with plants.
RASimon / Getty Images


Show your floor some love

Flooring, carpeting, and floor coverings can pull a room together. Put in new carpeting, wood flooring, or tile if you're launching a major makeover. For less ambitious projects, try an area rug that makes a statement. This is another way to introduce texture, color, and patterns into your living room decor. You can also include sustainability when you choose earth-friendly, natural fiber rugs.

Share to PinterestThis statement rug is a refreshing decor element in an otherwise understated color palette.
hikesterson / Getty Images


Make the most of your vertical space

Lofts, vaulted, and cathedral ceilings aren't uncommon in home design. These are beautiful architectural features. Yet they can result in a lot of empty space when you're unfamiliar with high ceiling decorating tips. These can help:

  • Hang wall art high, creating an art gallery design.
  • Design a feature wall with paint, texture, wallpaper, or tile.
  • Start your window treatments at the ceiling level for a dramatic look.
  • Use tall, elegant bookshelves.
  • Install a dramatic, prominent light fixture.

Avoid a cold, stark look from high ceilings by blending the lower and upper regions. Use a high focal point to draw eyes upwards.

Share to PinterestHigh ceilings present unique décor challenges.
hikesterson / Getty Images


Maximize limited space with multi-purpose uses

Small living areas can be frustrating. But, they're no reason to ignore aesthetics. You can create a beautiful live-work space that's also practical. Multifunction furniture — like lift-top coffee tables, shelf floor lamps, retractable tables, drop leaf console tables, and wall desks — make the most out of a small room. Choose pieces that blend with your decor or pick contrasting colors for striking visual appeal.

Share to PinterestA functional desk provides an efficient work space, but the design also blends well with the decorative features of the room.
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


Light the way anywhere

Lighting is a fundamental and impactful design aspect. You can decorate with table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, pendants, and other illuminating choices. Homeowners can install new lighting or revamp old light fixtures, making big changes. But, you also have options with a rental home or apartment through swag lighting.

Hang these pendant lights from your living room ceiling with hooks. Run the attached decorative chain-encased cord across the ceiling and down the wall to an outlet. You have tons of choice in style, design, and material. These ingenious products provide lighting and attractive decor.

Share to PinterestA distinct decorative light fixture combines form and function, while pulling a style together.
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images


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