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Decorate Your Houseplants For The Holiday

By Staff Writer
Share to PinterestDecorate Your Houseplants For The Holiday

Holidays are opportunities to transform your domestic space and enhance the mundane. With so many cultural traditions celebrated in the US of A, you can pick your favorites and brainstorm some easy tweaks for your interiors.

While you're decorating, don't dismiss your indoor plants! They have a lot in common with Christmas trees, after all, but you can jazz them up for just about any holiday. From fairy lights to skeletal, the joyful twist they add will be priceless.


Tropical houseplant does Christmas

Does getting a Christmas tree again sound like too much work to you? You won't have to haul a heavy and expensive fir around your living room if you decorate your tropical houseplant instead.

Here, fairy lights add sparkle, and lightweight, colorful baubles give the plant a more on-theme feel. You'll need fewer decorations than you usually might, which means easier storage too—perfect if you're a less-is-more kind of person.


A tree of plants for Noel

This fresh take on a Christmas tree is darling. We love the variety of plants used for subtle texture and visual interest. All the festive colors are represented: greens, whites, and reds, and the metallic finish of the buckets is the equivalent of tinsel. You can keep some form of the structure as a propagation wall after the holidays or take the whole thing down.


Indoor plant gets a colorful, festive makeover

If you love the frosty holiday season, you'll want to get a head start on decorating to draw out the festive vibes and make it a two-month celebration. These classic, colorful lights and twinkly baubles bring all the Christmas feels without taking up much real estate, courtesy of a compact houseplant.

And with only about a dozen tchotchkes, you can easily set the mood right after Thanksgiving.


Style a vine for the holidays

Now, this is a simple but impactful way to do Christmas decor. Golden pothos is also known as devil's ivy, but we're going to pretend that second name doesn't exist during this festive season.

Golden pothos doesn't cost much, thrives in low-light conditions, and demands little from its plant parents. It has a fairly sturdy vine you can drape with rustic star and tree decorations, as in this picture, or with more colorful ornaments. Those heart-shaped leaves make it hard not to feel the love.


An easter bunny plant to welcome spring

The fun isn't over when the cold weather departs, and there's plenty of reason to celebrate in spring, the season of newness and growth. Of course, Easter looms large on the calendar, so you can decorate your houseplants with painted eggs. Or how about getting bunny ear cacti? This cactus is adorable and looks like a Mickey Mouse or a rabbit's head and ears.

Here, the pastel planter's tiny yellow chick accent indicates the holiday and works in some whimsy. Just be careful when handling—this cactus can hurt!


Houseplant easter egg hunt

It's not Easter without chocolate bunnies and marshmallow-filled confectionary. Sure, you could have a scavenger hunt and make the kiddos work for it. But treasure hunt setups are a mission for you too. Cut right to the chase with an Easter plant basket.

Children will be delighted with the Easter goodies, and if you gift the basket to your neighbors, they'll probably be more appreciative of the low-maintenance plant.


O say, can you see my Fourth of July flora?

Independence Day in America is pretty spectacular, what with all the fireworks lighting up the sky on a midsummer's eve. You can get into the patriotic 4th of July spirit too. Think of what the country means to you at its best and incorporate these ideas into your houseplant decor. Or go into full-on star-spangled banner mode for the Gram or that cookout you're hosting.

You can use actual flags, red, white, and blue stickers for pots, and hearts filled with stars and stripes propped up on wooden sticks to zhuzh up your ferns and fiddle leaf figs.


Pumpkin plant pots for Thanksgiving

Looking for Thanksgiving and Halloween decor and centerpiece ideas? Your plant babies could come to the rescue. Here, some succulents nestle attractively in a hand-painted ceramic pumpkin harvest basket.

You could stick some faux spider webs and glow-in-the-dark skull stickers on the plant for a spooky Halloween-specific touch. Cute owl details are welcome too.


Is this plant a trick or a treat?

These bulbs are all decked out for this silly season. First of all, their fiery bursts of color are fall-appropriate. But those Halloween accents sure put the boo in booties. The black background and bats bolster the holiday's drama and complement the gaping abyss at the center of that orange bloom.


Spine-tingling plant decor

Check out this creative gothic trellis pot plant. Dubbed the skeletrellis, the black-painted plastic bones are the ideal frame for a satin pothos vine to climb. It brings new meaning to the word creepy!

We love this idea for Halloween, Día de los Muertos, and beyond, and you can go with a more kitsch pot to amp up the scary ambiance.



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